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Ethel (Empty Nester)

Ethel tried to take comfort in the fact that little Beatriz was now enrolled in a prestigious college.  Her absence would be felt; but acceptance  into Wellesley would surely ameliorate the pain.    20 more words

"Cada uno de nosotros llevamos nuestra propia clase de varicela escondida por dentro"

Novelas que llegan al alma, letras que rebosan emoción. Una emoción contenida que se siente a la vez que se lee. Y el aroma de una infancia rota para dar paso a la edad adulta sin apenas transición. 1,359 more words


At the Beach

“We’re going to have amazing adventures, Beau” I said as we rode the ferry from Bainbridge that first day of our live together.

For the Fourth of July we ventured over to Hood Canal and the Looney Hollow Guest House hoping to get away from the fireworks in Maple Valley. 242 more words


Getting along

Ethel is 13 now, maybe even 13 1/2. She’s not quite sure why we have this little annoyance hanging around. For the first week, she ignored him and me. 189 more words


 Varicela mi amor: el mundo visto desde los ojos de Libi

Libi es una niña judía de siete años que vive en Lima. Sensible, imaginativa, a pesar de su corta edad pronto se dará cuenta de que la vida no es ese libro de cuentos que creía conocer. 268 more words


Welcome, Ethel the Serpent Tree, or, Why You Should All Be Concerned For The New Life In My Apartment

Meet Ethel.  She’s a Radermachera sinica, also referred to as a China Doll, Serpent Tree, or Emerald Tree.  I kind of like “Serpent Tree,” because it sounds dangerous and decidedly un-houseplant-like.   1,055 more words

Finding Ethel: Part 3, Lots of Laughs

A service dog grows to become a companion unmatched in a person’s life. Ethel is quickly growing to be utterly invaluable in my chaotic day to day. 2,157 more words