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"Right" vs "Rights"

Here’s something for the Guns and Mental Health debates:

What’s really at issue: In essence, the ideal of right (what is true, good, and mutually beneficial for all and not a few, I.e. 49 more words

Faith Reflections

Motivational Speak: Human Innovation – Like never before

Adapt to the 4 Industrial Revolution

The world is changing. Companies must adapt to become the future – do you? Are you striving for a future worth living?

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Nurse Financially Exploited Elderly Couple

This is a story that every nursing student should read. It’s not a happy story. And—as far as we know—it’s not a story about a common problem. 304 more words


News versus PR: "Who tells the story?"

When I started working on the “Dynamics of Media Writing” book, my goal was to outline the key tools valuable to ALL media practitioners and then explain how each discipline could use them as part of daily work routines to reach valued audiences. 438 more words

Embracing Pluralism

By Graham Glover

Most of you who will read this probably don’t consider yourself a pluralist. Although we’ve never surveyed the readers of the Jagged Word, I’m pretty sure most of you have a pretty rigid way of viewing things, from politics to theology and everything in between. 544 more words


Overcoming hatred and violence

Overcoming hatred and violence

Another mass killing this time in Florida leaving 17 transformed leads to the question can we overcome hatred and violence? I believe we can but it will involve very hard spiritual work on changing our cognition’s, emotions, dreams, fantasies, speech, behavior and belief systems as well as our psyches, cultures, societies, histories and future stories. 697 more words