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Archaeological theory: progressive-evolutionary and scientific evolutionary

Addressing the question of culture change, the progressive-evolutionary approach interpreted archaeological data within schemes that have dominated much of anthropology. These schemes placed cultures on a scale of linear, progressive development from “primitive” to “sophisticated”, or “savage” to “civilized”, with the culture from which the interpreter came usually seen as the apex of evolution. 508 more words



February 2009, somewhere in regional New South Wales, Australia

Two streets back from the rows of neatly trimmed, middle class garden edges, we sit under a tree next to a rusted, wheelless HQ in an overgrown front yard and drink tea while little Mae runs about with the dogs. 1,057 more words


Skin: Growing pains, a lesson learned

Hell! The last four days have been hell. But, I thought it was well worth the post to record my growing pains as it is part of practice. 335 more words

Evidence produced within quantitative disciplines like economics and finance carries an aura of gospel. The numbers, models, and forecasts we see in economic reports and market analyses in the news and reports seem certain, authoritative, and unarguable.

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Below is another of the sections of my senior capstone project, in hopefully more digestible chunk than the full 30 page paper. Enjoy and engage; feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts!  800 more words

Getting ready for ‘On the steppes of Genghis Khan – Mongolia’s nomads’

Today is the day! Guests from near and far will, in a few hours, show up at Moesgaard Museum to attend the official opening of the new special exhibition… 285 more words


resonating occupation (6): moving forward

In a different colonial context, that of Korean woman survivors of the Japanese comfort woman system, Joshua Pilzer (2012, Hearts of Pine) discusses both the difficulties and ethical imperative of listening. 606 more words

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