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This Is Ethel Booba's Reaction to Marcos' Hero's Burial. MUST READ!

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Recently, Senator Bongbong Marcos announced that they are now preparing for the transfer of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos to the Libingan ng mga Bayani as per the order of President Rodrigo Duterte. 6 more words

On Naming My Bikes

Like a lot of cyclists (I believe), I’m naming my bikes. I do so because they’re my only friends (although we have a love/hate relationship). Kidding, I’ve got other friends. 195 more words

Loner Lifestyle

Hello from the other side

Dear Beau,

I didn’t really like you much when you first came to live with us. You were annoying and disruptive to my peaceful existence. The house was all mine after Fred died. 357 more words



I should be sleeping right now, but instead, I wanted to share a little story as something I just read sparked a childhood memory. So my entire life, I have always felt like I have had this incredibly strong intuition, to the point where it feels sometimes like I have some sort of freaky psychic ability. 535 more words

WOW! Willow!

WOW!!   Just wow!   Willow re-blogged me again!!    AND, she said I was funny!!!!  https://willowscottling.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/willow-wonders-witnessed/

She and I have formed our own private circle of love!   This is how my… 259 more words


more mess, I mean memes

Hmmm, so far it looks like this week’s theme is ALL.   Let’s see if I can keep THAT ball in the air??

Haha!  Score 1 more… 126 more words