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Why I'm Only Buying 5 Garments for the Rest of 2015

The time has come.  I’m putting myself on an extreme clothing diet.  At some point within in the next few weeks it will be an all-out fast. 427 more words

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Good Consumer- Don't Read, Watch, Listen etc to CRAP!




  1. (used to express acceptance):

    Okay, cool! I’ll be there at 10:00.

  2. (used to express approval, admiration, etc.):

    He got the job? Cool!

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Andrea Reyes

'Britain's Spending Secrets' - totally worth a watch

This is really not a post I thought I’d ever be writing, but here goes – I’m about to recommend a documentary in which Anne Robinson is the star. 243 more words

Ethical Fashion

C / pretty, not evil

One of the cool things about job hunting in the fashion world is finding out about companies that are doing great things in the space. Happily, I am not the first person in the world to think sustainable fashion is important, and there are a lot of people working to bring good design and good practices together. 231 more words

Ways to Style a Flower Crown

You may remember my “Channeling My Inner Dancer” post from July and how I featured the flower crown I purchased from War Chest Boutique… 122 more words


Easy steps for going eco-fashion

Dress up with ethical values.

The impacts of the fashion supply chain are vast. I’m going to set aside discussion of humans and animals and focus solely on the environmental costs.  638 more words


We are what we wear.

We think this TED talk is pretty inspiring.  And we completely agree with Christina Dean.  That’s why we love knowing where our products come from, that we know the weavers and the leathersmiths, their practices, and can vouch for them.   33 more words

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