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Conservatism eats itself by Deborah Talbot

This article from guest author Deborah Talbot is also published on The Sociological Imagination site.

Conservative politics are everywhere, but what is Conservatism and what are Conservatives really like? 1,953 more words

Political Ideology

March 28th SFW FW2017

Photos Discussed March 28th

The atmosphere: This was a very polluted week in Seoul, extra smog so thick you can feel it in your lungs after a long day. 1,735 more words

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Triangulation in user research

Awareness is always the first step in solving any problem. By being aware that people including ourselves are subject to different types of biases is a good starting point. 342 more words

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The legacy of José Miguel Barandiaran

On 21 December we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the death of José Miguel Barandiaran. Those of us who devote ourselves to ethnography as members of the Etniker (name created by Barandiaran to signify ‘ethnographic research’) groups certainly owe him a debt of gratitude. 446 more words

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Konsert med koraleriet

KORALERIET – ENSTÄMMIGT OCH POLYFONT. Flera hundra år gamla katolska och protestantiska koraler i en halvsekulär och flerreligiös samtid.

Lördagen den 14/1 klockan halv fem är det dags för årets första konsert med koraleriet, på Slöjdhuset i Ronneby.  255 more words


(The) key (to) words

How much do you know about what words do in your organization?  …or about what they’re doing to your organization? …or about how you can harness them to work better  784 more words

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