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Attacking and Defending Web Applications

What Information is Needed

Following Fields are Needed for an Effective Investigation- source IP; timestamp; HTTP method; URI requested; full HTTP data sent. Attack data could be in URI; HTTP headers from client; cookie… 614 more words

Ethical Hacking

Introduction to Computer Networks

Introduction to Networks

What is a Network

Network is defined as something that connects things together for a specific purpose. The term network is used in variety of contexts including, telephone, television, computer. 3,892 more words

Ethical Hacking

Bypassing Filters

Bypassing Poorly Designed Filters

Filter Bypassing is technique to evade detection by filtering systems. Filter bypassing techniques come in many varieties when applied to the many facets of web application security. 722 more words

Ethical Hacking

Incident Response Basics

Having an Incident

Investigator needs to know where to look for clues and how to obtain necessary information from the victim system. Oftentimes the search path is not very clear and the plain sight information is not sufficient… 1,020 more words

Ethical Hacking

LINE Screen Lock Authentication Bypass

By: Tabish Ali (connect.tabishali@gmail.com)

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Meticulous bug is in attendance at all LINE versions till now.  The vulnerability is basically a design flaw in LINE that shows Pop-up notifications prior to the Locking mechanism on the device. 138 more words

Penetration Testing

Computer Forensics and Incident Response

Computer Forensics and Incident Response

Incident Response

Why is it Critical- resolve the problem and find out what happened, how it happened and who did it. 1,182 more words

Ethical Hacking

DNS Enumeration

Dibawah ini adalah diagram dalam bentuk Mind Mapping dari DNS Enumeration, pada dasarnya proses DNS Enumeration ialah proses yang terdapat di dalam Information Gathering.  Enumerasi DNS ini akan memetakan DNS Server beserta recordnya. 77 more words

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