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Respect Iceland

This half-frozen waterfall just above tideline, with its troll and its troll sheep, is not on any tour route and, like most of the beautiful places in Iceland, is not on any map. 45 more words


Daniele Kihlgren: a man's mission to save the South of Italy

An architect gone philantropist gone hotel entrepreneur. A wealthy man with a tumultuous past who finds peace and purpose helping a small, abandoned village, to come back to life(drugs addictions and the untimely death of his brother Edoardo). 483 more words


Ethical Tourism

Being vegan is about more than just what you choose to eat.  It’s a lifestyle choice that is reflected in the decisions you make on a daily basis.  1,063 more words


Part 1: Before you go....

This week we will be bringing you a three part series of how to travel animal friendly before, during and after your fantastic summer holiday! You can protect animals on your holidays simply by being… 352 more words


Ethical Tourism and Hindsight

“Ethical tourism has evolved as a term when one considers travelling to, or developing tourism in a destination where ethical issues are the key driver, e.g. 940 more words


Want to Ride an Elephant?

The demand for wildlife entertainment attractions has been growing globally. One of the main attractions in Thailand is seeing elephants up close and personal. This is rightly so- they’re amazing creatures! 244 more words


Back to the Basics: Facts about Wildlife Tourism

Today, we are answering what seem to be simple questions with not-so-simple answers. Prepare to be enlightened!

What is ‘wildlife tourism’?

In its simplest terms, wildlife tourism is based on encounters with non-domesticated (non-human) animals. 336 more words

Cruelty Free