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The Myth of #PeopleOfColor is Black and White

There was a time after the Bandung Conference of 1955 (the first large-scale Asian-African meeting) that the postcolonial solidarity between non-whites seemed assured, given our shared experiences of colonialism and racism. 474 more words


Bigoted Hispanic studies book pushed in Texas

With all the anti-immigrant hysteria in the air, it should come as no surprise that Texas has proposed the adoption of a new Hispanic studies textbook perfectly in tune with these Trumpian times. 874 more words


Traveling While Brown

An interesting thing happens when your skin is brown and you chose to travel. Sometimes, another brown person in a sea of white finds your dark brown eyes and an affinity takes seed, they smile, you smile, and you’ve become one for a minuscule moment. 1,916 more words


My Guest Piece in "The Dramatist"

Writers often get the question, “So what are you working on?” and most of us enjoy answering with our latest project.

But what’s even more interesting is not when people ask “What,” but when people ask “Why.” “ 703 more words

The Black-White IQ Gap

3300 words

(This goes along with my refutation of Steele here: Strong Evidence, Strong Argument: Race IQ and Adoption)

There is a 15 point, 1 standard deviation between black and white IQs. 3,362 more words

Race Realism

My parents recently left Protestant for Catholic Christianity, because they thought that too much depth and history had been lost in Protestantism. I think much the same about the identities of immigrants who come to America. 110 more words