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The Field School 2016

Today I begin the first field visit to prepare for the 2016 Field School for Cultural Documentation. I’ll be working with Community Gardens in Arlington County. 118 more words

Public report: Music, Value, and Social Networks in the Digital World

Although we’ve spent a lot of time writing articles and presenting our work at conferences, the Valuing Electronic Music project was never just about producing a piece of research for academic consumption. 104 more words

Quantitative Research

Practising what we preach

We recently shared our new offerings ‘Mini projects & workshops’ with the good people in our network. A series of projects and workshops small enough to make getting started with service design easy, but focused enough to have a significant impact within organisations. 492 more words

Ethnographic Research.

a study of the behaviour of my target market.

Kitchen (where/how my target market wasted water in their kitchen on a daily basis).

Product Design

Zurich - Ethnographic Research | Indoor Pool

© photo source: reichmuth-rueegg.ch

Ethnographic research is crucial to understanding people and their environment. Their daily lives are crammed with routines and patterns. Analysing and observing these routines consequently generate new findings which lead to augmented products and services which in return improve peoples lives for the better – even if certain needs have never been articulated by the specific user or users. 218 more words