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Everyone loves the 2007 animated classic, Bee Movie, right?! No, not many people do, but you know what we do love…bees! But did you know that as of 2016, 7 different species of bees have been listed on the US Endangered Species List? 571 more words


LENT - 14 Days of Ethical Lent

It’s that time of year again where people give up things they know are bad for them like smoking, too much chocolate, TV series etc. But a great idea for lent which doesn’t involve you actually giving up anything, just involves changing a few things around, is to use more sustainable products. 168 more words

Ethical Food

The Most Divine Chocolate

Let’s face it, everyone loves chocolate. I know I do. Even right now typing out the word chocolate just made me crave some. But you know what makes some chocolate even better? 307 more words


Why do I still buy unethical products??

The trending shift toward being more ethically conscious; of our clothes, the environment, and human rights, have triggered many heated debates about things we should and shouldn’t do/buy. 679 more words

Ethical Food

Go Vegan for Lent!

For vegan-curious Catholic readers, just a link to a great article PETA has on their home page about the benefits of going vegan and why now is the perfect time. 66 more words

Vegan Chef Highlight: Jeong Kwan

The other night Mr. V and I were tuning into Chef’s Table on Netflix, a show that I haven’t watched too much since fully transitioning to vegan. 405 more words

Upcoming Posts

I am a major work in progress. I’m not finished and won’t ever be done improving myself.

With that said, I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable posting about my personal vegan and health journey until I hit my goal weight, or past at least 5 years being vegan, or blah blah blah. 53 more words