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December 26, 1917

Wed 26 A fair like winter day Arose rather late Roy went down & got the mail letter from Jap & Sylvia  Vic not home to dinner  visited with Dave most of AM  Chris Miller brot 1/2 cord good oak & hickory furnace wood I split part of it & part all in the cellar  Roy helpd me some  I gave Miller a chk for $5 & we are square  middle PM Dave & Roy went to Perry Ayers with Ethel in auto & will stay to nite  Mrs Newt Turnipseed calld an hour or 2 I lent my maul & iron wedge to Rupe

1898-1923 Leaving The Farm Behind

Franklin Arthur Bain

The addition of Franklin Arthur Bain, aka ‘hellbeast’, to the Talbot-Bain household.

Franklin Arthur is a fluffy white marshmallow of a kitten with a wonky ear and an attitude much bigger than he. 669 more words


A Letter Named Ethel

Once upon a time, there was a letter named Ethel. Being a nice, helpful little letter, Ethel helped people write words like coil. Words with an “oi” sound. 403 more words

General Thoughts & Updates

lucy, hmm, lucille ball, i love lucy, considering, ethel Gif For Fun

lucy, hmm, lucille ball, i love lucy, considering, ethel Gif for Fun at your Time


Ethel, or 100 Last Words for November 29, 2016

The need to be generous with my life is one of the simple, beautiful gifts recently found.  To be responsible for another being, to give consistently, and to and continuously makes for a relationship – I may be ready for a commitment. 64 more words