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Primary Flavor Principles for Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian dishes are layered with flavor. The dishes usually have a mild spice to them – the heat coming from one of their favorite spice blends (berbere) which has a soft heat. 30 more words

Ethiopian Cuisine

Common Cooking Methods of Ethiopian Food

There are many ways to cook food. Most Ethiopians cook the excess fat off of their meat. They are also very partial to spicy meat dishes and vegetable stews. 70 more words

Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian Cuisine and Traditions

A very important part of how food is prepared or what type of food is eaten is the geographic location. Ethiopia is a medium sized country in Africa. 10 more words

Ethiopian Cuisine

Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant-Club Vista Mare

There are times when I want to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. Like try a completely different cuisine than the usual and the popular ones. 590 more words



This one’s on me. I’m happy to share my latest article for Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines. For this assignment, I spent an afternoon being led to and fed in lesser known/much loved restaurants around Addis Ababa (one of which had one of the best ceiling art I’d ever seen, see below), all in the name of journalism, courtesy of the good people at… 87 more words

Ethiopian Culture

GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine brings Africa to Grand Rapids

Small pot of Ethiopian coffee at GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine

Story by Yashowanto Ghosh, Staff Writer
Photo courtesy of Yashowanto Ghosh 

“There are three Ethiopian restaurants in Grand Rapids, MI.,” said Google. 774 more words



Selam!! That’s hello to you all in amharic, the language spoken in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian food is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. Not only is the food extremely unique and extraordinarily flavorful, but the food culture that makes up Ethiopia is also something I found truly fascinating. 650 more words

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