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Mike Pence Seems to Believe That the Real Intolerance Is Not Being Willing to Tolerate Someone Else’s Righteous Intolerance

All day the talking heads on cable news have been debating whether the new Indiana law protecting “religious freedom” is actually a bill sanctioning biased treatment of LGBT individuals. 1,185 more words


The Wholefoods Way: How ethical is a globalized organic food retailer?

Being named in Ethisphere Institute’s “World’s Most Ethical Companies” list on numerous occasions, Wholefoods stands tall as one of the largest organic food retailers in the world and the biggest seller of organic milk. 2,297 more words

Bucknell Ethics

Patagonia Through a Kantian Lens

The human race is currently facing the first global crisis that threatens its survival as a species.The permanent damage human activity causes our planet and our mindless consumption of natural resources will eventually lead to our planet’s demise. 2,160 more words

Beauty with an Ethical Edge

What do you do when your beautiful company was built on a foundation of admirable ethics and values, but entry into the profitable international markets would force you to compromise those morals? 2,459 more words


Mattel: Playing with Ethics

We are all familiar with the iconic Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars of Mattel, Inc. As the world’s largest toy company, Mattel has a responsibility to its stakeholders to ensure the safety of its products. 1,652 more words


Ethics and service design

The reading on ethics was much more comprehensible than the previous week’s material on quantitative research. One aspect I hadn’t thought of was the importance of reporting back on research findings to the people who participated in your study. 357 more words