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#CapturingCommunity Kerrin Bersani

Role within service-learning: Ethos Volunteer Coordinator AmeriCorps*Vista

What is one thing everyone should know about service-learning? 

Service-Learning is a great way to put into practice all of the skills you have been learning in the classroom. 173 more words


Strength Elite's 5 mins with Hamish Blake

This weeks interview will surprise most of you. When you think of Hamish most of you will think of comedic genius who can make the drive home so much easier or the numerous tv hits both him and his man friend Andy have been involved in over the years.   2,321 more words

We Are the Creators of Our Story

Where we are is a one story. Where we are going to is another.

We can only go where we want from, where we are now. 242 more words


Revisiting "Three Ways to Persuade"

My short article, “Three Ways to Persuade,” has been a part of ERWC since the early days.  It is included in my first ERWC module, “The Rhetoric of the Op-Ed Page,” but many teachers extracted it and used it earlier in the course.  758 more words




  • 400 gsm(gm/2)*
  • Width- 70 cm
  • Blend- Cotton warp/Banana fiber weft
  • Straight twill weave OR Plain weave
  • Hand wash on cold, air dry
  • starting price about $158…
  • 776 more words

Why we all Need to Stop Fucking Around

We need radical change

Have you ever considered the possibility that the reason we can’t find any let alone sentient lifeforms on any other planet bar our own is because we are the only ones there (not in the entirety of the universe since its most likely infinite but within any comprehendible distance) and We are not the only ones there because we are special but because we are the only ones left and everyone else has already completely destroyed their own atmospheres just as we are doing now through an abundance of greed and personal gain and ignorance for the wellbeing of their ecosystems? 899 more words