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My Fading Tan

I used to wear my tanned skin like a badge of honour, letting everyone around me know I was different, unique, exotic. I wasn’t like everyone else around me, and I relished that. 267 more words


That Time That I Realized I Really Am China

“China! China!” and “Ching-Chong” are what I hear almost every day. Most days I just ignore the ignorant bastard and walk on, but on bad days I internalize one comment by remembering past experiences such as: 376 more words


A Rulings Rant

I swear, I have no prejudices (that I know of) against people of different beliefs or religion, colour, sexual orientation whatever. Except I guess for if you try to force your views on me or convert me, though I’m not averse to anyone stating their case or getting involved in a discussion. 404 more words



Hong Kong is located in the southeastern part of China; consisting of four main areas: the New Territories, the Outlying Islands, Hong Kong Island, and Kowloon. 535 more words

Racial Equity

Growing up black and remembering microaggressions

It’s not an uncommon story, but it’s something that struck me recently when I think back to my younger years. I grew up in the unquestionably white suburbs of Nottingham – a mid-sized city where many different cultures co-exist relatively well. 1,241 more words