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What the inaugural speech of President Trump means for you

Welcoming the 45th president of the United States of America

January 20th, Friday, 2017 will be remembered as the day that the United States of America inaugurated its 45th president. 1,240 more words

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Racism, the word used to describe discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their enthic background or race. It is the belief that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined based on their biological characters or appearance. 1,295 more words

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When Red is Green, Xintiandi

I love ethnic minorities and their garb, so when I discovered this woman who seems to be new in my hood, I was excited to see what treasures her wardrobe may have in store for me in the future. 121 more words

Lu Wan District

The Jewish New Year at the Park: The Celebrations of the Majority and the Celebrations of the Minorities


It is New Year’s Eve in England. People roam freely in the middle of the night. They don’t fear any attack. Women feel safe. The people drink freely. 210 more words

Thesis Chapter I: Literature Review

                               Yet we are free to declare, and do declare, that the rights hereby asserted are of the natural rights of mankind and that if any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal ; or to narrow its operation, such act shall be an      infringement of natural right. 2,798 more words


Race & Hate & what we do to perpetuate it

Now I am going to warn all that this post is not going to be popular in some circles but you know what, it is my opinion and until my freedom of speech is repealed I will always air how I feel. 712 more words

The Louise Casey review: JAN Trust's Response

A report reviewing integration of ethnic minority communities in the U.K., authored by Dame Louise Casey, was published this week. The report concluded that local communities were becoming divided and minority communities were increasingly segregated from wider social life. 664 more words