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Basic Pentest Scenario Tutorial

Basic Pentest – PDF version of notes available for download

tor-resolve http://www.example.com

proxychains nmap -sT -PN -n -sV -p 21,22,53,80,110, 139,143,443

Socat allows for relaying of bidirectional transfers and can be used to forward TCP requests via the Tor SOCKS proxy listening on port 9050… 2,240 more words

Ethical Hacking

Basic Network and Web Recon with Kali Linix 2.0

Basics of Network Recon – PDF file of notes available for download

Introduction to Linux

Logging in as Root vs Non Root:

$ prompt is non root. 3,273 more words

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking Course Mind Map

Rekan rekan semua, berikut ini terlampir kisi kisi dari Course CEH ( Certified Ethical Hacking), dimana disini akan diajarkan segala aspek mengenai apa dan bagaimana ethical hacking itu dilakukan.

Ethical Hacking

Recent WinRAR Vulnerability ?

Shame to these blogs and bloggers. You don’t deserve the word “hacker” in any of your website.

Nowadays the quality of articles are more and more replaced by click baits title with no real content inside. 144 more words

Ethical Hacking

Rentannya Website Tanpa Hot Link Protection

Hai Selamat siang ? apa kabar disana ? Hari ini saya mau share bagaimana mencari file file melalui kelemahan website yang tidak diproteksi directorynya. Ketika suatu website tidak memiliki proteksi maka dengan teknik tertentu akan keliatan semua isi dari website tersebut. 302 more words

Ethical Hacking

Anti-Virus Bypass with Shellter 5.1 on Kali Linux

Having trouble getting a Meterpreter shell past that pesky AV? Check out the new Shellter 5.1 shellcode injection tool! The latest version of Shellter for pentesters includes a “stealth” mode that retains the functionality of the original host program. 529 more words