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So, What Are You?

“So, what are you anyway?” “No, but where are you really from? Like, your parents?” My usual response follows a rather dry sarcastic answer of, “Human.” Coupled with a light facial expression to make it humorous and not the awkward annoyance I actually feel. 981 more words

Hollywood Race Swap

Human Torch.  Bane.  Heimdall.  Kingpin.  Aquaman.  Deadshot.  Nick Fury.

What do all of these comic book characters have in common?  Their on-screen portrayals have been race swapped.   1,477 more words


Julia Margaret Cameron: Victorian Photographer in CeylonTouch enshrines Female Images in British Ceylon

Benita Stambler, an original essay for Thuppahi, but also pointing to  a Special Exhibition in London on Julia Margaret Cameron with photo of Cameron being the Thuppahi touch from… 986 more words

Life Stories

I Am Muslim

By Barbara F. Walter

One of the disheartening after-effects of the Paris attacks has been how quick many Americans have been to condemn Muslims. Donald Trump… 460 more words

Human Rights

Trump trumps Trump for arrogant bombast

First this form David Horsey, editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times:

Just how sociopathic is Trump?

Well, consider his latest demonstration of his total lack of compassionate humanity. 651 more words


A case for or against: The land of the rising sun.

Welcome to another edition of Topical Thursday: today we will be looking at an issue that strikes close to home, the case for Biafra; an independent nation separate from Nigeria. 889 more words


Victor Melder's Remarkable Sri Lanka Library in Melbourne

Courtesy of the web journal CONFLUENCE at http://www.confluence.mobi/blog/unique-sri-lanka-library/

An unique library on Sri Lanka, perhaps the only one of its kind overseas, exists in Melbourne, Australia. 1,290 more words

Life Stories