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“VIDI = We Saw”

Your senses and your experiences are irreplaceable. Experience them for your own benefit. Stop and smell the roses. Seeing things with your own eyes give you a true understanding of the world. 82 more words

Just a bit TIRED of "the Good Guy"?

Just a bit TIRED of “the Good Guy”?

It has become very apparent to me that the United States is trying to run – viewed by the world as well as at home – a three-fold operation here or what others may equate as a multiple caste system fraudulent class division schemes. 609 more words


Standing for Something

What, if anything, do you stand for?

This is a question that points, it points at how we try to live our lives and maybe what we consider important. 812 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

Understand yourself? Or the world?

Why do we focus so much more on understanding the world than on understanding other people and understanding ourselves?  The sciences, mathematics, even the humanities, can be focused on understanding… 559 more words


Weekly News Wrapup via The Crypto Lark - March 4, 2018

Good analysis, as always.  Crypto Lark is one of my recommended YouTube channels.

This week in crypto we discuss banks, coins going to 1k, national cryptos and much more!

157 more words

The Call of Duty

Ensuring the safety and well-being of students is a fundamental duty of every school. Little or no learning will take place unless students feel safe and cared for in their learning environment. 619 more words


These 3 Persuasion Tricks Have Been Used for Over 2,000 Years

(Source: www.inc.com)

Over 2,000 years ago Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle cracked the code to persuasion. Aristotle is most known for his knowledge and ideologies surrounding abstract, political and rational topics. 909 more words

Money Matters