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You Name It!

From my late middle to early high school years, I religiously watched The Tyra Banks Show after school.  Some of Tyra’s best episodes included her conducting some sort of social experiment like the one in the video below: 835 more words


Students Get Real About Race

A great read about race on college campuses that’s applicable for everyone. Turn to the next page for an interactive read on different types of microaggressions. 26 more words


My secret pleasure...

Get your minds out of the gutters – it’s Barbies! One of my secret wishes was to win the lottery and then have a (small) room full of Barbies, antique and new. 567 more words


Food for Thought: More than an Other

I recently read an article written by Suits actress- Meghan Markle. It was on a topic that hadn’t really hit home to me before. I take for granted every day the fact that I know my identity, my skin colour, my parent’s background and it has never been a problem for me. 2,097 more words


Black History Month: 5 Ethnic Artists I Love

Hello all! <3

As you all know, February is Black History Month.


I woke up today, and I started thinking- I’ve done nothing.

Black History is an important part of my life, and I’ve neglected to mention it on my blog. 194 more words



Earlier this week I was scrolling through Facebook when a BuzzFeed article about white model Karlie Kloss dressing as a geisha for Vogue caught my eye. 629 more words


The sacred landscape: DAPL, tradition, & profit

For somebody like Donald Trump, who sees a stretch pristine coastline as merely the opportunity of a golf course and a landmarked historic building as an inconvenienced to be bulldozed to make way for a new hotel,  nothing must get in the way of turning a quick buck. 1,182 more words