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The Ethics of Exhibiting Madness: Patient Privacy

The below photographs are intended to provoke discussion on the ethics of exhibiting madness and the privacy of an individual and their possessions. They have been retrieved from a larger project titled: “ 71 more words

February 18th

Herman brought me some Kodak films tonight. I ironed a little this morning and washed my hair this evening. Mr. Turner (Ethel’s step daddy) is dead. 26 more words

February 15

I haven’t heard from Mr. Turner today and Ethel is still out of school. The bus was late getting to school this morning because it wouldn’t pull good. 52 more words

February 14

I need a post card to write to Herman. I suppose I’ll ask Mama for it as there is no other source from which it can come. 41 more words

February 10

I forgot to mention the little trouble I had at school with Ida Mae Haywood. I expected to have more trouble today but she didn’t say anything. 39 more words

February 9

Gosh, I’ve been worried all day. Karniel and Ethel have too. Mr. Herbert came to see Mr. Wade but we can’t find out what for. I do believe that if we get by this time we won’t try it again. 22 more words

February 8

Dear Diary,

I did something today that is liable to cause a lot of trouble when my people find out. Karmiel Church, Ethel Fly, and I went around on the peddling route with Charles and didn’t get to school until dinner. 16 more words