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Music Research in the times of COVID-19

Since the pandemic hit, researchers all over the world have been forced to reevaluate their research and publication agendas. There are numerous articles on how to continue or adjust your research plans in light of restricted travel and closures of research facilities, which for the humanities entails mostly archives and libraries. 872 more words


Relationship with Truth & Doubt

Before you leave Islam, consider your relationship with truth and doubt

I am currently reading an ethnography on Ahmadi Muslims who live in Qadian. It is titled “Far from the Caliph’s Gaze – being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian” by Nicholas H. 772 more words


How ethnographers are adjusting to 'being there' in remote research

How is ethnographic research changing due to the physical distancing restrictions? This is an excellent article that reminds us that “being there” takes multiple forms, and that not being able to be present in peoples spaces such as homes and workplaces, is only one way that ethnographers can ‘be there’ with people participating in research. 511 more words


What the Covid-19 Charts Won’t Tell You About South Korea

Audible version including audio from Jungkook, Jisoo and Jungsook.

Disclaimers: (1) This piece is an exploration of considerations to factor into data analysis to arrive at the most effective interpretation of that data. 1,957 more words


Autoethnography vs. Ethnography

“Reed-Danahay (1997) suggests that autoethnography has a double sense, “referring either to the ethnography of one’s own group or to autobiographical writing that has ethnographic interest” (p. 200 more words


Designing remote or virtual ethnographic research

A great Medium article about research design considerations and benefits of remote ethnography. While it’s something that has been around for quite a while, using it as more of a default approach is much more common as we need to distance from others. 303 more words