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Using Dog Poop for Power

For the ethically minded dog owner, the waste a dog produces can be a concern. Most dog waste ends up in landfill, in fact it is thought to be around 100,000kg each year in Victoria, Australia alone. 245 more words


Regrowing the Rainforest

Willie Smits is a biologist who has found a way to re-grow clear-cut rainforest in Borneo.

In East-Kalimantan, Borneo significant forest fires and logging had leveled the forest and wildlife in the area was nearly extinct.  152 more words


An Introduction to five ethical theories

There are many ethical theories that can be used to analyse situations in everyday life as well as hypothetical ethical dilemmas. It can be useful to look at the situation through the lens of several theories as the most ethical way forward will usually be judged as ethical by several different theories. 691 more words


Green Marketing

Traditionally organisations have centred their efforts around  manufacturing products, selling goods and services, reducing expenses, abiding by the law and promoting good public relations. An increasing number of organisations are now looking at ways to reduce their environmental footprint including using green marketing. 436 more words


Corporate Social Responsibility

Although there has been many studies produced on the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the empirical data is scattered and provides no definitive conclusions on the relationship between CSR and the positive or negative gains it may impart on a corporation. 642 more words


The Tail End

Each year tens of thousands of pet cats and dogs are killed in Australia and a lot of the time they are perfectly healthy.

The RSPCA alone euthanised more than 56,000 cats and dogs in the 2011-2012 financial year. 252 more words


Eco-Fashion Initiatives

Public interest in ethical and sustainable initiatives including climate change policies, fair-trade and solar and ceiling insulation programs has increased the need for the fashion industry to become more environmentally responsible. 524 more words