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St. Thomas describes the virtue of patience:

I answer that, As stated above (II-II:123:1), the moral virtues are directed to the good, inasmuch as they safeguard the good of reason against the impulse of the passions.

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Dating Wisely 1.24: Study the Family Projection Process, Part 4


Yesterday, I alluded to the idea that mid-life dating has some particular intra- and inter-personal obstacles to contend with. One such obstacle is the strange regression that mid-life daters inevitably experience when they unnaturally find themselves in a process that fits naturally into the developmental process of young adulthood. 956 more words


Why I Am Not Marching, My Revolution Will Not Be Televised

I swear I am not a traitor, please don’t hate me. I fully support all the ladies and protesters marching in the Women’s March today. But that is not how… 1,857 more words

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Learn Why Trump Is Impeachable Now

Read the Brookings Institution report on Trump and the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

Ethicists Norman Eisen and Richard Painter, along with Harvard University Constitutional law professor Laurence Tribe, released a comprehensive report in December titled… 436 more words

Depolcrit #5: Morality as suspect: Mouffe

We may be tempted to think that using the word ‘depoliticization’ in a critical sense requires the assumption that the true version of politics is in some sense morally superior to the untrue version. 885 more words


Waning American Leadership

The United States of America assumed the role of leadership among the world’s countries after its role in WWII. We led with malice toward none… 577 more words

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