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This is the website for Humanities 409  (honors) Fall 2016 @ San Diego State University where will explore THE FUTURE through Time, Gender, Class, Race, Ethnicity, and Geography.


Nigeria and the Ethnic Bias

I love Nigeria. Her diversity, composition, cultures and spirit. Yes, her spirit. There is a Nigerian spirit – an attitude of tenaciously holding on and pushing forward in the toughest of times and persevering through the most difficult situations. 405 more words

'British American identity' -- an urgent cause?

Amen to the above comment.

I think this is along the same lines as my main message here. Too few Americans of English or British descent are willing to identify as such, and the common terms to describe this group (‘WASPs,’ or ‘Anglos’, for example) are used in such varied ways that the names seem to have different definitions depending on who is using them. 200 more words


Passing: A Contemplation by sister dora

There’s a pass on the left/A place you can pull off/Some secrets and lies/You can wear like camouflage clothes/And although they cover your body

They scratch… 137 more words

Celebrant Sister Dora

Synagogues without Jews - Trnava

I was not planning a visit but an accidental stop-over on the way to spa Town of Piestany took my breath away. Forget the iced coffees and elderberry lemonades that cooled us down on a hot August day. 302 more words