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Britain's Problematic Institutional Racism

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Westminster’s self-presentation as the all-good defender of the free world allows it the scope to decry Nationalism in Scotland as the new rise of the Nazis. 62 more words

Social Justice


I have talked about this many times on my blog.

I have stated that the use of words like ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ has not only been twisted but on occasions been in complete contradiction to what the term means. 894 more words

Media mischief mongering over Church attacks in India

Lets be clear. All attacks on schools, places of worship and sexual violence deserve condemnation and punishment. However the vivid media depictions of these isolated incidents as attacks religiously or politically motivated – even before police investigations have revealed who the likely perpetrators are – cannot be described as anything other than mischievous.

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The first taste of Laos couldn't have been better

First 5 days in Laos. I’ve learned more in this short time about Laos than the rest of my time in this country. And this, thanks to two amazing guys, Adam (from Australia) and Om (from Honga, Laos). 1,049 more words


Revisiting and Articulating Identity and Belonging in Hong Kong (by Casey Burkholder)

Hong Kong is a complex place. Languages, cultures, and identities are constantly interacting in public, private, and digital spaces. I think this complexity is part of why I first fell in love with the city. 1,477 more words

Why did the Struggle for Equality for Women and Ethnic Minorities, other than African Americans, become Increasingly Radical in the 1960's?

Women, Native Americans and Hispanic Americans are among the groups of minorities that became increasingly radical throughout the 1960’s as they began to seek greater equality and their methods evolved through time. 1,010 more words

Equality In The USA