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Pukatea - Laurelia novae-zelandiae

Pukatea rises from wet and swampy ground to tower amongst the giants of the forest. To achieve this amazing feat, it builds itself walled buttress roots… 313 more words

New Zealand

Conference season is underway

Academic conference season is underway! I’m looking forward to sharing my newest research at upcoming events, and several of the students I supervise will be speaking about their own exciting work. 235 more words

Plant Resources Online

In foraging online, I’ve discovered a number on links to plant identification and information sites. In the effort to share I have posted these links below.   242 more words


The hidden history of the mysterious Nymphaea: Part I


The blue lotus, (botanical name, Nymphaea caerulea) is a plant shrouded in three millennia of hazy mystery and equal controversy befitting such an intriguing subject. 261 more words


Lewisham Shopping Centre's pop-up maritime museum

This was a delightful thing to discover as I was leaving Lewisham Shopping Centre yesterday. Some genius at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich has come up with the brilliant idea to have a pop-up maritime museum in a vacant shop lot among the regular high street shops. 542 more words


Lost Rice, Found Alive

Thanks to the salt and National Public Radio (USA) for this story about the strain of a grain means so much to billions of people around the world: 236 more words


Māpou - Myrsine australis

Māpou is a tough little tree. It manages to thrive just about anywhere, colonising bare ground as well as the understory of dense forests. It’s also able to cope with browsing from the… 249 more words

New Zealand