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Why I am writing about being Beige

The troubles of the beige race. It already sounds a little dangerous.
Although my mother was born in London she is ethnically from Jamaica, and my father was born in Cyprus although ethnically from the UK. 118 more words

Beige Race

Minority market in Dong Van

The whole region is known for its strong minority culture, and the markets are a festival of colours, people wearing their prettiest costume, different for each ethnic group. 216 more words



This week’s post is one which has somehow managed to begrudgingly sustain my attention yet annoy me at the same time. Granted, this doesn’t happen very often, but when it does happen I really do feel it. 764 more words

Avid Scribbler

Ethnic Minorities

I was eager to find out what Chinese countryside / village life was like in modern day China. There are about 56 ethnic minorities recognized by the Chinese government. 685 more words

Treasures + Travels

"Blacking up" in 2015" Rachel Dolezal

*Since Rachel Dolezal hasn’t released an official or unofficial statement yet, the jury is still out on this story. If all is as it seems right now, then here’s what’s what: 326 more words


Yunnan Province

Our trip began in the city of Kunming. I’m usually a very big fan of cities. I love the hustle and bustle of life on the street, the anonymity a city has to offer, getting lost in an ocean of people. 303 more words

Treasures + Travels

Field trip to the 'Chiang Rai Hilltribes Development and Welfare Centre' and the 'Naam Kham Valley Development Foundation'

Between 15th of May and 13th of June, DEPDC, in cooperation with Alliance Anti-Trafic (ATT) have organized a workshop called ‘Training Program for Social Workers for at-risk Women and Children from The Shan State’. 289 more words