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Q&A: How to be damn good with money

How good is your money? Not how many notes you can throw it the air at one time, or even how high your interest rate is necessarily – but just what ‘good’ is it doing out there?  1,704 more words

Scottish ‘Kirk’  joins Islamic faith on cash and morals

Mure Dickie in Edinburgh


The Church of Scotland says it shares many values with Islam

Sharia law and Scottish Presbyterian morality may have more in common than previously thought. 180 more words


Can Islamic Economic Theory Prevent the Looming Global Recession?

By Syed Muhammad Saleh Nasser & Syed Muhammad Tahir Nasser

Economic inequality is bad news for both rich and poor, as economists are slowly realising.  1,051 more words


Put your money where your mouth is 

In today’s world, there’re not many ways (if any) to get around banking. To have a job, you need a tax number and to have a tax number you need a bank account; to have a pension, you need a super fund, and to have a super fund you need… a tax number and a bank account. 503 more words

Ten-Year Conversion by Malaysian Bank Shows Islamic Hub Hurdles

BY Elffie Chew
January 27, 2016

It took a Malaysian lender more than 10 years to complete its conversion to a fully-fledged Islamic bank, highlighting the challenge for countries such as Indonesia in their bid to become Shariah funding hubs. 494 more words


Co-op ditches ethics in purge of Palestine-related bank accounts

The Co-operative Bank – formerly known for its relatively ethical practices – has unilaterally closed the accounts of at least 20 groups involved in Palestine solidarity efforts – including the national PSC itself. 718 more words

Palestine Solidarity

Time to close your Co-op bank account

The Co-op bank have closed the Palestine Solidarity Campaign bank account!

PSC along with 20 local groups working for Palestine (including 10 PSC branches) have had their bank accounts unilaterally closed by the Co-operative bank. 387 more words