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Loopholes and Ethics

If you’re looking for loopholes, you’re trying to get away with something. If you’re trying to get away with something for personal gain, you know it’s unethical or illegal. 20 more words

Truth in yoga

Almost three years ago, I started taking yoga classes with my (now) mentor. On occasion she would speak of truth when closing the practice. Something along the lines of living truth. 523 more words


A picture is worth 1000 words

A Family that preys together… Slays together.

A hui hou


Reason: When Nonviolence Isn't Enough

Jason Brennan, professor of ethics, economics, and public policy at Georgetown University, over at Reason.com has a longer article up, examining government authority, briefly touching on civil disobedience, and then going on to explore when you are justified to go beyond civil disobedience. 296 more words


Framing policies on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is hotly debated for all the promise it holds and the concerns it raises. Opinions abound, and they range widely. From hailing AI as the harbinger of an entirely new level of human development, to cursing AI as ushering in the end of all human civilisation. 593 more words


Are We in a Bind with the Right to Food?

The right to food is mentioned in several binding as well as non-binding international agreements. One of the most notable non-binding agreements is the FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines, which is just what other non-binding instruments are – voluntary. 935 more words

How to Be Friendly, Kind and Gentle All The Fuckin' Time

If you’re new to this blog, let me quickly catch you up on what you missed last year. To summarize in a sentence: yet again I ruined everything — destroyed my marriage, my health, my financial status — by trying to defend myself against a bully. 324 more words