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"Fear is not our policy" is not a policy

is taking the trouble to think out what you are doing and what is likely to come of it.  – C.S. Lewis

Washington Post published an…

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Be Careful What You Post

The internet is a powerful tool.

While there are many positive uses for the internet, there are also an incredible amount of dangers to be aware of. 278 more words

Food for thought

I’ve often wondered how our world would function if carnivorous animals had evolved to be the dominant species on this earth, attaining the intelligence level we as humans now possess. 297 more words


Pls Dn't Ryte Lk DS

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It probably took you a while to understand the title of this post–“Please Don’t Write Like This.” That is what you subject your friends to when you sacrifice proper English on the altar of lols, imhos, and smiley faces (some of us can’t tell the difference between a smiling and a crying one). 651 more words


Unethical ethics

This will be my shortest post in a while as the point is clear.

In a recent conversation I was having with someone on Twitter I was told I should do some reading on ethics (this from a person who told me a bold faced lie).   184 more words


Changes needed

I just have to share today’s post from the great My Shingle blog by Carolyn Elefant. She simultaneously criticizes state bar associations’ potential overreach in regulating non-legal service providers, dismisses many of those providers as tech companies promising a lot more than they’re delivering, and provides a platform that would enable solos and small firms to better compete with these new service providers. 174 more words

In The News

Draft of "Feel the Bern"

Still working on this poem about the comparisons between Bernie and Jesus

A bird sings from the podium, blessed hymn
They wait, breath drawn, wide-open maws… 115 more words