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The Candle is Out

Carl Sagan, my personal hero, wrote a book called the Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. It’s a book that had profound implications on my life. 2,661 more words


Paul is Dead! A Pre-Internet Conspiracy

Paul is Dead! A Case study of pre-internet urban legend.

I admit this is out of left field, but I’ve always been fascinated with this urban legend, which centers around the idea that Paul McCartney of the Beatles died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-a-like and there are hidden clues in the Beatles’ work which reveal the truth. 2,397 more words


The Non-Mysterious Spinning Egyptian Statue

The Spinning Egyptian Statue, housed in the Museum of Manchester has been making rounds these days.

Don’t you hate it when stories get spun like this? 691 more words


All You Need is Love (and Skepticism)

A few weeks ago, CFI Transnational, along with several other large skeptic/atheist organizations, released a statement calling for civility in online discussion and vigorous use of the principle of charity. 1,207 more words


Battling the Anti-Vaccination Movement

It’s been a busy month for skeptical activists in Vancouver. I wanted to write about some of the recent news regarding an anti-vaccination conference that was held at the Simon Fraser University, here in Vancouver. 1,891 more words


Radio Freethinker Live and Fundraising!

We at Radio Freethinker are pleased to announce the start of the annual Fundrive at CiTR 101.9FM!! Yes, its that time of the year where we ask you to donate on behalf of the radio station that makes our show possible. 733 more words


Seth MacFarlane is One of Ours

If you’ve been anywhere near social media these last few days, you know the Oscars happened on Sunday. And you also probably know they were terrible. 481 more words