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Vegetarians V Meat Eaters: Here's The Truth

If you eat meat and non-meat foods then of course you’re an omnivore. If you don’t eat any meat then you’re a herbivore and therefore a vegetarian (although I suppose technically you’re still a herbivore unless you consider yourself vegan but what’s in a word anyway?). 2,102 more words

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Hello! One way or another you’ve stumbled upon my new blog, Share A Plate! I have high hopes for this new platform I’m starting for myself. 213 more words


Ethics & Eating

Those who know me personally know how I endlessly bang on about the importance of eating ethically, which is normally an incoherent long-winded ramble that after a while makes the captive audience members’ eyes roll back into their skull. 2,572 more words


Restaurant Review: Silo

Brighton’s favourite zero waste pre-industrial food system café – in fact it’s the only one – has recently expanded its opening hours having been granted an extended late licence. 708 more words

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Playing with Food

I have been working in kitchens for as long as I can remember; since I left school, many years ago. It has been a major influence in my life, my development as a person, and how I see the world, and given me the opportunity to travel and experience different countries and cultures. 332 more words

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In This Family, We Eat Fruits and Vegetables 

I haven’t posted in a while. In part because I am, by nature, a bit lazy, but also because I have been, of late, forced into the role of poop doula. 557 more words



DIARY: The pros and cons of ethical food.

RECIPES: Cooking with organic bacon and free-range eggs. 1,318 more words

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