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The EU institutions are unbelievably white. Brexit will make them even whiter

The European Parliament is, by several measures, the most diverse legislative chamber in the world.

It has 24 official languages and its members are from 28 countries. 256 more words

White Privilege? Let Me Whitesplain it to Ya!

If white privilege is a problem, then it stands to reason that I can only see that problem through the lens of white privilege, and if whitesplaining is a problem, then any account I might give of it carries a real danger of becoming yet another instance of whitesplaining. 3,347 more words


Q&A session with Ifraah and Irsha, authors of Soul Tracing Taboo

A dark romance story filled with tons of twists, turns, and tears

SOUL TRACING: Taboo is a fictional adult novel set in present-day East London. It is definitely not a book for the faint hearted or romcom devotees with a penchant for a fairy-tale love story. 1,838 more words

My Take on Ethnicity and Ethnic Nationalism

Starting things off – I’m an ethnic nationalist.

Most commonly, I’ve heard of three types of nationalism:

Civic nationalism – nationalism in regards to one’s country. 591 more words


Getting Your Kids Ready For The Multicultural World

We are Chinese Americans living in America.   Our family decided to move into a town where only 5% of the population is Asian.   We are aware of this while we were shopping for a house.   440 more words