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The dim reality of South Africa's new dawn

In April 1994, South Africa held its first democratic elections and all races went to the polls to bury apartheid for good. But hopes of a new dawn have been tarnished by fraud and corruption at the highest levels.

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William Tyndale and his views on nation

From the Faith and Heritage blog, Adi writes of William Tyndale and his view on the English nation.

“Tyndale was also a nationalistic Englishman, having great love for his kin and country.

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Race, Culture, Nationality, and Ethnicity: Knowing the Difference

Recently I’ve gotten into a lot of “arguments” that could have been easily avoided if people understood different forms of identity. So in an attempt to spread knowledge and avoid these kinds of “arguments” in the first place, I thought I’d help out a little bit. 642 more words

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During World War I, Propaganda Erased Visible Markers of German Culture

As the U.S. entered World War I, German culture was erased as the government promoted the unpopular war through anti-German propaganda. This backlash culminated in the lynching of a German immigrant.

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Critics of ethnocentrism ...

Often argue that positive tribal identities are merely a psychological way of compensating for an individual lack of success. But the reverse is also true, as positively identifying with one’s tribe encourages one to maintain its honor through individual merit. 10 more words

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June 2016 – Representation of Gender – Sherlock Holmes
June 2014 – Representation of Class & Status June 2013 – Representation of Regional Identity – Doc Martin… 70 more words

Get Well Wednesday: Can Being Black Increase Addiction Risks?

Dr. Howard Wetsman has always known he was half Irish and half Jewish. But after undergoing genome testing, he was shocked to learn he also had African Ancestry. 2,274 more words

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