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Colorful Closet

This is what my closet currently looks like. My life (and wardrobe) are a bit uprooted now, so a lot of my clothes are packed away in suitcases and drawers. 46 more words

Feeling Spring

I love everything about this outfit. The bright coral skirt is vintage, and I found it at a flea market in Philadelphia. It came with an matching belt with a brass clasp. 33 more words

Story N˚4: The ILGWU and garment workers' rights

Recently, I was altering a piece of clothing that turned out to be vintage.  What made it vintage for me, more than the style, were the finishing stitches. 608 more words


Quantity vs Quality.

When my husband and I were searching wedding rings, we decided to find a New Zealand jeweler to design and create something very personal. We wanted our rings to reflect our love of NZ and our early months together rather than purchasing ready-made. 226 more words

Organic Fashion

Treasure Hunting

I loooove thrift stores, they bring me so much joy! I know I know, some people think buying old things is yucky, but not me. I love vintage shops, yard sales & flea markets. 543 more words

Eco Friendly

Vilda Magazine: The New Kid On the Block


If you’ve ever had a burning desire to know things like: what animal I’d be if I was reincarnated as one, what I would do with millions of dollars, or the last song I listened to then get your sweet ass on over to Vilda Magazine to… 170 more words

Cruelty Free


I first learned about the natural dye cochinilla when I visited Oaxaca, Mexico, many many years ago.  Since my mom is a textile artist and lover of all things woven and dyed, of course we visited many places working with natural dyes while traveling together. 194 more words