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Scores of Ethiopians aired their opinions on social media on Sunday, July 26, after a rainbow appeared in the sky as Obama’s plane attempted to land at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. 289 more words


Does the Israeli government actually care about the Ethiopian community?

Is racism in Israel as bad as the Ethiopians say it is? No one can answer this question unless they have walked in their shoes. But we can look at our surroundings and pay attention to the way the Israeli government deals with this issue and the opinions of the Israeli people as a nation. 284 more words


Demonstrating - The Extreme Way

Since May of this year there have been many mass riots taking place between Ethiopian Jews and the Israeli police. This results in many injuries on both ends as the police use stun grenades and tear gas while the Ethiopians tend to resort to rock throwing. 403 more words


Why are the Ethiopian Jews of Israel still treated as a separate entity?

While Israel as a whole has accepted Ethiopian Jewish immigration and at sometimes even encouraged it (as detailed in the previous post), there is still a major divide between the Ethiopian community and the rest of the communities in Israel when it comes to societal differences and the like. 327 more words


Ethiopians In Israel: A Brief History

Before we cover any news stories or current events about the Ethiopian population living in Israel, we will first cover how they found their way into the country. 312 more words


Operation Solomon’s Children

By Paul Murbach

Every nation’s character is sculpted by the defining moments in its history, and how these challenging incidents were dealt with, both at the time they occurred and afterwards, leaves an indelible mark on the psyche of the society. 1,818 more words


Israeli Racism on Trial in the Strange Case of Two Missing Men

A full 10 months after Ethiopian Israeli Avera Mengistu made his way into Gaza, not to be heard from since, officials have allowed his name to appear in print, and… 791 more words