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Movie reviews #5 - What happen to monday?

Director: T. Wirkola
Year: 2017
Language: English

«What happens to one of you, happens to all of you»

When the movie started I just supposed was a movie similar to Equilibrium and I supposed that this could be an amazing stuff because that was an amazing movie. 327 more words


Dogs and leaves - Motivational post #1

The other day I was walking into the Dean village in Edinburgh and two things caught my attention.

At first a dog was playing with his favorite stick in the small canal of the village. 77 more words

Blow Minds

Ideas... The bricks of progress

The marvels of the human brain are endless but the concept of idea is almost on the top.

You see a detail, an object, a person or an happening. 264 more words

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Book vs eBook - Choose your side!!!

This is the question of the questions for the reader lovers.

We have who want to fight deforestation, who is romantically involved into traditions, we have the geeks and the fashion people who want to follow the tech of the moment. 481 more words

Blow Minds

Movie review #3 – Short circuit & Chappie

Director: J. Badham (Short circuit), N. Biomkamp (Chappie)
Year: 1986 (Short circuit), 2015 (Chappie)
Language: English

—Humanity’s last hope isn’t human—

When I finished to see Chappie I remembered about his ancestor on the 80’s short circuit. 336 more words


How do we measure 'success'?

I spent decades of my professional life working with schools and education systems on how they find out how well they’re doing: what information to gather, how to do so, and how to use the information so that it improves their ‘performance’ rather than just measures it. 600 more words

Cher Macron, my uterus did not come here to be governed.

Cher Macron and Friends,

I sincerely apologize for the African woman’s burden on you and your friends. But have you checked your continent’s birth rates lately? 100 more words

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