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Beauty supplements

I love the idea of a magic pill that makes you beautiful: perfect glowing skin, flowing shiny hair, slim and elegant of form, with sparking eyes and teeth, talons of steel, and immediately captivating to everyone. 1,145 more words

Beauty And Ethics


Sushma Swaraj says she won’t resign. Vasundhara Raje Scindia says she won’t resign. Pankaja Munde says he won’t resign. Smriti Irani says she won’t resign. 338 more words



Meaning comes from moral responsibility. Moral responsibility comes from the demand by the Other upon me. The Other’s demand rests solely on that Other’s confrontation of me, her announcement, by her mere presence to me, that I am obliged to her. 671 more words

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lippie today (2)

Picking up from my last post:

[…] happy rosy MLBB pinks :

or Lipstick Queen Jean Queen: […]

I think I just saw one or other of them, or something very similar of the same tribe, right here: 699 more words

Beauty And Ethics

Should Developing Coutries Embrace Globalisation? Part II

It is becoming increasingly simple to paint a highly dismal image of the impact of globalisation, and while it is important not to dismiss its possible dangers for LDCs, it is undeniable that benefits come with it, even delivered by TNCs. 1,215 more words


Mitochondrial Donation and Human Fertilisation and Embryology Debate (2015)

I stumbled on this topic when I was at work today, it’s one of those (many, I suppose) issues that makes me angry purely because of the opposition to it. 734 more words