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Citizen Memory and 'Demons in Paradise'

Demons in the plural

Demons in Paradise is neither the only creative work that provides a critical introspection of the Tamil community, nor the only one that constructs the image of the perpetrators of violence as otherworldly ‘demons’. 386 more words

Sri Lanka

Decades of research show that the most powerful strategy to fight racism requires white people

The specter of ethnic violence hangs over the United States. US president-elect Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric about Muslims, Mexicans and other groups have appealed to white nationalists, and  462 more words

South Sudan's Civil War

“To be frank, we are running out of adjectives to describe the horror.” – Yasmin Sooka, Chairwoman of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan… 518 more words



I remember Usman even today. His memory lingers like a pale veil hovering in my subconscious. Sometimes I even seem to hear his voice ululating in my mind. 1,014 more words


Nigeria's ethnic conflicts are a result of the failures of a weak state

If truth be told, Nigeria has an ethnicity problem. It is evident in high-profile cases of sometimes violent tensions. But perhaps most damagingly, it is also demonstrated in the low-profile everyday mistrust and prejudices with which many Nigerians view fellow citizens of ethnicities other than their own. 842 more words