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Consumerist Tendencies

On Friday, it seemed as if the country was split into three groups. Those that shunned Black Friday with scorn, those that tentatively and quietly searched out bargains in the hope of making their Christmas a little cheaper…and those that threw themselves into the ‘biggest shopping day of the year’ which resulted in… 1,010 more words

Off Grid

'I'm coming out': confessions of a charity shop lover

I decided to write this blog because I am on a journey to live simply and resourcefully. The mantra I aim to live by is to ‘live simply so others can simply live’.

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Whoever said that fashion and ethical/sustainable buying didn’t mix?

Shopping can sometimes involve a little guilt: ‘I’ve bought too much!’ guilt, ‘I’ve maxed out my credit card!’ 520 more words


Shopping For Ethics In The Grocery Aisle

September 9, 2011

The philosopher Peter Singer tells a story in which he asks you to imagine walking by a shallow pond where you notice that a small child has fallen in. 692 more words

Brand Marketing

#3 grateful for new shoes

I feel guilty when I buy leather shoes but I am yet to find a better solution (I’ll admit, I haven’t quite researched hard enough yet). 33 more words

365 Grateful Project

Bad Spending Habit #2: Caving to ‘Good’ Causes/Purchases

This sounds lame, doesn’t it? It’s sort of like that job interview question where you’re asked to identify a weakness and you say, ‘It’s my work ethic, I just have a hard time saying no to new projects.” Suddenly the weakness sounds pretty good. 323 more words

The Thrifty Tortoise

What's the story behind your iPhone?

One of the reasons I started SunshinyDay was to make it easy for people to be conscious consumers (AND have a good time!) Why on earth would you buy something that causes harm to other people or the environment if you can find something just as good that has a much lower social and environmental cost? 383 more words

Conscious Consumer