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Developing empathy and understanding with ethnography

The political divide in the United States has been a stark reminder of how people can experience and interpret the world in very different ways. No matter what side you are on, it can be hard to see where the other side is coming from, what they’re feeling, and what drives them to think and do what they do. 871 more words


CD: Til the tide comes in

I have just finished the new CD “Til the tide comes in“.
It is very different to my other solo CDs as it grew in size and texture. 199 more words


Choosing my own adventure... research methods edition (part 1)

This is week 2 assignment, where we were tasked to explore methods among the list of methods or approaches they provided. This week I chose the… 487 more words

Grad School Adventures

Conversations with: Dr Duncan Stibbard Hawkes

Today it is my pleasure to introduce Dr Duncan Stibbard Hawkes, who is an evolutionary anthropologist! Duncan works with the Hadza in northern Tanzania, who have traditionally subsisted through hunting and gathering. 1,630 more words

Human Evolution

3 tips to flourish at a market

Thyda can easily detect whether a fish came from a freshwater lake or a madmade farm. She says that farm fish are fed chemicals to keep them healthy, which make them slimy. 195 more words

Small Business

Why George Floyd Matters

With all due respect and no malice intended but the George Floyd murder is not the first time African American men have been wrongfully brutalized and killed by the police in the United States. 1,183 more words