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This ethnographic cabinet card features an Algerian man from Bone, Algeria. He is dressed in his culture’s traditional clothing. The preceding demographics are derived from the fact that this photograph was in a collection of images from Bone. 147 more words

Virgin Trains, Gender Stereotypes and a Immature Boy

After 10 years of living in Spain I am used to young people sitting upon the ground whether in the street and while waiting for a train, even if there is a bench nearby teenagers will squat down and chat, look at their mobiles etc. 1,697 more words


hey google, can you do my dishes?

This decade has seen the conceptualised ‘smart home’ leap onto the market in great strides, with countless smart devices becoming widely accessible fore more than just the upper-class. 518 more words


'The Chinese Restaurant'

Do you ever look up from your phone when you’re out in public to see the masses of people around you with their head down? 626 more words

Media Consumption in My Networked Home

The average Australian home is estimated to have 6.6 screens, including mobile phones, television sets, tablets and computers (OzTAM, 2017). Collectively, I can count 14 devices in my household that are in regular use between just… 612 more words

The Networked Home

The naked eye is unable to detect it, but there is an invisible network between each room, each person and each device in your home. It works like a spiderweb, a stringed system of ideas, messages and communications threading seamlessly through the unknowing space. 551 more words

Second Year

Digital Ethnography

The internet has allowed people to connect in a way we have never before. From strengthing existing relationships to forming new ones we are all online connecting with strangers. 632 more words