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A Taste of Slovakia named winner of 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for Eastern Europe and Self-Published Categories

Although it wasn’t my top Christmas present this year, the message that landed in my inbox a couple of days ago made my heart sing with joy. 364 more words


8th PastaPost

Eighth PastaPost

Pasta Piselli


Phil & Geri

Excuse us for living, but we owe a debt of gratitude to our ancestors in so many ways! 891 more words


Where to buy 'A Taste of Slovakia'

Since it was published several months ago, A Taste of Slovakia has landed in a number of selected bookshops and stores around Slovakia, as well as some other parts of the world. 360 more words


Chapatis - Soft Indian Flatbred / Mykt Indisk Flatbrød

A classic Indian bread recipe found on BBC Food

Chapatis can be reheated but they’re best cooked fresh. You could also spread your favourite pickle or chutney over them and roll like you would pancakes.


Eat Like an Egyptian

An article by Stephanie Butler publised on
history.com october 2013

Archeological discoveries have told us much about how ancient Egyptians worshiped, celebrated and mourned. But these scientific finds have also provided tantalizing clues about how–and what–this complex civilization ate. 396 more words


How 'A Taste of Slovakia' was born

Although we are getting more English-speaking visitors to Slovakia than before the Fall of Communism, this little country in the heart of Europe is still largely unknown by a mainstream tourist. 85 more words