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Is the Ethiopian Village of Awra Amba Really a Utopia?

My Ethiopian guide had mentioned a possible visit to the village of Awra Amba.  I had never heard of the place, so I looked it up on the Internet.   1,105 more words


How Ethiopia managed to supply water to 48 million people

Today, we’re celebrating something special in Ethiopia – reaching the water Goal 7c of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). What does this mean? Put simply, it means 57 percent of the country’s population now is drinking water from an improved water supply such as a tap or hand pump, rather than from an open stream. 614 more words


"it will be an adventure..."

In early March I went on a work field trip to the Amhara region with some colleagues. Our task was to interview Health Extension Workers and women in remote communities about a long term family planning project my organisation has been implementing over the past year. 1,276 more words

Queen of Sheba ( ~ 960 BCE )

Queen of Sheba ( ~ 960 BCE )


The Queen of Sheba is a prominent figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Though there are many different versions of her tale, most scholars agree that she was the ruler of a kingdom named Saba in what is present day Yemen. 131 more words


Ethiopia Sidamo Shilcho

• Mild & Sweet, Floral notes, Superb Mouthfeel, Well balanced

This Ethiopian is taste wise different then the other Sidamo’s. It’s less fruity, but with a great mouthfeel. 165 more words


More Swing Sets for Africa

On a recent trip (Jan/Feb 2015) to Uganda and Ethiopia, we installed 3 new swing sets, finished a wooden one that partially completed, and made a few repairs to several existing swings.   642 more words


Priests, Monks, and a Nun of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is the predominant Christian church in Ethiopia.  It is one of the few pre-colonial Christian churches of sub-Saharan Africa and its origins date back to the 4th century AD.   129 more words