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I am a major work in progress. I’m not finished and won’t ever be done improving myself.

With that said, I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable posting about my personal vegan and health journey until I hit my goal weight, or past at least 5 years being vegan, or blah blah blah. 53 more words

Quick Post: Vegan Target Finds!

I thought I’d report a few vegan finds from Target on my last shopping adventure.

Silk started to produce almond, dairy-free yogurt alternatives. They are tasty and labelled vegan. 104 more words

Restaurant Review - Groundwork Coffee & Co.

Hello Herbivores! Took a bit of a family break there to go out and live a little life so I have more to blog about! 500 more words

Green Saturday L.A. Recap

Hello herbivores! Last Saturday I had the opportunity to bring my family to the Green Saturday L.A. event in Torrance at the Steinhaus restaurant in Alpine Village. 237 more words

This Saturday is Green Saturday in Torrance!

Oops, so I missed an event this Saturday! Planning on making it though it’s a pinch on our family schedule.

2/11 – Green Saturday LA, Torrance – $5 or dog/cat food or toy donation – … 35 more words

What Do Raw Vegans Eat?

Hello herbivores!

I’m reaching a place in my fitness journey that I’d like to experiment with a cleaner vegan diet than I’ve been eating. Tofu dogs, grilled veggies, and quinoa are great — but when tofu dogs and sausages become your comfort food it’s time to step back! 121 more words

Vegan Events

I will be attending my very first two vegan events this and next month and am very excited about it! I thought I’d share in case you’d all be interested and in the Southern California area. 58 more words