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What Next for a Divided Moldova?

First day of winter, apart from bad weather, also brings inevitable political tension in Moldova.  December 1, Great Union Day in neighboring Romania is a cause for celebration for some Moldovans, an existential threat for others and a distraction for all the rest. 773 more words

Politics In Moldova

Dating at business school: the myths and the realities

“Wonder how it came to be
Things with me and you
How we lost the way to love
How we got so blue”

–“And It’s Supposed to be Love”, Ayo…

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Business School

The Man From Twitter

Granted the title of tonight’s post sounds extremely dodgy, but please bear with me. Despite the inarticulate nature of this post, it’ll be worth reading in the midst of negative content which is currently circulating everywhere. 1,059 more words


Review : Dadawa - Moonrise (2013)

Moonrise is the fifth studio album by Chinese singer Dadawa released on December 07, 2013. This will not be a regular review because this album needs a different approach than the others. 572 more words


Integration is Assimilation

I’ve been meaning to write this for as long as I can remember, but something always held me back from openly discussing this.

The reasons (or excuses) varied from worrying that I’d attract trolls, offend people with my words, dishonour a part of my cultural heritage, which many deem as admirable, or that my voice on such a topic didn’t really matter. 937 more words

Ideas Of Race And Identity

Will name-blind hiring work?

David Cameron seems keen to introduce it for recruitment to the civil service, the BBC and leading private companies in order to reduce discrimination against candidates with ethnic minority backgrounds. 295 more words


Beauty And The Breast

Beauty and the Breast

ModernCommunications Breast Cancer awareness Campaign

What is Beauty and the Breasts? A social media breast cancer awareness campaign targeting Women of Colour between the ages of 18-30. 194 more words