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How ‘white hat’ hackers could help in the Ashley Madison investigation

WATCH ABOVE: Police are asking ethical hackers to help them with their investigation into the Ashley Madison data leaks. Tech reporter Nicole Bogart explains the difference between so-called white hat and black hat hackers. 782 more words


5 frightening hacking targets that everyone should be scared of

5 frightening hacking targets which include planes, guns, automobiles, Nuclear power plants and everyday devices

With nearly 5 billion non-communication devices connected to the internet worldwide ranging from watches to CT-scanners to airplanes, providing government, cyber criminals and cyber terrorists can cause confusion and damage in our everyday life. 614 more words

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How To Use WhatsApp Web Client on iPhone and Other iOS Devices

WhatsApp Web client support is now available for iOS users.

That’s right, now iOS users can access their instant messaging facility on the web; without taking the other route (via jailbreaking). 239 more words

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Ashley Madison 2.0 — Hackers Leak 20GB Data Dump, Including CEO's Emails

The Impact Team – Wait, Cheaters! We haven’t yet done.

The group of hackers behind the breach of Ashley Madison, the popular cheater’s dating service, have released a second, even much bigger ‘cheat sheet’ exposing sensitive materials that include sensitive corporate information. 342 more words

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8 Simple Steps To Become A Hacker

Hacking is an engaging field but it is surely not easy. To become a hacker one has to have an attitude and curiosity of learning and adapting new skills. 498 more words

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Bypass ESET. No FUD.

I was training my skills with Cobalt Strike when I decided to try something different by mixing some features in order to create a simple .exe which could not get the attention of the antivirus. 247 more words

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Information Security & Ethical Hacking 101 @ PATTS

Last July 31, 2015, I gave a talk about Information Security and Ethical basics at PATTS College of Aeronautics in Paranaque City. It was quite challenging because the audience were not familiar with IT concepts. 97 more words