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Brain-Computer Interface: The Connected

Future and emerging technologies are funny things – humans sometimes see them coming from a mile away, other times they smack us right in the face.  1,168 more words


2018 Ballot - Ethics and Pragmatics

The 2018 ballots are arriving in the mail this week, and they’re so long that they require two sheets – so much for the last cycle’s push to limit ballot measures!  1,331 more words


The Jake Paul Series: Finding Forgiveness, Growth and Moving On

My fiance and I just finished Shane Dawson’s series, “The Mind of Jake Paul.”

To be honest, I came in with a closed mind. I couldn’t understand Jake Paul. 622 more words


Info sec, AI and ethics - some thoughts #codemesh

I’m heading off to speak at the CodeMesh Conference in London shortly and I’ve been thinking about the emerging boundaries between information security, AI and ethics. 498 more words


The big race

What are these boys doing? They are waiting. They are waiting for the big race.

They are wearing shorts and shirts. There are numbers on their shirts. 1,319 more words

Stories For Younger Ones

There are only "four" ways of dealing with human desires

Artwork: “Desire” by Orshrit182.

As i see it there are only four ways to deal with desires which are to satisfy them, ignore them, negotiate them or utterly transcend them. 451 more words