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Pope Francis to dismay reformists with 'modern families' document

Pope Francis to dismay reformists with ‘modern families’ document


There should be mercy. A positive message and a big step for catholicism but still a nod to divorce and alternative family life being flawed. 19 more words

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Woman allowed to challenge dead daughter's egg use ruling - BBC News


Do wishes made verbally before death hold any value after? Is having this child a right in order for potential life to be realised or an emotional reaction for a grieving mother? 33 more words

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Give up indifference this Lent


Pope Francis is such an interesting man for RE teachers. Here he is shedding a new perspective on fasting for lent, which echoes some aspects of Virtue Ethics. 136 more words

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Watch "Just Pray" on YouTube

Watch the ‘controversial’ advert of the weekend. Celebration of faith and diversity in Britain or forcing a religious agenda on a largely secular society?

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Heathen Virtues and My Life

I am a practicing neo-pagan. A neo-pagan is anyone who does not follow an Abrahamic faith or in some cases and situations the definition also includes Dharmic faiths. 1,917 more words

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Adultery website hackers threaten to 'name and shame' users - Channel 4 News


Life’s short. Have an affair. This is the slogan of this adultery dating website. It was hacked, with those responsible threatening to release personal information in order to shame the site and users. 60 more words

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What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the term: Outreach 154 more words