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North Lanarkshire Youth Council AGM

From Miss Halket

Do you have a keen interest in making a difference in your local community? Do you have a desire to stand for election as part of the March 2017 Scottish Youth Parliament elections? 51 more words


xiv.) Ethos




Wait I think

I found…nothing.

Left pocket, right pocket

Dam drenched keys

and wallet

Hey! This is something!






An afternoon at Michaela

Today I visited Michaela and as I said to Katherine Birbalsingh, Joe Kirby, Jessica Lund and Jonny Porter, I don’t need to go on about how wonderful it was.* They know it. 679 more words


A Westerner's Guide to the Magreb: Money and Transportation

Money is always a factor when traveling, but for anyone coming from the U.S or Europe, you’re in luck, the currency conversion is in your favor. 3,170 more words

American Living In Morocco

T4b| Image Selection.

I chose three different three different portraits from three different era along the self-portrait timeline.  All three convey some semblance of power in their time. 252 more words

A2| Week Four.

Sophism : How to actually make logic abuse

Those of you who have read my posts on logic, and particularly my posts on logical fallacies, should be familiar with how you can call someone out when they make fallacious or spurious arguments against you. 2,149 more words