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what even are ethics, in 2015?

Ethics in journalism is a major topic of debate, and the regulation of the media and journalists is crucial to maintain a fair and just standard of reporting. 1,729 more words


Trolls Abound

It is not easy to let yourself off the leash.  Trolls abound, it seems the safer bet to mince your words beyond recognition.  But it does not do justice to your sentiment if you are so refined.  162 more words


Savory Links

Sure we’ve all imagined taking a trip back into a period of time that has interested us, but this couple took their love of the Victorian Era to a whole new level with some unexpected results. 195 more words

Art History

Rolling Naked in the Thorn Bushes

By Jeff Mallinson

When overwhelming temptation presents itself, what do you do? Do you run, indulge, or do you attempt some way to inflict punishment on yourself in order to do the right thing? 1,501 more words


Debunking: Cultivating crops for vegans kills more animals than pasture-grazing livestock

Picture this: You’re a harvest mouse who lives in a wheat field. Being a mouse, you have excellent hearing and can easily pick up sounds that a human cannot hear. 3,890 more words


Dear Mr Murdoch, please be quiet

Rupert Murdoch is a man who achieved dizzying heights in business and society, and accumulated power beyond the imagination of the average person.

Despite his amazing achievements, or perhaps because of them, he does appear to have lost all perspective, humility and common sense. 780 more words