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The Horror of Today

I would say 75% of my friends on Facebook are parents. I know because all I see are a never ending parade of pictures of them with their children every time I’m online. 600 more words


12 June 2018. Why Poverty?


Poverty exists because of greed. Most of those responsible call themselves “conservatives”… when you read hokum written by amoral Mammon-worshipping filth like Rod Dreher, Pat Buchanan, or James Jatras, understand that they champion a society where the rich run roughshod over all the rest of us and their Upper Middle running dogs (like them) snatch a disproportionate share of the pie. 167 more words

Moral Issues

Silence Teaches Better than Words—Outer Life Suffers without Inner Life

Society need to have boundaries. As an interesting part of each human personality, each individual person has been endowed by creation with a collector’s instinct. We collect attitudes, skills, habits, and personality traits. 1,390 more words


Blaming is an Unrighteous Form of Communication

It has been from the beginning and it will be till the end of time that people will have a tendency to rationalize and blame their behavior on other or certain circumstances. 1,918 more words


28 May 2018. No Comment Necessary Department... Women Are NOT Objects


Does that mean that we have to give in to every male demand and urge? I’d say not…


Moral Issues

Wedding inspiration.

Hello everyone.

In these past days I attended a engagement ceremony and I want to share my look with you guys.

But before sharing the look I want to tell you guys that I got a haircut. 143 more words


Ethics are good but...

Basic Idea of the Essay

The Basic idea of the essay is the discussion of the day-to-day situations we everyday face and solve ethically (despite non-consciously) but here I will serve a perspective which is exactly opposite of what we have to do, which has no relation with what the person will do there! 722 more words