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Steven Pinker on Jokes versus Swords

“…Many moral advances have taken the form of a shift in sensibilities that made an action seem more ridiculous than sinful, such as dueling, bullfighting, and jingoistic war.

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Those elusive Christian values

A while back I wrote a footnote on Christian values:

Exactly what is meant with this expression is another thing that can vary considerably, but by-and-large few see them as negative, and what forms the “common core” is almost invariably (including by me) seen as something positive, notably the “Golden Rule” and related values.

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ethics on the internet: new perspective needed?

An interesting introduction about the ‘Ethics of the Internet’ in a Rajapinta event early November took place within a participatory culture and with significant terms put on the table. 332 more words


I'm Guilty As Charged

I should have known better. I have been in the business of managing and leading others in one capacity or another, as a General Manager, College Professor and Management Consultant, for over forty years. 407 more words

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ACFE Fraud Awereness Week Event 14 November 2017

ACFE Belgium organized a half-day event in Brussels during the International Fraud Awareness Week 2017.

The event has been attended by more than 80 fraud professionals and covered various topics ranging from Ethics and Cybercrime to a panel discussion on Fraud Investigation Teams. 48 more words

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Updated List of Vaccine Injuries!: Top 5 Health Complications You Didn't Know Were From Vaccines

We’ve all known (especially us parents!) that vaccines can do some pretty strange and scary things to our babies, like resulting in austinism, ACDC, and ABAI. 1,173 more words


White Spaces

Growing up in the dominant culture of a place, it’s surprisingly easy to find oneself adrift. How does a molecule of water distinguish itself from the ocean?  1,627 more words

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