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Invitation to participate: Multimedia, Migrant Identities and Family Relationships

If you are a young female multimedia artist or active in producing multimedia work online and from a Philippine or Indonesian background living in Melbourne we would like to invite you to participate in our study on ‘Multimedia, Migrant Identities and Family Relationships’. 281 more words


Brown Skin & Baby Oil

Fagu’u: Samoan oil, or baby oil; used as moisturiser, hair serum / gel, massage ointment, antiseptic, mosquito repellent as well as a way to accentuate a person’s physical attributes during a traditional Samoan dance…

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Charts of the day: Hollywood's distorted lenses

Today’s Charts of the Day contains lots of charts, and they reflect a concern we’ve long held about the media shaping out visions of life and its possibilities. 1,645 more words


Campus Life as Research

what I have noticed during my first month as a Badger that ties into the REIUSE issue(s) that I am considering focusing on this semester?  358 more words

'Hate crimes' in the UK

The Washington Post is sensationalizing the death of a Polish man in Harlow, England, making it out to be part of a wave of ‘hate crimes’ against foreigners in the wake of Brexit. 1,083 more words


It Is All About The Choice — September 25, 2016

A gentle reminder; when humans commit acts of violence or degradation of another, it is the individual that chooses to do these things.  It can be very easy to blame it on a religion, ethnicity or ideology, but it is the individual that chose that particular path. 

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