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Mediawatch: Ethical Conundrums

July 09,2020

Mediawatch’s weekly catch-up with lately. This week Hayden Donnell talks to Karyn Hay about the ethical minefield facing reporters charged with telling the story of the Covid-19 patient data leak, and Stuff’s decision to back away from Facebook.

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The Standard #54

To be absolutely certain, the emotional and mental anguish is undeniable. And sometimes the anguish manifests itself physically – scars indelibly, indiscriminately tattooing the body. It is a pain that enjoys a perpetual downpour of torrential hate; roots strengthening its grasp within the fertile soil of the human spirit, rendering it barren of dignity or hope. 196 more words


Absolutist Amoralism

To vote is to wield authority; it is the supreme authority from which all other authority derives—such as mine to make your lives miserable once a day.

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#PutHumanityFirst: Natural Law Theory

If we PutHumanityFirst, humanity will rise and make the world a better place for human beings

Here is the third post in the series of fundamental of ethics. 1,391 more words

Better World

My Tailored Reading Lists

All my friends and some discerning parents in Hong Kong have often approached me just to ask me to disclose my reading list that has earned pupils admission offers and good grades. 288 more words


From Spinoza’s Ethics pt. IV : A free man thinks of death least of all things, and his wisdom is not a meditation upon death but upon life. 17 more words


Hume’s Guillotine Has No Blade (Part THREE): The difference between ethics and morality, why ethics and morality cannot be avoided, and why this is an insurmountable problem for advocates of Hume’s Law

Before we go any future on the specifics of the “is-ought” dichotomy, it is crucial that we understand the distinction between ethics and morality. Anyone not able to clearly articulate the differences between these two philosophical ideas and how they specifically relate has no business discussing Hume’s law, or any other ethical or moral question, for that matter…because they can have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. 926 more words