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Dr. Yolande Bouka is investigating female freedom fighters in Namibia’s liberation struggle

Meet the Sié Center’s newest postdoc fellow, Dr. Yolande Bouka. Dr. Bouka is a highly accomplished scholar who not only conducted the first systematic investigation of the legal journey and reintegration of former prisoners of the genocide in Rwanda, but had two children during the process! 882 more words


The Construction of Muslim Identities at the College of William & Mary

The Construction of Muslim Identities at the College of William & Mary

Summary: An ethnographic analysis of 8 W&M students who self-identify as Muslim. This paper offers a localized, albeit narrow, view of the breadth of the construction of Muslim identities which inherently contains broader structural matters such as class, ethnicity and gender. 46 more words

Ethnographic Research

Field Research in Information Design

If you are an information designer you can enhance your work by using field research. However, this type of research is still frequently overlooked in information design professional practice… 593 more words

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Creative methodologies for understanding cultural norms and expectations

Phase one of my research involves discovering ‘the illusion of the normal.’ Analyzing the cultural norms and expectations placed on people in Polish society.  To put it in cognitive anthropological terms, “measuring a cultural model of what it means to be a good, well-respected member of Polish society.” Cultural Models, in the field of cognitive anthropology, reflect the shared, implicit knowledge that one must know in order to function adequately in society and be perceived by others as a legitimate member of the group (Goodenough 1996). 1,474 more words


Conservatism eats itself by Deborah Talbot

This article from guest author Deborah Talbot is also published on The Sociological Imagination site.

Conservative politics are everywhere, but what is Conservatism and what are Conservatives really like? 1,953 more words

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March 28th SFW FW2017

Photos Discussed March 28th

The atmosphere: This was a very polluted week in Seoul, extra smog so thick you can feel it in your lungs after a long day. 1,735 more words

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Triangulation in user research

Awareness is always the first step in solving any problem. By being aware that people including ourselves are subject to different types of biases is a good starting point. 342 more words

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