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Are All Han Chinese Really the Same Ethnicity?

Are Han Chinese really one race?

When living in China as a non-Chinese foreigner, one thing is abundantly clear. You are indeed a foreigner. You concept of self is inextricably linked to your home country in a way that might not be true in many other countries. 1,493 more words



While racism is the issue in America, tribalism it is in Nigeria. While racism exists as a result of differences in colour of the skin, tribalism hinges on differences in birth-roots.

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One Way to Talk About Diversity on the Way to School with your Kids

Trips to school take a surprisingly serious tone sometimes.

On the ride a couple of days ago, the subject of ethnicity came up. The boys had been reading a book on the countries of the world and we had talked about it a little bit. 813 more words

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Racist Terrorism Targets White People, Too.

Racist Terrorism Targets White People, Too: 
America’s Public Shootings & Attacks Aren’t Random “Lone Wolf” Occurrences


Hello T.S.P. Reader,

I hope this day bids you well. 2,946 more words

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As Oregon Grows, So Does Its Demand For Ethnic Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can provide some hints into who lives — and doesn’t live — in a neighborhood. As Oregon gets more diverse, the demand for ethnic grocery stores grows. 12 more words

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What is it with people asking about somebody's ethnicity? Let's stop that once and for all.

Let me start by saying that it isn’t just a matter of one or two people. It’s about huge groups of people who cannot live without knowing others’ ethnicity. 274 more words


I Am An Asian American Part 2: Growing Up With Godzilla

Having a pawnshop as the family business was an interesting window in the world for me. Not because of the times I spent working at the store and interfacing with customers…but because of movies. 1,385 more words