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On contentions and being content in what you know

In college our dorm room was on the 7th floor of a tower overlooking the Oneota Valley in Decorah, Iowa. Our windows faced west and winter sunsets over the valley were often quite dramatic. 893 more words

The Right Kind Of Pride

Why the Lucifer experiment is doomed to fail

The Lucifer experiment is simply put:  a weak attempt to consider oneself as detached from others and all that exist. Whenever you are convinced about any sort of idea about separation or… 431 more words

Personal Evolution

Self-actualization requires the right dose of willpower, freedom and resources

Reaching excellence and maximum potential is a very challenging path to take on. Especially in the way society is build today. Most institutions do not make  299 more words

Personal Evolution

Leadership is Ethical Decisions

Ethics is personal, organizational and value based. What is right goes beyond the rules, politics, vision and mission of organizations to define the standard. The challenge for leaders is confirmed by… 305 more words


That's why they call it fishing, not catching

In the spring of 1970 my brother and I were excited about the pending trout season. The streams in southeastern Pennsylvania ran clear and cold out of the hills. 1,617 more words

The Right Kind Of Pride

10 Key Responses to any Disaster

In an article I recently posted, I said the first step in response and recovery is assuming failures, disasters, and crises will occur. Whether you call it hubris or denial, thinking disasters can’t or won’t happen to your organization almost certainly guarantees that they will. 596 more words

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