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#WritePhoto Tunnel Vision

Crawling on our bellies through the mud, James Bond style, we quietly exited the castle.  Our scuba gear was hidden in the brush at the end of the tunnel.   555 more words

Ego Vs Shadow

#WritePhoto Abandoned

This is inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt

The building bitterly fell down around them in the end. They refused to move when the epidemic wiped out the neighbors and all the businesses. 346 more words


#WritePhoto Old Green Stone Wall

People tell stories about the time before the stone wall was built. The streams and rivers flowed freely and served everyone as they went by. Water to run small mills and to irrigate crops was plentiful and easy to find. 330 more words


The Sad Story of Felix Powell

I have a special treat for my gentle readers today. My good digital friend Marjorie Clayman is my guest today.  We probably met on twitter, being a little silly, but over the years I have come to really appreciate Margie’s attitude.   708 more words


#NaPoWriMo Dystopia

My dystopian dream is all coming true
They are building a wall around the suburbs
And making them pay for it



Join the world for National as well as Global Poetry Writing month by following the above hashtags, reading, writing, reciting, or listening to poetry in April.   29 more words


Entitled Ignorance #NaPoWriMo

the fuzz

the enforcer

the fuzz

Power to the heavily armed, confusion for the rest
Our resources have been confiscated to feed the hungry pest… 74 more words


#WritePhoto Water Under The Bridge

Jumping along on stepping-stones, making an effort to stay dry, we cross the stream and climb the hill on the other side. Our party had broken up early because a sudden thunder-storm toppled the picnic table and sent the folding chairs flying everywhere.   261 more words