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Magic and Medicine: On the benefits of fungi, blood, and iron paste

Did you know that the famous 5.300-year-old ‘iceman’ Ötzi found in the Italian Alps in the 1990s carried around a fungus that worked as an antibiotic? 484 more words


new book spotlight: approaches to ethnography

New book alert!  For those prepping a methods course or wanting additional insight into ethnography as a research method, sociologists Colin Jerolmack and Shamus Khan… 444 more words


Kpinga Knife

The Worcester City museum collection contains many wonderful objects that are not only amazing in themselves, but also have meaning and symbolism tied into them. 208 more words


Review of Alex Preda's 'Noise: Living and Trading in Electronic Finance' by J. C. Jekat #sociology #sssi #economic-sociology

Over the past 40 years, there has been a profound revival of economic sociology. In recent years, interactionist research has shown a growing interest in this sociological field and produced a fascinating body of work including studies of sales and marketing by… 121 more words

Book Review

Dissolving Myself

I started to lose my sense of who I am the 2nd day I got here; I had hoped I would have had the internal tools to last a bit longer. 926 more words


Murder Means Murderers

I do not call murders “terrorist or freedom fighters”, I call them murderers. It makes life easier and it goes straight to the point, they take life intentionally and with planning, so they are murderers. 684 more words


Jan Blommaert Reflects on his Reading of Classic Works about Ethnography

This month we published Dialogues with Ethnography: Notes on Classics, and How I Read Them by Jan Blommaert. Jan has made a short video introducing the book and its argument that ethnography must be viewed as a full theoretical system, and not just as a research method. 27 more words