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Here's the plan

Clearly Ethel needs some work.  She has been around the block, maybe even the country.  So the first step is simply to get her home, to the lower mainland.   337 more words


It all started with...

There seems to be two schools of thought on what successful living looks like today.  The first and more popular is the measurement of success in acquisition.   307 more words


What Happens To My Characters I introduced?

So far I introduced three of my characters to the public.

November 13, 2015, a short article on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ was published. It looked like an entry of a demon called ‘Ethel.’ Ethel is hard to describe, very hard. 388 more words

Harry Potter và đứa trẻ bị nguyền rủa. Phân đoạn 3. Cảnh 17 - 18

Phân đoạn 3, Cảnh 17: Bộ pháp thuật, văn phòng của Hermione.

Ron đang ngồi trên bàn Hermione và ăn cháo yến mạch.

Ron: Anh vẫn còn bị ám ảnh. 1,377 more words

Riverdale Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion

Stop right there! If you’re not caught up yet, check out last episode’s recap here.

Maple. Goddamn. Syrup. Well, it’s official. Riverdale is sponsored by Aunt Jemima. 4,186 more words