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The Design Droid 0.4

  • Coming from Keplar 452b just round the corner in West Acton, with near future comments on all things design: Trends / Exhibitions / object malfunctions / possible new worlds.
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BAC ORAL Progress

Key words:

half-human / half-robot : mi homme mi robot

to improve: améliorer

an improvement une amélioration

to allow so. to do sthg: permettre à qq’un de faire qqchose… 564 more words


Questionable Sources

I’ve been reading J. Phillip Wogaman’s Christian Ethics textbook, as well as George W. Forell’s Christian Social Teachings reader, and find both of them completely underwhelming. 792 more words

Inadvertent Segregation

A classmate of mine recently introduced me to an example of inadvertent segregation at the independent, Catholic school for girls she attended from 2007 to 2011. 386 more words


UK rebrands Predators as 'Protectors' while ignoring difficult questions

In an interview with the Telegraph ahead of the Tory party conference, David Cameron announced that the UK is to again double the UK’s fleet of armed drones, this time up  747 more words

UK Drone Operations

The Holy Grail of Blog Posts

I have noticed over the past three years an increase in the frequency with which religious language is employed in secular contexts; not only secular contexts, but especially as a means of marketing: 273 more words


Don't Buy the Lie

Materialism. Consumerism.

I am Suspect Number One. Guilty. 949 more words