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Lovely Arnica

Our recent field studies with our Ethnobotany and Skills Apprenticeship programs brought us to find these sunny gems at the height of their bloom.  Students soon filled a basket with… 227 more words


African integration, early adapters

African violets: Saintpaulia ionantha. Seem right at home in either the kitchen or the living room. :-) 21 more words


Tite Pati / Mugwort

Titepati (खुक्पावा पाती/ सल्वा) is one of the most widely used plants by the Kirati Khambu Rai people. It is used for purification purpose and also for its many medicinal uses.This plant has been mentioned even in the Mundhum and all our rituals demand the use of tite pati. 594 more words


Birch Bark Knife Sheath

In our last post, ethnobotanist Karen Sherwood shared the numerous gifts of birch.  Now you can join Karen on Sunday, May 22 to learn how to use this wonderful plant material to create a beautiful, sturdy and functional knife sheath. 135 more words


The Gifts of Birch

The gifts of birch have been passed down for many generations over many centuries. They come to us though a long line of healers, hunters, boat builders and weavers – those that held a deep connection to the earth. 762 more words


Mosquito Repelling Bouquets

Do you often restrain yourself from buying ‘useless’ flower bouquets yet purchase citronella candles and other commercial mosquito repellents that don’t work very well?

A simple and satisfying solution is to create your own personalized mosquito repelling bouquet.  200 more words

Entry #1: Mimbulus mimbletonia

Possible name origins

  • Mimbla appears to be a character in a series of Polish children’s stories; further research needed.
  • Mimblewimble appears as a curse in Harry Potter-also known as the tongue-tying curse or tongue-tying spell.
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