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Busy Body

Busy Body takes a dim view of other fellow sculptures’ emotional needs

He fancies himself a special man among all the men who have ever been… 65 more words


#SelfCareSunday Soft Focus

Lines are bring drawn everywhere. Politics have seeped into the most mundane parts of our lives. We all need a break, a retreat from the news without dropping out of our responsibilities.   214 more words


#WeekendCoffeeShare America The Beautiful

If we were having coffee this weekend I would offer you iced tea and some succotash I just made.  I have been listening to a wonderful audio course about this culinary and cultural history of humanity.   507 more words


Take Care Of Yourself

Compassion fatigue is the stress of caring too much… The post Are You Suffering From Compassion Fatigue? Here’s What You Should Do About It appeared first on BayArt.

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A Living Legacy: Grace upon Grace

Even the most financially ambitious among us hunger for more than just the money standard in our lives. Somewhere along the way, we want the assurance that our lives have been not only successful, but valuable. 379 more words


Even Better than a Birthday

            Today we get to celebrate our youngest grandchild’s birthday! It’s amazing to think that he’s ten years old already. And of course we are bringing a small gift for him, which we hope he will enjoy. 302 more words

Planned Giving

#SelfCareSunday Social Media Management

Social media has a way of consuming more time than anticipated. The phone is a silent thief vibrating in your pocket, distracting you from whatever you are doing. 467 more words