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Plato’s Apology: The Failure of the Socratic Method in Public Discourse

This is the first major paper I submitted in university. It is a rhetorical analysis focusing on Socrates’s final trial. I have pasted the whole paper here. 3,089 more words

Academic Writing

Initial Ideas And Brand Values

Some of the ideas that I wanted to consider as part of my brand are: non-animal tested, natural ingredients (if you care about what goes into your body you should consider what you put on the outside of your body), sustainable, value for money, non-gender specific and a portrayal of confidence and honesty. 149 more words


Brand Research

To get an idea of what competition is already out there I started looking at gender neutral products and their principles, colour schemes and typefaces. I didn’t actually find that many which is quite good for me as it gives me more room to come up with a good idea that hasn’t been done to death. 181 more words


Powers of Persuasion

A well-liked topic amongst English teachers are the terms pathos, ethos, and logos. For some reason, they LOVE to talk about these ‘powers of persuasion’ in belief that they are the key to any good argument. 190 more words


the way of the pad


who scrawl bollocks

in them notepads & such

at the back of the bus

should probably be locked up.

In their own Special implement

& daylight-free wing

where they can't write a thing

- but due to cutbacks... 6 more words

The Power of Video: Mental Illness PSAs

“Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.”

In this PSA, a group of individuals recount their experiences with mental illness: how it affects them, how they cope with it, as well as how we as loved ones can help. 370 more words