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Ethics are rules of conduct. Philosophers formulate them based on their understanding of what the world is and how they know it. If they get these right (they seldom do), it all comes together and their ethics work. 1,389 more words

Principles of Good Regulation: Independence

Brett Klukan
Regional Counsel
Region I

My aim in this post is to explore with you the meaning and implications of the first of the NRC’s Principles of Good Regulation: “independence.” At a glance, this might seem a simple task. 817 more words


The Week in Ethics: What We Can Learn About Optimism & Leadership from Simon Sinek

“A good leader doesn’t only inspire us to have confidence in what they can do. A great leader inspires us to have confidence in what we can do.”  

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Let’s Also Think About Grown-up's Screen Time

With so much conversation about screen time for kids of all ages, it’s also useful think and talk about adults’ screen time. Adults model, but not always well, screen time habits for the young people in their families. 360 more words

Parents And Technology

Those Who Count on You

We all have them.  They’re friends, family, co-workers, bosses, customers and people who sell stuff to us.  As much as we might want to be independent and self-sufficient, they exist all around us and then need us. 235 more words

Living Better

The Week in Ethics: Wells Fargo's Next Move? 10 Suggestions

Update: See my 12/10/16 Business Ethics column on Where Wells Fargo Goes From Here .

Update: In October 2016 Timothy Sloan replaced Chairman/CEO John Stumpf, becoming CEO and President. 1,182 more words