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The Hugo Affair

Recently, the Hugo Awards have been in the media a lot more than they usually are, even though it’s coming close to the announcement period for the year’s winners in science fiction and fantasy. 1,327 more words


Most Successful Kurds in Britain Awards story I wrote published by South London Press

This was a really great event, held at Portcullis House, at the Houses of Parliament, in Westminster, on 18 March. It was organised by Ibrahim Dogus on behalf of the Centre for Kurdish Progress. 137 more words

Ethnic cleansing of the Uyghur People

Uyghur people are a Turkic ethnic group who are predominately Muslim. For years, the anti-theistic government of China has been methodologically killing these people because of their faith, an act that is tantamount to cultural genocide. 246 more words

Noetic Renaissance

Is This What African Migrants in Turkey Feel Like?

To be reminded blood is thicker than water. To be reminded that you really don’t have to spend time or money to be loved. To be reminded all we have and work for makes no sense if you do not have people to share with.

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Kunming Nationalities

I slept really well so I was ready for sightseeing this morning. By midday I was feeling exhausted again, but my guide reminded me that we are at about 2000m altitude. 309 more words

Trans and Inter Health procedures and shortfalls in Sweden

(For Swedish Nationals)

For those not identified with the gender assigned to them at birth, two separate paths to receiving counselling, hormone therapy and surgical procedures, exist. 723 more words


Migrants’ Rights Network: So we are better off because of migration, but why aren’t the politicians getting that message across?

The blizzard of commentary that accompanies the annual budget statement also included a memo from the OBR saying “Mr Chancellor, immigration is good for us.” So will he, and other politicians, act on this message? read more