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PETA vegan challenge: Day 28

Today I visited Ethos. I walked in and stood there like a bit like a lemon, waiting for someone to tell me how it all worked. 147 more words


Review of the year 2015

The last twelve months has flown by, busy as always but with lots to celebrate across the life of the College. We know that academic success is as a result of far more than simply what goes on in the classroom, that activities such as Duke of Edinburgh, public speaking, music and art contribute as much to a students future success as the certificates they hold. 650 more words

Catmose College

“To identify your desired school ethos, establish what you want society to look like in 30 years and work backwards from there.”

Ian Gilbert


The Obligatory

Social media, a new phone, and no selfie?
Unheard of!
I bring you the 60’s retro, idiot writer.
Stay tuned for the mystic blue moon IW. 39 more words


Rhetoric - Then & Now

I was very excited to review the material in Ancient Rhetorics for Contemporary Students. I used to be a philosophy major, so I love reading about anything to do with the awesome trio of… 1,005 more words

Punctuation is Communication

Eimine Liana De la Cruz

Mrs. Spurlock

AP Language and Composition

July 25, 2015

Punctuation is Communication

What many consider “picky”, Lynne Truss sees herself as “proper”.  885 more words


This is just the beginning.

And the end. And the beginning. And the end. And the beginning, and the end, and the beginning. And the endginning.

We’ve been this way before. 75 more words