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Right Action

Everything we think, say, and do has consequences.  This is the law of karma.  If a person spends a great deal of time fantasizing about winning the lottery, partnering with an actor or music star they met at a fan party, or dreaming about what will happen when one gets a new job, loses twenty pounds, etc. 1,437 more words

Spirit Wisdom

The Week in Ethics: Leaders and Culture

We know that fostering the right culture promotes engagement, nurtures innovation and fuels both purpose and profit. The key word here is “right” culture. It is about the desire to pursue what enables people and financial results to flourish together. 591 more words


Mishpatim (Exodus 21:1-24:8), Shabbat Shekalim (Exodus 30:11-16)

I was going to give you a discourse about the roles of law in society, the tension between law and justice, laws as living things that are allowed to wither away – even without formal repeal – as society finds them increasingly unacceptable, abuse of power via enforcement of laws without allowing prosecutorial discretion,” zero tolerance” rules and laws that do not allow for even judicial discretion, and probably a few other legal issues as well.  1,531 more words

Biracial Parenting

Being involved in an interracial relationship comes along with a lot of responsibility and challenges.  This can be said especially for relationships with children involving white and black couples, mostly if the male is not a black. 506 more words

African American

The Week in Ethics: Fraternities, Charlie Rose and the Hope of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving invites our being more aware of others’ impact on us. How it feels to be seen, heard and valued for who we are. When we think about gratitude, it is people who generally first come to mind: those who have made a positive difference in our lives. 719 more words


The Questions We Have in Common

By Linda Fisher Thornton

On October 2nd, Krista Tippett gave a talk on “The Adventure of Civility” at the University of Richmond. One of the important things I gleaned from her talk was this recommendation: 145 more words

Ethical Leader

Ethical behavior

Ethical behavior is important to the accounting profession as well as the general business environment. Most companies have code of conduct policies and ethical training to ensure all employees understand the company’s behavior expectations and responsibilities. 57 more words

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