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Marriage: "Except for the Kids' Sake, Why Bother with it?"

“I think marriage is a bit of a farce these days”, she said.

“Oh?  Tell me more”, I replied.

“Well, back in the day, it was a proper coming together of families and material, and the commitment was to go forth together and prosper, raise children, etc.  337 more words


Big 3: Why Batman is my Favourite Superhero 

The site has been a bit heavy of late and likely will be again. I thought it would be good to take a breather and look at something a little lighter. 1,214 more words

Big Three

The Poverty of Empathy

Does empathy enable effective charitable dispositions? I think not.

Consider the toy model illustrating the problem.

x = Jack
y = Jill
Hx = Jack is Human. 295 more words

CPTSD, on Rare Disease Day

It’s #rarediseaseday and thanks to the combination of my illness with CPTSD, and fresh scars caused by a medical establishment that mistreated me for years before my… 481 more words

What the PewDiePie "Scandal" Can Teach Us About the Importance of Context and Minimizing Harm

If you have been on the internet at any point since Valentines Day of this year, you have likely seen a large amount of controversy surrounding YouTuber “PewDiePie,” who has over 53 million subscribers. 586 more words

Living As Though There Is a Tomorrow #21

Finding Direction: The Importance of Choice 2.2.0A

Erich Fromm sees a difference between archaic or tribal groups and more enlightened cultures.  He defines “enlightened” cultures as the monotheistic religions of Egypt and the descendants of Abraham, the teachings of Moses and the Hebrew Prophets, Buddha, Lao-tse, Confucius, Greek philosophers, Christ and Christian theologians, Mohammed and Islamic commentators, and the European Enlightenment and scientific thinkers.  175 more words


An Anti-Speciesist Defense of Abortion: Why Speciesism and Personhood are Harmful to Women's Rights

Today we are living in a cloud of moral confusion. But this confusion isn’t due to lack of education or even a lack of empathy. Rather, I argue that it is due to a misunderstanding of what ethics is. 2,113 more words