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In Mexico, economic opportunity increases the closer your skin gets to white

It’s no secret there’s widespread racism in Mexico, but a new study shows the surprising precision with which skin color can determine socio-economic status.

The darker the skin tone, the less upward mobility a Mexican can expect to have, according to… 364 more words

Things You Will Inevitably Experience If You Grew up Asian

Photo by Matt Popovich

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After Daughter’s Death, Dad Bikes 2,000 Miles To Hear Her Heartbeat One Last Time

You may have seen this in the media recently. It’s a very moving story about a father who had lost his daughter, Abbey Connor, to drowning, travelling by bicycle to raise awareness about organ donation. 242 more words

Evaluating the Usefulness of Official Statistics

Official Statistics are numerical data collected by governments and their agencies. This post examines a ranges of official statistics collected by the United Kingdom government and evaluates their usefulness. 1,556 more words


Diversity in schools makes all students—even white ones—feel safer

Add this to the myriad of benefits of diversity: Having a mixture of different ethnicities in a learning environment makes students of all racial backgrounds feel safer, less bullied, and less lonely, according to a new study published this week. 299 more words

Which Ethnicity Test is Best?

While this question is very straightforward, the answer is not.

I have tested with or uploaded my DNA file to the following vendors to obtain ethnicity results: 1,582 more words

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