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Writing Ethical Headlines

Headlines represent a place in journalism where ethical calls on language are particularly important. From a story with an abundance of facts and implications, a headline writer must make a call on which parts of the story are important enough to be featured in the headline. 435 more words


The Environment Game, Part 2

I like the things that I posted links to last time, for a few reasons.  The people who are doing that work are going along, minding their own business, fixing things, cleaning the air and water – without trying to destroy anybody.  430 more words

“the knotted gun”

The sculpture Non-Violence is also known as “the knotted gun”. It was originally created as a memorial tribute to the legendary singer and songwriter John Lennon, after he was shot and killed outside his home in New York City on December 8, 1980.  

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Where Did the Honesty Go?

On Thursday afternoon last week I went to take some money out of an ATM. I had to wait in a queue, but when it came to my turn I saw that the person ahead of me had forgotten to take the cash with him. 534 more words


About Ahmad Khan Rahami

The best we can do with Ahmad Kahn Rahami who is charged with bombings in New York and New Jersey is to meet his violence with nonviolence, his hatred with love and the fear he tried to evoke with faith in the religious experiences of all life forms; by imprisoning him for life without the possibility for rehabilitation, not to punish him but to protect other potential victims from him. 51 more words


On Utilitarianism

Most people are probably familiar with the idea of Utilitarianism. I have recently started to read about various moral theories, and I wanted to write down some of my thoughts about Utilitarianism in particular.  1,521 more words