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New chapter on Ethnographic research in 'Geographies of the Internet,' out soon on Routledge

I have a chapter in the new Geographies of the Internet volume in the Routledge Studies in Human Geography series entitled “Ethnographic research and the internet.” It is available via… 427 more words


Finding My Inner 'Niche'

As someone returning to University after a 12-month deferral, the question: “What is your media niche?”, completely caught me off guard. I felt that in my time away, I became detached from all media forms and the cognitive process to examine them. 540 more words


What is my media niche?

For BCM241 (Media Ethnographies), we have been asked to identify a media niche we are involved or interested in to ethnographically research for our major assignment. 703 more words

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Travel vlogs as a media niche

Ever since I was a young teenager, one of my favourite pastimes has been watching travel vlogs on YouTube. A travel vlog is where someone films themselves while travelling and the viewer gets to second-hand experience their experiences. 567 more words


Media Niche- Comedy Youtube

Humans have a natural draw towards comedy and its ability to discuss different topics via a lens which is entertaining and light yet can make a point. 584 more words

Media Niche - Ethnography

I am excited for BCM241 this uni session, as it seems like a subject that has a lot of flexibility to allow students to develop their own projects, tailored to their specific interests and majors. 592 more words

Communication And Media

Whats My Niche?

I’d imagine that I am not alone in saying a vast majority of my ‘dedicated’ study time is spent on websites where I watch videos for pleasure. 562 more words