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The Collision of Morality and Politics

I think it is helpful and necessary to distinguish between the realms or morality and politics.

Not that these two can never be intertwined. Immigration and refugee policy can blur the distinction between the two. 533 more words

Sunscreen update: May 2017


  • Badger Sport SPF 35
  • using up old supplies of CoTZ Sensitive SPF 40 for hands and other incidental exposure of body parts
  • The Man…
  • 1,939 more words
Ethics, Politics, & Living A Good Life

Social responsibility – Importance of religion?

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We are each conscious of our own sensations, thoughts and feelings. My thoughts are my own thoughts and yours are yours. 850 more words

Violence: How to respond to it ethically?

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Discovering inner health and transformation

Throughout history human beings have been fighting, maiming and killing each other. If you wish to think about an ethical response to violence then the Viking invasion of Britain over 1000 years ago is as relevant a period in history as any for consideration. 1,012 more words

Is free-market capitalism unethical?

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Rana Plaza building

When things go badly wrong in the world of commerce, we ask about the ethics of free-market capitalism. 1,071 more words

Terrorism – More logical than loving the enemy?

Some, perhaps many, Muslims hate the West. The dislike varies according to what question is asked, when it is asked and where. Generally speaking, what is detested is sexual freedom being exported around the rest of humankind. 996 more words

Research into ethical political origins of the Busking music

Kashi Gill has agree to perform a piece as the busker in the film. Our initial piece as mentioned was to be a bowie song since licensing would probably be all but impossible, we have reverted to the song he played to me that made me want him in the part. 1,527 more words

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