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Swedish member of parliament and US congress man speaks of atrocities in Ethiopia

A Swedish social democrat member of parliament Andres Osterbergon spoke at the Swedish parliament on Wednesday February 16,2007  at the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian regime against its citizens, while also crossing his wrists a sign of resistance by Ethiopians against a brutal regime made popular by Olympic silver medalist Feyisa Lelisa. 195 more words

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Ethiopia: 5.6 million people need emergency food assistance

The failure of the 2016 October-December rains across parts of the Horn of Africa has led to a devastating drought in Somalia, south-eastern Ethiopia, and northern and eastern Kenya. 121 more words


One Million Dollars’ Worth Ethiopian Manuscripts Donated to Catholic University

A recent donation of over one million dollars’ worth Ethiopian religious manuscripts to The Catholic University of America’s Semitics Department has opened up new research opportunities for students and professors studying the Christian Near East. 51 more words


Ethiopia's anti -terrorism law by Oackland Institute

The government of Ethiopia routinely uses its vague and overly broad anti-terrorism law to stifle freedom of expression and political opposition. This is the conclusion reached by the United Nations, the world’s leading democracies, international human rights organizations, and numerous other groups. 8,908 more words

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Dr.Berhanu By Debalke

A genuine leaders is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus –Martine Luther King

Professor Berhanu Nega, Patriotic Ginbot 7 Chairman

In May 21, 2011 when I wrote: ‘Why I admire Dr. 2,325 more words

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Ethiopia : Civilians killed with lethal injection

Four civilians accused of trying to join Ginbot7 has been killed in Bahirdar prison  with a lethal injection and in other news TPLF has handed down heavy sentences to two  Radio Bilal journalists and activists of the Muslim of community

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Radio Dalsan : Ethiopia is the cause of our instability, Somalis say 10 years after invasion

Majority of Somalia nationals think Ethiopia’s invasion and alleged interference is the cause of instability in their Horn of Africa country.

From interviews conducted by Radio Dalsan in Mogadishu, some 80% of residents in the capital believe Ethiopia undermines the sovereignty and security of its neighbor Somalia. 511 more words

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