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Why I Love Whole Foods - A Broke College Kid's Story

Whole Foods stirs up many images, mostly that of white upper middle class families buying foods laden with buzzwords and health trends. It screams gentrification. So why do I love it? 301 more words


Food: Spiced Out

The Joy of Cooking with Spices

I’m a spice freak.  I mean what would food be like without a little spice added to it?  I use it to enhance the natural flavor of whatever I’m cooking, not to disguise it. 

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Food for Thought

I have never considered myself a hippie. I hate the smell of Patchouli and I think Birkenstocks are lesbian shoes. However, I love animals and I love eating food that’s not going to give me cancer. 601 more words

The red meat footprint (Class exercise)

In western industrialised countries our diets revolve around meat. But rumours abound that being vegetarian is better for the environment. Could there be some truth to it? 450 more words

Huel is the Future: ethical and nutritionally balanced, great tasting human fuel

Huel (human fuel, get it?) is a powdered, nutritionally complete, vegan food that can replace most of your meals. If food is, to you, little more than a way of satiating hunger and then making you feel guilty about your poor diet choices, Huel is the solution. 795 more words

Eating with Purpose

I had no intention of diving into this landmine of a subject at this early juncture in my blog’s life. Because what one eats is a highly sensitive subject for many people these days, fraught with intense personal politics for most, it seems like I’m doing my best to alienate people from reading my blog before I even get started. 655 more words


Vegetarian? Absolutely.

When I met Erica for tea last Sunday morning, she told me she had been up since dawn making saffron, turmeric and coconut ice cream.  495 more words