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What I've learned from 'no new clothes for a year'

About a year ago, I wrote that I was going to buy no new clothes for a full year. My motivations were to save money and to move towards a more… 671 more words


TOMS: Great shoes and giving back

I’ve discovered Toms shoes and I can’t ever go back! I’d heard about Toms shoes for a long time but had never got myself around to buying these shoes and now I have I’m so happy. 275 more words


One Year On: The Story Of My Ethical Clothing Vow

What a difference a year makes. Wined back the clock 365 days and my location and situation couldn’t be any different. I was just rounding up four months travel in Southeast Asia.   1,448 more words

Ethical Fashion


Can there be a celebration without a feast !

Or a feast without a well set table !

Tablecloth  traditionally  used to preserve the texture of a table’s surface by protecting them from food spills ,wine , water , heat  and so on , has  over the centuries, evolved to become a statement  representing   occasion,  season, one’s personality and style sensibility. 181 more words

Handprinted Clothes

PETA Buys Shares in Hermés

If you’ve already been introduced to our Head of Security at The Shirt Company HQ – the rather magnificent Monty – then it’ll come as no surprise to you to know that we’re… 155 more words

Humanity Unified

I learned about Humanity Unified recently and immediately knew their mission was one I not only wanted to draw attention to, but support. HU is made up of Maria Russo and Anthony Russo who are committed to empowering women around the world to lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty. 249 more words


Love and Lollapalooza

I’m so psyched because Lollapalooza is only three days away! One performer I’m excited to see is kind of a big deal. He’s been knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, was one of four members of an icon rock group, and has a daughter with a chic, ethical fashion label. 338 more words