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Turkey: First, the Armenians; Today, the Kurds

10.20.2019 ________________________________________

Barely more than a 100 years ago, Turkey executed what is considered by historians the first major genocide of the 20th century: the murder of hundreds of thousands of Armenians – perhaps as many as 1,500,000 – and the driving of hundreds of thousands of other Armenians into the desert, where many perished either at the hands of Turkish zealots or by starvation in the desert. 845 more words

Human Dignity

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948.  Its drafters appealed to the “common intuition that every person, regardless of circumstances, challenges, privileges, or merits, has an inherent value, equal to that of all other persons” . 589 more words


Trump's Abandonment Issues

Not Trump personally, but rather, his issue (or lack thereof) with abandoning allies, thereby allowing genocide. He’s given the Turkish government free reign to go after Kurdish peoples of Turkey and Syria, and in the process, allowing the region to destabilise, and seeing to it that IS prisoners can escape from prison in droves. 20 more words



“He had been too good, too pure for the sewer of prejudice and hatred this country had become. This country wasn’t for angels anymore. Only those twisted by hatred and fear could prosper here now.” Eoin Dempsey, … 25 more words

Shame on this symbolism: uprooting thousands of old olive trees for stupid Eucalyptus

Shame on this symbolism: uprooting thousands of old olive trees for stupid Eucalyptus

What this song for Eucalyptus trees have to do with Zionist Israel?Why Eucalyptus is spreading strong antagonistic emotions? 1,029 more words


Ethnic Cleansing

The other day at my shop, a regular customer of mine came by to buy her usual and say hello. Her name is Sina. She’s my big mom’s age. 748 more words