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Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Konikona Gr2

• Very clean cup with medium acidity

• Fruity : blueberry, lemon

• Floral touch

Cupping this coffee we could not believe our taste buds. This is one clean cup we got here and ranked as high as the best Kenya coffees! 168 more words


Ethiopia Limu Genet Burka Gudina

• Dry wine mouthfeel

• Clean stable cup with a little spicy undertone

• Rhubarb and Cactus Fruit. Works well on espresso as well.

In the past Yirgacheffe was the leading region for prime cup coffee in Ethiopia. 131 more words


03 October 2015 Economic News Round-Up


Marriott’s first Executive Apartments in Africa


03 October 2015  – By Henok Reta.

Marriott International, Inc. Middle East and Africa President and Managing Director Alex Kyriakidis said that Ethiopia’s peace and stability were key factors for the company choosing to operate in partnership with Sunshine Business Group. 10,118 more words



We’re not doing all that well with regards to adhering to the list. But it’s hard! So far we’ve located one Costa Rican restaurant in the UK and it isn’t in London, it’s in Whitby. 367 more words


Ethiopia: day five

September 21, 2015

village day 1.

About an hour outside of Bahir Dar is a little town that crowds around the tiny two way street that heads further north into the Amhara region. 676 more words


Men to protect women from any form of violence says Aster Aweke

By Wossen Mulatu

11 September 2015: On Ethiopian New Year’s Eve, Aster Aweke, one of Ethiopia’s greatest music icon, and UNICEF National Ambassador to Ethiopia, delivered a strong message on girls’ and women empowerment to thousands of fans gathered at her concert in Ghion Hotel, Addis Ababa. 208 more words