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How to install kalilinux on vmware

how to hack a wifi network using different operating system well known as kali linux  you can use any version of it you can download it from from the link… 349 more words

Ethical Hacking

Menjamin Kerahasiaan Identitas dan Percakapan

Semakin banyaknya abuse ( penyalah gunaan) media internet perlu kita waspadai, jangan sampai identitas , lokasi, percakapan ,gambar dll di curi oleh orang orang ang tidak bertanggung jawab. 219 more words

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Well Hello Mr.CEO

First of all this is a completely informal post, this is more of a when Life takes you by surprise post. It was a couple weeks ago when I jumped on Linkedin for the first time in ….jeez I don’t even know how long. 516 more words


Forensics - MBR Partition Tables Intro


The tool I will be showing you guys today is FTK Imager, FTK stands for Forensic ToolKit and is a wide standard among investigators. This post will briefly illustrate how examiners will pick apart your hard drive, in HEX. 1,173 more words


Hamster - Sidejacking Tool

You know that everything sent over Wi-Fi is vulnerable to eavesdropping. A handful of hotspots now encrypt user data, usually with WPA, but the vast majority still expect customers to protect themselves. 604 more words

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SQLI - Database Hacking


You may or may not have heard of SQL or otherwise known as Server Query Language, the old timers may call SQL see-quill. Regardless of what you may call it our everyday internet experience depends on the backbone of SQL. 1,164 more words


Content material Marketing in addition to Big Data could be the key to be able to creating Expansion Hacking Miracle.

Before we start speaking about Growth Hacking, we must address a standard misconception within people when thinking about the phrase ‘Growth Hacking’. The phrase Hacking is usually misleading the way it immediately makes you think this is the quick acquire, an easy solution that can push your own campaign as well as product into the stratosphere previous to lunchtime. 668 more words