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Defining the Dilemma

According to an estimate made by the Global Language Monitor, there were about 1,025,110 words defined in the English language as of January 2014. Although each word is given a definition, some words are certainty more difficult to define than others. 361 more words

Week 28: Applied Professional Ethics - What I learned from Collste's research

Collste (2012) has drawn from a wealth of resources, and the best bits of his argument come at the end, in regard to professional ethics being described as a type of virtue ethics, adopted by the philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre (1982) (as cited in Collste 2012). 768 more words

Ethical Behavior

This is all about politicians. The issue revolves around the words “Everything I have done is within the law.” Former President Bill Clinton asked for a definition of the word “is.” Going back in time former president Richard Nixon said that by definition everything he did was within the law simply because he was president. 312 more words


On contentions and being content in what you know

In college our dorm room was on the 7th floor of a tower overlooking the Oneota Valley in Decorah, Iowa. Our windows faced west and winter sunsets over the valley were often quite dramatic. 893 more words

The Right Kind Of Pride

Why the Lucifer experiment is doomed to fail

The Lucifer experiment is simply put:  a weak attempt to consider oneself as detached from others and all that exist. Whenever you are convinced about any sort of idea about separation or… 431 more words

Personal Evolution

Self-actualization requires the right dose of willpower, freedom and resources

Reaching excellence and maximum potential is a very challenging path to take on. Especially in the way society is build today. Most institutions do not make  299 more words

Personal Evolution