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NATO Seminar in Serbia

Why Serbs would permit NATO to host a “seminar” at the Serb National Assembly in Belgrade is beyond my understanding. The irony of Serbs being kept at a distance from the National Assembly– a “democratic” institution– by the police is striking. 496 more words


Unrest in Europe

Ignore the captioning, the spin, and other journalistic tricks and traps. The point is that Europe is boiling with rage, and the ruling elite will not be able to prevent it from boiling over. 21 more words

European Nationalism

"Unsere Kultur ist besser als die Islamische."

I find this to be very encouraging.

Dutch politician Geert Wilders, speaking in Austria, says what everyone knows: “Our culture is better than Islamic culture.” 37 more words

European Nationalism


it began when

we provided

a space for

hate to grow,

build, strengthen

in our homes.

when we

accepted the


of politicians,

that this was… 118 more words

Trouble in Europe

There is already war in Ukraine. The ceasefire barely holds, and it will definitely break when spring fighting weather arrives. Of course, when there’s a land war in Ukraine, crops aren’t planted, which leads to shortages, which causes famine. 470 more words


US Race War Coming

There is going to be a race war in the USA. Sooner or later.

Societal Decline