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Our quarrel with the foe

“Those that I fight I do not hate / those that I guard I do not love” said Yeats’s Irish airman in the First World War. 488 more words

Intercultural Communication

버마의 아파르트헤이트 Burma's Apartheid (동영상 Video)

노트 : 아래 동영상은 2013 – 2014년 리영희재단의 취재지원으로 수행한 버마프로젝트의 첫 멀티미디어이자 2013년 8월 취재물입니다. 영문 버전은 제작 중에 있습니다.

Note : The multimedia is a part of my ‘Burma Project‘, which was made possible with kind support of RheeYeungHui Foundation. 169 more words


“We must give up on EU, integrate with Russia” – Seselj

President of the Serbian Radical Party Vojislav Seselj said that his party’s goal is “integration with Russia” while he was presenting his new book ‘Hate Speech as a Crime Against Humanity’ in Belgrade on Thursday. 136 more words

Mudsill Theory & Baltimore Riots

If you have some extra time, this video is definitely worth viewing. In it, the lecturer (more of a preacher, really) articulates the failure of black politicians and civil servants in Baltimore. 59 more words


Thinking Aloud: Rohingya Running Out of Food, Water and Options

May 16, 2015 by Darius 

One contender for the miserable title of worst-off-group-not-in-an-active-war-zone are the Rohingya of Myanmar.  Stateless, persecuted, and virtually imprisoned in concentration camps, the Rohingya are taking the only option left: boarding boats, often little more than rafts, by the thousands in the hopes of escaping to another Asian country.  354 more words

Thinking Aloud

European Football and the Organized Right

The video above is random clip of German football fans (Hannover 96) at a recent match against Bremen. But they could be any fans of any football team in any European country. 195 more words

European Nationalism

Worth Another Thousand Words

This photograph is from the Daily Mail’s coverage of the Garland, Texas shootings.

There’s more than a little bit of irony in the fact that the poster between the officers has been blacked out in deference to wog sensitivities in a supposedly English newspaper. 13 more words