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Avoiding a Hardened Conscience

We are warned not to allow ourselves to become hardened, because if we look at the whole concept of hardening in its biblical perspective, we see that something happens to us through repeated sins. 145 more words


The Holistic Kingdom of the Gospels

One student recently suggested that there might be a progression in the Gospels from earlier books that are more this-worldly in focus to later books that are more “mystical.” I don’t think I’d agree that the later Gospels become more mystical, if by that you mean more “other-worldly.” On the one hand, I think all three of the Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew, and Luke) reflect essentially the same view of the Kingdom of God. 621 more words

New Testament

Reading with Levinas #3: The Face - and the Literary Work

Today I’ve been reading Jill Robbins on Levinas and literature in her work “Altered Reading” (1999). It’s helping me to think through the way Levinasian philosophy links to literary criticism, and focuses in part on a concept which I’m going to briefly outline here, one that is central to Levinas’s philosophy: the face. 996 more words


Profit, Wages, and the Human Good

In his work What is Property? Pierre-Joseph Proudhon famously declares that “property is theft.”[1] In particular, Proudhon has in mind the products of labor, which, under capitalism, the worker produces but does not own. 1,847 more words


Immanuel Kant (Ethics 19)

Law Governed Experience

Kant stands at one of the great dividing point in the history of ethics. For perhaps the majority of alter philosophical writers, including many who are self-consciously anti-Kantian, ethics is defined as a subject in Kantian terms. 1,602 more words


AMERICA: Re-Inventing the Everlasting Wheel?

Ecclesiastes 1: 10 (ESV)- Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us. 545 more words


End of the blight at West Palm entrance

The blighted Sail Club complex, a longtime eyesore beside the Okeechobee Boulevard entry to West Palm Beach, is coming down.

A trackhoe poised Thursday morning to take its first swipes at the garden apartments-gone-wrong, at 719 Executive Center Drive. 218 more words