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Want to Ride an Elephant?

The demand for wildlife entertainment attractions has been growing globally. One of the main attractions in Thailand is seeing elephants up close and personal. This is rightly so- they’re amazing creatures! 238 more words

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Back to the Basics: Facts about Wildlife Tourism

What is ‘wildlife tourism’?

In its simplest terms, wildlife tourism is based on encounters with non-domesticated (non-human) animals. These encounters can occur in either the animals’ natural environment or in captivity. 321 more words

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Who are we? And why are we on your News Feed?

Most of us have been exposed to someone’s tiger selfie or the #insta pic of those hopped on the back of an elephant.

But what has occurred outside the frames of tourist fun is drastically alarming. 191 more words

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In Pursuit of Ethical Travel

Four years ago while I was road tripping down the east coast of Australia in a purple station wagon with my best friend while on a break between our working holiday visa jobs, I found a posting online for… 1,195 more words

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When an ethical boycott backfires - in pictures

Tourists used to flock to see the legendary ‘long-neck’, or ‘giraffe’ women in northern Thailand. Now, amid campaigns to ‘Stop the Human Zoo’, the steady stream of visitors has dried up. 426 more words


When an ethical boycott backfires

As published with Democratic Voice of Burma. View original here

Propped up by a set of brass coils encircling her neck, Mapaung’s head turns stiffly to survey the deserted village of Kayan Tharyar. 1,320 more words


Dear The Real Marigold Hotel: Please, please, please don’t glamourise elephant riding.

Last week, World Animal Protection made headlines by naming elephant riding as the world’s cruellest wildlife tourism attraction. This week, The Real Marigold Hotel featured a group of tourists riding elephants, set to inspiring Bollywood music. 562 more words

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