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Mad. Student. Diary

Like many final year students at university, I am struggling.

Only I’m not just struggling with the workload, although that leaves something to be desired most days. 207 more words


Surprised by Grief

I slept well last night, waking only once. It has become a habit, getting up in the night to let Fred outside. When the alarm went off, I hit snooze and pulled the covers over my head. 208 more words


Finding Peace

Fred passed peacefully this afternoon. He was ready. I still wasn’t.

Dr.Jason from Lap of Love came to the house. He took his time explaining what would happen and patiently answering my questions. 154 more words


Here we go

Fred has stopped eating, except for a treat now and then. I think he knows that was the sign I needed to let go. He has no control of eliminations but it is mostly liquid now. 168 more words


A New Day

After I made the decision to cancel our appointment with Dr. Jason from Lap of Love, Ethel and I went to the store to pick up some pee pads and a new, more decorative stand for the food bowls. 164 more words


Saying goodbye

I have a book of letters written by people to their dogs. Starting this blog at this time, it seems right to begin with a letter to my boy, Fred. 335 more words


véletlen épp itt a nagyvilág

Ma Ethellel vacsiztam egy Pizza e birra olaszos nevű menő pizzériában a jakartai irodához közel. Ethel még az irodában határozottan magyarázta Frandynek és Kikkinek, akik az én indonéz osztályomon dolgoznak, hogy mindenképpen meg akar tanulni bahanézul. 1,026 more words