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Classroom Capers - Part 1

“An ethnography is a richly textured description of community life that allows us to understand others on their own terms” – Brodkey (1987)

The typical university classroom environment is a diverse and dynamic setting, in which students from all walks of life come together to explore, observe, and question the world around them.

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BCM241: Ethnographic Study - Volume 2

Check out Volume 1 of my ethnographic pitch before reading this post!


Sangasubana (2011) identifies three modes of data collection used in ethnographic research: interviewing, archival research and observation. 547 more words


BCM241: Ethnographic Study - Volume 1


My ethnographic study is focused on online book communities and the intersection between solitary media consumption (reading) and public conversation. Additionally, I will be looking at how and why these communities are formed and what purpose they serve in participants’ reading lives and social lives. 628 more words


Ethnographic Research Project Pitch 2

For part 1 of my project pitch please click here. I talk about my topic in more depth and discuss some of the scholarly articles/media sources I have found which relate to my topic. 453 more words


Ethnographic Research Project Pitch 1

For my ethnography research project, I will be investigating media use in nursing homes. I have decided for this to be my research topic as I currently work in a nursing home and during my work shifts I have observed media use within their nursing home, this includes with the residents, employees and any visitors. 703 more words


Research Pitch


What is ethnography?

Ethnography stems from anthropology where it is the process of studying humans, making sense of these observations and then writing about them. 928 more words


An Exploration into the Euphoria Fandom - Part One

My lovely lecturer Sue Turnbull has broadened my mind about the subject of ethnographic research immensely and much to my delight.  After weeks of conducting mini ethnographic study’s on preconceived media-related topics, my second assessment challenged me with the task of undertaking a personal ethnographic study within the realm of media use in a specific context. 522 more words