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3 Minute Ethnography: Rajasthan, India

Greetings tribalistas!

It’s time for another 3 Minute Ethnography, or “I love wearing that jewelry but don’t really have any idea about where it comes from and don’t have time to watch a whole documentary but want to be semi-informed.”   So if you love bits and baubles like this: 658 more words


Lord Buddha gave his first sermon at Sarnath… a town few km away from the cultural hub of Hinduism and perhaps the birthplace of a civilization several centuries old. 570 more words


Jewish Nightlife: Student Paper Topics

It’s that time of the semester. Students are working on their research papers. The process was prepared by the submission, several weeks ahead of when the papers are due, of individual Abstracts, or paper proposals. 136 more words


ANPIA's Interview - Associazione Nazionale Italiana di Antropologia

I would like to thank ANPIA – Associazione Nazionale Professionale Italiana di Antropologia – for the interview they created based on me.

ANPIA is a newborn association that deals with the enhancement of the… 136 more words

सारनाथची धम्मभूमी

भगवान बुद्धाची ज्ञानयात्रा सुरु झाली ते ठिकाण आज आपण पाहणार आहोत. सारनाथ हे हजारो वर्षे जुन्या संस्कृतीच्या केंद्राजवळ म्हणजे वाराणसीजवळ वसलेलं एक गाव. बुद्धासारख्या महात्म्याने धम्माची दीक्षा द्यायला हे ठिकाण निवडले आणि इतिहासाच्या नकाशावर सारनाथला अढळपद मिळाले.


Quantum Health

Another difficult day.
Last week I spent three days at the town house, nursing a cold. By day two I had to prop myself up to breathe, but I considered I had got off lightly when I was able to write, sort things out, carry water and fuel by day three, and drive back to the finca for the weekend. 2,022 more words

We Are the State! Barrio Activism in Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution 

Cristobal Valencia has managed to write a rich and entertaining ethnography about the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela while only sparsely mentioning Hugo Chávez throughout the text. 1,056 more words

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