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Street Corner Society

This book cannot be described as a symbolic interactionist study as the perspective did not exist in 1943 when the first edition was published. But it has become something of a classic in terms of the way criminality reacts to legislation, in this case Prohibition, and how after the law was abolished the criminality remained and found new outlets. 659 more words

Ethnographic Methods

Examples of Ethnographic Research: Introduction

In looking at particular case studies of ethnographic research I want to give a sense of the richness and variety of the symbolic interactionist tradition of empirical research in urban sociology. 352 more words

Ethnographic Methods

Gary Alan Fine

Apart from the year I spent at Minnesota University, I have never known or met a senior U.S. symbolic interactionist until 2003, when Gary Alan Fine had a visiting fellowship at  906 more words

Ethnographic Methods

Urban Life: a symbolic interactionist journal

This post traces the history of the emergence of symbolic interactionism as a distinct discipline. This involved the struggle to define its subject in such a way that did not involve becoming submerged in positivist research in urban studies. 868 more words

Ethnographic Methods

Social Construction of Weather

First Published 29 May 2009 (subsequently revised)

The Sociology of Weather Science: Introduction

I stumbled my way into writing a paper on the sociology of weather science, when I was applying for residence in Australia.  788 more words

Ethnographic Methods

Ways of "doing" Symbolic Interactionist Research

In situ research or ‘doing’ whatever situated activity of everyday life is being researched involves the researchers immersing themselves into the situated activity in question. It is a particular approach to research that interactionists have made their own. 295 more words

Ethnographic Methods

Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research

This post’s title is also the title of a book by Professor Robert Prus, Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada. Its full title is Symbolic Interaction and Ethnographic Research… 1,426 more words

Ethnographic Methods