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James XIV Ethiopian Restaurant

“Ethiopian food is bland. I don’t know why people get excited over”. These were the remarks of a good friend of mine when we were discussing Ethiopian food. 937 more words

South Africa

My First Impressions of Ethiopia.

My first distinct memory of Ethiopia is standing on a cliff in the Simien Mountains, looking down at tiny highland villages dotting the valley on one side, vast green farm land on the other, volcanic mountains surrounding me, and thick-billed white-headed ravens flying above. 1,292 more words


Ethiopian Food (An Overview of Ethiopian Cuisine)

An overview of Ethiopian food, from injera to mixed plates to stews (wats), kitfo, and coffee. Includes Ethiopian vegetarian and meat dishes.

Source: Ethiopian Food (An Overview of Ethiopian Cuisine)

Ethiopian Cooking

Follow the hipsters and join the queue...

Growing up, I was such a fussy eater. I know I caused my mum endless embarrassment. Like when my dad regularly ordered “6 ’99’s’ and an ice lolly ” from the ice cream van… I just really didn’t like ice cream (grew out of that phase, thank God), and our treat from the Chippy on holiday, “6 fish and chips, and a small ‘just chips’, no salt and vinegar on the ‘just chips’…” (obviously). 470 more words


Date Night: Keren Restaurant & Coffee Shop

If you are ever hungry in Washington D.C. and looking for some deliciously savory cuisine, 370 more words


Ethiopian Pizza

There are two mountain passes, two state borders, and three hours of highway between our house and the nearest Ethiopian restaurant, which means our opportunities to dine on the East African cuisine are few and far between. 519 more words