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My first “taco” was a butter and cheese slathered flour tortilla, which Charley and Chewie’s mom cooked on a flat burner plugged into a line that tapped into a telephone pole, in kitchen whose walls were covered in black charred soot and strips of cheap yellow brown and champagne pink flowered wall paper, sprinkled with char black furring strips nailed to two-by-fours polking out from between holes in the plaster. 866 more words

New Fissures in Myanmar's Peace Process

Less than a month before the commencement of the second 21st Century Panglong Conference (21CPC), the Union government of Myanmar faces an unprecedented situation. Both the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and the Wa National Organisation (WNO) have… 628 more words


New Fissures in Myanmar’s Peace Process

Angshuman Choudhury considers the implications of the disintegration of the UNFC. 749 more words


Renegade Road to Peace: A New Dialogue Process in Myanmar?

On 15 April, 2017, seven Ethnic Armed Organisations (EAOs) – all non-signatories to the Nationwide Ceasefire Accord (NCA) – met in Pangkham, the de facto capital of the autonomous ‘Wa State’ within Shan State (northeast Myanmar). 877 more words


The usefulness of conflict

Recently I had a conversation with a renowned expert in humanitarian relief and conflict resolution regarding ethnic cleansing in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims, and I expressed my concerns that the US might potentially back the fledgling militant group “The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army” (ARSA).  572 more words

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