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Re-thinking Bellows

There is a joy to making, even the mistakes although frustrating, can be instructive. This summer I have been making bellows again. I have made quite a few over the years for my small pipe workshop and they have all been a bit different. 836 more words


Public Transportation in Fort Wayne, Indiana

I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have never ridden the bus there. I see the bus every day and never think twice about it. On Sunday, October 14th, I took the bus. 767 more words

Japanese and Korean Comedy Shows
“When researchers do autoethnography, they retrospectively and selectively write about epiphanies that stem from, or are made possible by, being part of a culture and/or by possessing a particular cultural identity.
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Digital Artefact

Of House or Bush: The Cultural Psychodynamics of Infanticide in Northern Ghana

My latest article was accepted for publication in Current Anthropology. It has been a long ten years in the making. Infanticide, Oedipus, projection, family conflict, scapegoats, and narcissistic injury–all the makings of a good drama. 788 more words


Anthropology Friday: The Crackers of Apalachee, Florida

About two years ago I reviewed Lois Lenski’s Strawberry Girl, a middle grade novel about the conflict between newly arrived, dedicated farmers and long-established families of hoe-farmers/ranchers/hunters in the backwoods of Florida. 2,520 more words


Facilitating community integration one bat at a time

By Elisa Sandri

The Brighton Table Tennis Club (BTTC) is a table tennis club located in the area of Kemptown (Brighton). It was founded in 2007, aiming to use table tennis as a vehicle for community integration and well being. 1,389 more words