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Why good people do bad things

Honest behavior is much like sticking to a diet. When facing an ethical dilemma, being aware of the temptation before it happens and thinking about the long-term consequences of misbehaving could help more people do the right thing, according to a new study. 496 more words


The Six Principles of Auditing: Does Your Auditor Follow Them?

In ISO 19011:2011[1], clause 4, “Principles of Auditing”, states that management systems auditing relies on six principles:

  1. Integrity;
  2. Fair presentation;
  3. Due professional care;
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Continual Improvement

Model Ethical and Moral Behavior - Standard 1

Standard 1 states that teacher leaders will model ethical and moral behavior. EDU 6085 Moral Issues in Education helped me learn about moral agency and the role morality plays in education through reading… 1,930 more words


Ethical Accountants

Accounting professionals enjoy several privileges, which include:

  • Special status and respect within the community.
  • Self regulation, i.e. regulation by a professional accountants’ body.
  • An exclusive right to certain functions, for example, Auditors must be members of certain professional bodies.
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The last time Jorge was in town, we again chatted about how to fix our broken world.  In particular, Jorge wondered how the nation and the world are going to become more aligned and harmonious. 655 more words


Good Ole Boys are not that good.

There is nothing worse than the ‘good ole boys’ club. You know, that group of men who think they rule the world. ¬†Their decisions are the only decisions, women are to be seen and not heard, we all know at least one! 410 more words


Defining the Dilemma

According to an estimate made by the Global Language Monitor, there were about 1,025,110 words defined in the English language as of January 2014. Although each word is given a definition, some words are certainty more difficult to define than others. 361 more words