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LEDs dancing in choreography and a proposed experiment for my next fieldwork

There is a particular sound one can hear in Times Square. The sound is located around the W. 47th Street, between Olive Garden’s sidewalk and the TKTS booths under the big red stairs. 1,114 more words

Learning From Times Square

The yoga group

The Chinese woman came to me. Immediately after her “hello,” and without making a pause for letting me reply to her greetings, she started to tell me her story. 996 more words

Learning From Times Square

Immersion into spaces of law: Experiences from international legal negotiations

Mika Schroder is in the second year of her PhD at the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance. Her research explores the meaning and practice of the ‘participation’ of ‘local stakeholders’ within international biodiversity law from the perspective of spatial justice and ethics. 1,157 more words

PhD Experience

Money with soul: The kissi penny

If I say ’money’, I’ll wager that there is a pretty good chance that you’ll conjure up an image of coins and bank notes. But what exactly is money? 617 more words

Moesgaard Museum


The honest truth is that we are self-medicating with drugs and booze. At social events, the beer and wine flow down the food chain, passing from professors with generous bottles in reusable totes to students with too-soon-empty plastic solo cups. 417 more words

Rodino-Colocino: Participant Activism

Rodino-Colocino’s article offers a method for participant action research which has an explicit political alignment. In the case of this particular article, she was working with a union of precarious tech laborers in Washington. 318 more words


[Music] Zaur Nagoy – Djeguako: Live at Red Bull Music Festival Moscow

Ored Recordings produce some of the most unique and interesting music coming out of southern Russia.  They straddle the line between being a proper record label producing vital new music and preserving ancient artifacts.  454 more words