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Do We Really Care?

Why lie about a factory? Mike Daisey’s fabrication of his visit to the Foxconn factory in China was largely exaggerated and it included fabrications that Daisey apparently thought would make his story better. 393 more words


4 Reasons to Love Vintage Recycle Art

Hussain picks me up in his rickshaw, and instead of going through the Pink City, he drives the livelier back roads to arrive at Vintage Recycle Art.

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Buying Trips

Indigo Tamarack: Part II

Part of the reason I was so suddenly smitten with Grainline Studio’s Tamarack Jacket pattern release was because I had recently attended a tour of local fiber farms through the… 801 more words


Winter Venison Chuck Hotpot

A combination of flavours to suit the beef-like flavour of venison, a rich, succulent meat when fresh, and here in Hertfordshire, there is a problem with deer: They eat the secondary tree growth which means that there are no trees to replace ancient, previously coppiced woodlands. 333 more words

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One thing you can do: Carolyn Kitto

Carolyn Kitto and her husband, Fuzz, run the Australian arm of a global not for profit organisation called ‘Stop the Traffik’, which campaigns against human trafficking in the supply of goods and services. 485 more words

1 Thing You Can Do

Step Away From the Sweatshirt and Nobody Gets Hurt: Dissonance


I have been struggling with this one word for a few weeks now. It’s like having the Hokey Pokey stuck in your head — it just won’t go away. 837 more words


Sustainable Consumption and Behavioural Change

Social scientists suggest 75% of a private individual’s direct resource consumption can be linked to everyday practices associated with either mobility, eating and drinking or household water and energy. 922 more words