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Ikea Designs Refugee Shelters

Ikea is known for showing its customers how to have great design in small spaces. Many of its stores feature small footprint rooms and apartments that are beautifully and inexpensively furnished. 276 more words

Classroom Activities

Importance of legal and ethical policies

I feel it is unethically to withhold important information. They also can take you to court for false information. The set of basic guidelines, are formulated and enforced by the head of the organization. 63 more words


Better Than Required

On my way to the shops this morning, when approaching a road, the nearest car stopped and the driver waved me across in each instance where the road wasn’t empty of traffic. 23 more words

Seeking A Better World

Blog - Breathing Room

This term has been killer for me.  I say “term” as a reflection of my added teaching load I’ve had since September.  I’ve been musing recently that I think I finally hit my stretch/break point.   421 more words


Ethically, Should There Be a "Pink Tax"?

Did you know that there are several instances when women pay more than men for the same goods and services? For example, nationwide, many dry cleaners charge a higher fee for a woman’s “blouse” than a man’s “shirt” — even if the items are exactly the same. 275 more words

Customer Expectations


Ethics hits home and lets me see more things about life clearer. From the RIGHTS we obtain just life it self for our basic needs and welfare. 133 more words