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Elephant Nature Park: ethical and mindful tourism アジアに行ったら象に乗らないで下さい。

Normally when tourist visit Thailand/Southeast Asia, riding an elephant is almost always on the bucket list. What many do not see or understand, is the cruel reality of what goes on behind the scenes. 955 more words


Photos from my week at an elephant sanctuary:

I spent the best week of my life volunteering at Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. It is full of terrific people doing right by their elephants. They are only a year old and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. 95 more words

PTSD - transcending through species 

Trauma and it’s long-term effects, it turns out, doesn’t discriminate between humans and animals. Whilst deep in the Cambodian jungle this realisation hit me hard. The now-free elephants roamed through the valley; scars of their previous lives carved into their skin, years of freedom missing like the ends of tails, sold for traditional medicine, and eyes blinded by torture from which they will never recover. 572 more words


Respect Existance or Expect Resistance

August 6th 2017, Bangkok.

I have been lucky enough to be awarded the Magnus Magnusson award by Glasgow Caledonian University.

In July 2017 I travelled to Huay Pakoot – a village 5 hours from Chiang Mai to take part in a volunteer project. 286 more words

Chiang Mai

Smart Money: Businesses Serves Tourists' Want & Need to Preserve Planet

When I was young, the Vietnam War was raging. My Caucasian American uncle was a soldier in the war. As part of soldiering, he would come to R&R in an Asian country I at & often would go the beach. 891 more words

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Backpacker, Flashpacker, or Tourist?

Are you a backpacker? Are you a flash packer? Are you a tourist? What does it matter?

I only recently started asking myself this question. For years I was a backpacker. 535 more words