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Neo-humanism and PROUT: Alternative Pedagogy

by Milly Sil,
Rutgers University

Neohumanism will give new inspiration and provide a new interpretation for the very concept of human existence. It will help people understand that human beings, as the most thoughtful and intelligent beings in this created universe, will have to accept the great responsibility of taking care of the entire universe – will have to accept that the responsibility for the entire universe rests on them.   

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Religion & Secularism

You’re hired! Now what do you think about the ethics of business and finance?

The business world is frequently rocked by allegations of greed, excessive pay and scandals involving dodgy products and services.

Yet careers in the sector are some of the most keenly sought by graduates. 694 more words


Advice from "The Reference Desk" - The Interview

“The Reference Desk” is a regular column featured in the AALL Spectrum.  The column below originally appeared in the May/June 2016 issue and is reprinted here with permission. 740 more words


Of Sins and Sinners

I should probably clarify right from the outset that the aim of this post isn’t to provide some sort of justification for unethical behaviour, especially not violent and deeply harmful unethical behaviour. 1,240 more words

Reviewing the current debate on drones

Alongside intense international law arguments, a wider debate on the impact of the growing use of armed drones, within particular current conflicts as well as on long-term global peace and security, continues. 3,245 more words

Drone Overview

The D Word

In my sermon yesterday I touched on the issues of marriage and divorce. In many ways the attitude of the church reflects that of the Pharisees of Jesus day in that any reason is a valid reason for divorce. 53 more words