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Leader Roles in the Subprime Crisis

Lenders have been unregulated and able to issue subprime mortgages to high-risk homebuyers with little oversight (Petroff, n.d.). Even now, after the subprime crisis, control of lending practices is weak. 692 more words


Introduction to Software Engineering and Ethics.

  1. What is Software quality?
  2. What is Ethics?
  3. What is Engineering?
  4. Are software engineers,engineers?
  5. As IT professionals, what is the right thing to do?
  6. Why do we care about ethics?
  7. 10 more words

love of a friend


rainbows that arch in the sunlight

with colours that gracefully blend

a voice in the peace of the night

soft with real love for a friend… 15 more words


A Theology of Suicide

I was recently privileged to present a paper at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and chose to address the problem of Christian ethical requirements in the face of existential absurdity. 71 more words


#DiscoveringWrestling #013 - The Problem with the Paige Leaks

Fuck it! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to be clever or fanciful about how I write this entry, but I just can’t do it. 1,679 more words


The trolley problem and the complexities of history

This was originally a response to a discussion concerning the so-called trolley problem – a supposed ethical dilemma involving a choice to allow a trolley to speed toward five innocent people; or hit a switch that may re-direct it toward another innocent person on another track; or simply throw a person in front of the train in order to save the lives of the other five. 928 more words


Nothing's gonna hurt you, Boo-boo.

It’s easier than you think, Boo-boo. It really is. Everything, living and non-living, beyond your physical self is equipment. This is not a rash deduction Boo-boo, it’s only the truth. 757 more words