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Open Source DBA Ethos

I’m in Santa Clara at the Percona Live Conference and Expo.  I have been here less than 24 hours, but I have already had conversations with many fellow DBAs, some that I have met and worked with before, and others whom I am meeting for the first time.   302 more words


It's my values

I say sorry to someone not because that i’m wrong but because it doesn’t feels good to know that someone is unhappy because of me. 73 more words

P is for Pathos and Deep POV | #AtoZChallenge


Pathos stirs up emotions of pity, sympathy, and sorrow that can be expressed in a work through words, pictures, or body gestures. (Source: Pathos… 393 more words


The Appeal of Professor Logos, Super Pathos, and Mr. Ethos

The premise of Superpowers! is a common enough topic of discussion among my friends and I. I’ve spent plenty of time debating which superpowers are the best and what heroes (or villains) would win in a fight and have found it hilarious when some people get too serious about the topic and become legitimately angry. 194 more words


"Logos" or the beauty of the rational

Ethos and pathos help you get your point across, but logos is the actual point you want to make. It is the verbal content of your speech… 918 more words

Public Speaking

"Ethos" or the importance of reputation

To put it simply, ethos is your image and credibility in the eyes of your audience. If Arnold Schwarzenegger is to make a speech on a bodybuilding festival, the audience is most likely going to be impressed before he even opens his mouth. 592 more words

Public Speaking