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My blue epiphany

I had a kind of epiphany as I was looking over my students’ posts after our blues unit. I teach an online world music class and part of the students’ participation grade is to post weekly thoughts, questions, ideas, etc. 765 more words


Encounters En-route: Marc Kousiballe

This is the second of a series (currently a series of two, but you never know) of guest blogs from Sarah Buchanan, a PhD Translation student at Queen’s University, Belfast who loves languages and the Bible! 732 more words

Bible Translation

Gamelan Taniwha Jaya

Thanks to everyone who came to see Gamelan Taniwha Jaya play in Wellington recently!  We performed at the Newtown Festival and the Southeast Asian Night Market… 353 more words


"Why would you study that!"

Today’s post was inspired by something I read in Andrew Weintraub’s Dangdut Stories (2010). In his introduction, Weintraub discusses numerous reactions to his decision to write a book about dangdut (a popular music genre in Indonesia). 576 more words


So, Why Georgia? A Crash Course in Georgian Folk Music

Most of you know that we’re in Georgia because I am doing something vaguely music-related. I’m currently involved in fieldwork for my doctoral dissertation in ethnomusicology, a field that studies music as a cultural and human phenomenon, something with a social context (though admittedly, I’m talking more about the musical sounds themselves in this post). 1,019 more words

Georgian Music

Does the Popular Struggle Continue? South African Music and Politics

It is a truism that,in South Africa, it is close to an impossible task to separate music from politics : from musicians being exiled, to songs and artists being banned from the airwaves, public performances and sales (Drewett, 2008:287). 1,486 more words


An Incredible Field Trip!

Today, a few of my classmates and I had the opportunaty to take a trip to the UCLA School of Ethnomusicology to tour their classrooms and see their world instrument collection.   120 more words