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Passengers - When the AI is not enough

Director: Tyldum M.
Year: 2006

Today I watched Passenger and honestly I thought worse. I supposed was a kind of hollywoodian sci-fi action movie but we can immediately enter in the distressing moment of a big danger. 367 more words


Influencers and messages

The original idea was to speak about smoke and cinema but I guessed was good to expand all of this to a bigger concept so. Let’s speak about society and messages. 127 more words

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Video games, art... And Minecraft

I know that this is not a gaming blog but I think that this blog is forced because I’m hearing so often about people who waste bad words on stuff they don’t know or understand. 350 more words

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Considerations about living with your art...

Hello fellow! Welcome back in 2018. Sorry for the week without posts but I just needed a short break.

Premise on the post: This post doesn’t mean to be disrespectful in anyway,is only a personal consideration about fact and discussions that run around internet… 318 more words

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Obscurials in the mankind

Even if I’m not the kind of fan who make theories and read all the books hundred times, I loved every single Harry Potter movie and even Fantastic Beasts… 394 more words

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What happen to Monday?

Director: T. Wirkola
Year: 2017
Language: English

«What happens to one of you, happens to all of you»

When the movie started I just supposed was a movie similar to Equilibrium and I supposed that this could be an amazing stuff because that was an amazing movie. 327 more words


Dogs and leaves...

The other day I was walking into the Dean village in Edinburgh and two things caught my attention.

At first a dog was playing with his favorite stick in the small canal of the village. 77 more words

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