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Reading "I'll See Myself Out, Thank You"

“Ironic, isn’t it, that we can buy 50 different types of pasta or ice cream? We can choose a million styles of hair, or clothes, holiday destination or car. 76 more words

Medical Science

Factual Causation: Never say never, but ...

For those who care:

You’ll find, at the link, the PDF version of the (revised version) of the PowerPoint slides I used, last month, as part of a lecture titled “A Plea For Coherence: Making Sense of Factual Cause”  I gave in Vancouver on May 5, 2017 at UBC’s law school. 345 more words


Day 3 Recap - Medicine in the Movies Blogathon!

We had another great day of fascinating, thought-provoking posts from the awesome bloggers partaking in the blogathon! Although this is technically the last day for the blogathon, I will write a wrap-up post tomorrow for any later entries. 56 more words


Down With the Internet

The recent suicide bombing in England was devastating and despicable. Isis or whatever name we give to this hate group, those who commit such acts of terrorism should all be sent to the depths of hell. 1,009 more words


#Facebook selling children's pain

Just read an article on the Passive Guy about ‘…a leaked confidential document prepared by Facebook that revealed the company had offered advertisers the opportunity to target 6.4 million younger users, some only 14 years old, during moments of psychological vulnerability, such as when they felt “worthless,” “insecure,” “stressed,” “defeated,” “anxious,” and like a “failure.” 173 more words

My Soap Box

I Wouldn't Give Yale University One Red Cent

Nor Princeton, Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford and a whole host of other “big name” colleges either. At least not as presently constituted and governed. If any of my children want to go there, that will be up to them when the time comes, but you can bet I will employ all of my persuasive powers in urging them not to attend such schools. 249 more words