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Katie Hopkins' use of the word 'cockroaches' mirrors the language of genocide and the Holocaust

Just in case you missed it Katie Hopkins recently wrote an article for The Sun in which she compared migrants who are coming across the Mediterranean as ‘cockroaches’, who apparently are built to survive a nuclear blast. 783 more words


Why You Shouldn't Respect The American State

There are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t recommend the American state. But the worst is that they are an affront to truth.

Truth is necessary for all the good things in life… 339 more words


President Obama and BFF Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan To Celebrate Opening of Maryland Mega Mosque...

We don’t call it Marylandistan for nothing.

[…]  The mega-mosque is called the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center and, according to the Muslim Link…

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Geert Wilders Speech to PEGIDA

I’m unable to figure out a way to imbed the video and having it begin at the appropriate point, hence the link. This is Geert Wilders addressing today’s PEGIDA meeting in Dresden. 35 more words


NATO Seminar in Serbia

Why Serbs would permit NATO to host a “seminar” at the Serb National Assembly in Belgrade is beyond my understanding. The irony of Serbs being kept at a distance from the National Assembly– a “democratic” institution– by the police is striking. 496 more words