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Hats: A World Tour

Around the world, humans have covered their heads for various reasons. Sometimes to protect themselves from the heat of the sun or the falling snow. Some wear a particular headgear on an everyday basis while other kinds of hats are used only on special occasions. 135 more words



Hi! My name is Eden. I’m a graduate student in an applied
anthropology program. I’m also queer and non-binary (they/them pronouns). I’m
from the United States, but have been living in South Korea for the past two… 349 more words

Applied Anthropology

Salmora Potters of Majuli – A Journey through Time and Space

From the beginning of human civilisation, our ancestors had mostly preferred river banks to settle. Rivers are dual in nature. On the one hand, their fertile plains are extensively exploited for farming and their courses are used for mobility and trade.

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New online collection: Lowell Folklife Project (Library of Congress)

Library of Congress: New online collection: Lowell Folklife Project. “During the year-long field research period in Lowell, a team of fieldworkers produced ethnographic documentation consisting of close to 200 hours of sound recordings, around 10,000 black and white negatives (35mm, 120mm, and 4×5 inch), and about 3500 color slides. 71 more words

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Where Do We Go From Here: An Interlude To Modern Day Slavery

Where Do We Go From Here: An Interlude To Modern Day Slavery

I have a “shopping bug”, and it’s truly a problem. My roommates always laugh at how I can aimlessly spend hours in a grocery store, shopping mall, and even a home goods store; making sure that I cover every inch of the department before checking out. 2,128 more words


Thriller! Pop Culture 2.0

I recently went to a party playing (almost) exclusively Madonna and Michael Jackson songs. We were not sure what to expect. An empty dance floor? A crowded club? 502 more words


Sexual Harassment In the Field: On Academic Assholes (Part II)

A few days ago, I talked about academic assholes and elaborated on supervisor assholes. Today, I want to talk about those saddening peer assholes.

Everyone met them. 454 more words