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Washington Post: Fake news on Facebook fans the flames of hate against the Rohingya in Burma

Washington Post: Fake news on Facebook fans the flames of hate against the Rohingya in Burma. “Burma was long closed off by a military regime, with centuries-old tensions between its Budd­hist and Muslim communities leashed by strict control over traditional media.As the country transitions into democracy, those constraints have loosened and access to the Internet has expanded rapidly, most notably through a Facebook program called Free Basics that has catapulted the platform into prominence as a major source of news in Burma. 36 more words

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UNICEF Easter Outreaching: Tackling minority issues in Hong Kong

Out of the Hong Kong population, 6% or around 451,000 are ethnic minorities with nationalities ranging from Indian, Nepalese, Indonesian and more. These ethnic minorities are oftens segregated from the society and has trouble fitting in with their Chinese counterparts. 25 more words


The Race Audit Report: Much A Do About Nothing (by Meenakshi Sarkar)

Meenakshi Sarkar, CERIC Postgraduate Researcher

Britain is a country where we despise prejudice, embrace equality and believe in the fundamental right of the individual to make the most of his or her talents in a free society. 1,345 more words

Remembering Vukovar And The Smut Of Erdut Agreement

This is the week we remember the victims in the November 1991 fall of Croatia’s Vukovar (and all the victims of Serb aggression against Croatia), brutally attacked, destroyed, slaughtered and tortured by Serb rebel paramilitary as well as Serb-led Yugoslav Army forces. 995 more words

Let's talk about diversity at Oxbridge - from a PR perspective

The UK’s elite universities have a major problem, one that needs to be dealt with now rather than later. It’s a problem that probably won’t come as a major surprise to a lot of people which is a fact that is in itself disturbing and deeply upsetting. 687 more words

Khau Vai Love Market in Ha Giang - Video

“Market of Love” in Khau VaiHa Giang province. One of the most interesting and authentic ethnic markets in northern Vietnam. Khau Vai love market… 249 more words


Scholars Discuss Coptic Studies: Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of “Scholars Discuss Coptic Studies.” This audio blog series aims to bring together junior and established scholars from across North America and to offer insight on the ongoing research involving Coptic populations around the world. 184 more words