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Sustainable Fish Doesn't Have to be a Lemon

Cod is almost universally loved among fish eaters, and with good reason.  It’s a large fish with flaky, tender white flesh that is mildly flavoured, yet robust enough to stand up to battering, smoking or any number of sauces.  743 more words

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Easy Lower Calorie Pork Stroganoff

I love to cook, and I love to experiment.  One of the things I’m looking forward to sharing most is the successful recipe experiments.

We had a long, hard, grueling afternoon when we went to Glendalough in County Wicklow. 461 more words


Lost in the Food Wilderness - the Meat Conundrum

I’ve never been big into gardening.  But I’ve always wanted a garden.  I’m not overly into flowers.  But I love pretty things.  I live in a 2 bedroom apartment on the first floor.  1,521 more words

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Welcome! So about me, and why I took the blogging leap.

So, a little background.  I’ve never had a blog before.  I’ve never really posted anything of any length before in a forum like this.  I have no idea where to start. 423 more words

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High protein or high carb diet?

Why do people follow a high-protein diet?

In order to lose weight, many people are following either a high-protein/medium-fat/low-carb diet, or a raw-vegan diet  (high-carb/low-protein/low-fat). The high-protein diets (Paleo/Atkins/Harcombe etc) are very popular as they almost guarantee weight loss without having to count calories or restrict portions.  1,277 more words

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I'm a Vegetarian but sometimes I eat chicken: Cazuela de Pollo

Most of you are probably thinking that the title of this post makes me sound a little inconsistent. So before you judge me and call me a bad vegetarian, let me explain. 652 more words


Is it healthy to eat cooked food?

Hello and welcome back.

Thank you for following all the theory and investigations so far on whether the foods we eat are natural and ethical. Basically, if you look at… 1,468 more words

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