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A 'new' way to think about Voting

The revolutionary opinion of the day: Voting based solely on self-interest.

I already hear the cries of “Are you not ashamed of yourself?” and “You’re supposed to vote for the party that has society’s best interest at heart”, 395 more words


Libertarianism is an Ethical System

Libertarianism is a system for resolving conflict. In other words, it is an ethical system. Libertarianism simply tells you not to commit crimes like theft and murder. 487 more words


Week 24: 25th to 29th July 2016


Ethics approval number: 16-142 granted until 19 July 2019.

Literature review

Gleeson, B. (2015) The urban condition

Hanna Arendt “The Human Condition” talks of homo urbanis, over consumption –> economic world order and the good city. 581 more words


Questions of the short and long term in voting, or, Max takes a surprisingly reasoned view of current events

As much as the media might have you believe, the current ruckus at the Democratic National Convention is not a second manifestation of the 1968 DNC marred by much more vigorous protests as well as the assassination of a candidate two months prior. 885 more words

The Morality (and Neurobiology) of Same-Sex Marriage

(Note from the Author: This piece highlights and reviews the work of Patricia S. Churchland and her recent book, Braintrust. Churchland challenges readers to apply neuroscience to complicated issues. 939 more words


Monthly Philosophy - 1. Virtue

I could wax lyrical about the virtues of philosophy all day РI have a degree in it, and an enduring curiosity of the ideas and thoughts of philosophers past and present. 634 more words