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New Documentary Takes On Dangers Of Clothing Economy

FROM CNN: The True Cost, a new documentary, chronicles the evils of the clothing industry and asks us to stop buying so much cheap stuff. 408 more words


Are we writing a dictionary or talking about what's right?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with no internet or television, you’ve probably heard about the same-sex marriage debate. If you’ve followed it, you’ve probably heard the argument that there should be no same-sex marriage because marriage… 1,114 more words


Heaven, hell and Jeremy Clarkson

We are our deeds. It’s a popular heathen saying, and the title of a well-written heathen book by Eric Wodening. What we say, what we do is a reflection of our own self. 709 more words


4. The ethical line

What is ethical? What is not? Since we acquire consciousness of ourselves and our actions, every decision we take is conditioned by whether we believe we are doing the right thing or not. 325 more words

Bad work ethics or just hipocracy?

I have just finished a 45+ working week (not my first, nor last), after finishing at around 9.15pm on Wednesday, then past 7pm the next 2 days… I was so tired on Thursday from the focus, that when I walked into my apartment and sat down for a moment, I literally saw lines of code anywhere my eyes stopped to look, no joke… I wanted to think I won’t do things like that (free overtime), and I am angry with myself that I did do it. 418 more words

I Eat Death

I eat death

It surprises me in the list of ingredients
It’s everywhere
in my clothes
in my words
in my entertainment

Its guilt and its sad self-pity invade my every action… 104 more words


Ethical Editing for the Resource Extraction Industry

Welcome back my angelic editors.

Today we talk ethics in editing for the extractive industry. Now ethics is a concept that goes beyond one solid definition. 732 more words