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Should Developing Coutries Embrace Globalisation? Part II

It is becoming increasingly simple to paint a highly dismal image of the impact of globalisation, and while it is important not to dismiss its possible dangers for LDCs, it is undeniable that benefits come with it, even delivered by TNCs. 1,215 more words


Mitochondrial Donation and Human Fertilisation and Embryology Debate (2015)

I stumbled on this topic when I was at work today, it’s one of those (many, I suppose) issues that makes me angry purely because of the opposition to it. 734 more words


Could the Persecuted Church Rescue American Christianity?

Christianity in this country is big, powerful, and familiar. We need it to become strange again.

An edifying article by Russell D. Moore.

“I was distracted at the Baltimore Orioles’ game the other night. 942 more words


Revolution according to Gadamer

‘The modern Enlightenment is abstract and revolutionary.’ These words can be read in the part of Truth and Method (1960) which my colleague and I selected for our reader ‘Philosophy of Science for the Social Sciences’ – the massive course which has recently hindered me from writing my blog as frequently as I am used to. 786 more words

The gift that keeps on giving

Yes, them again: the Mad Men marketeers behind Unilevil’s ad campaigns and entire brand identity. Sorry: their “story” and, as such things are supposed to be an “ethos,” this is sorta kinda linked to “ethics.” 37 more words

Beauty And Ethics

Post-Earth Day round-up

1. Re. selfies: “Climbing Everest is the peak of hubris” (The Guardian)

2. “Canadian government removes North Pacific humpback whales from endangered species list” ( 6 more words

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