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The holistic approach: taking care of human communication, soul and body

© by Dr. Daniele Trevisani – http://www.danieletrevisani.com. From the forthcoming book “The Soul Box”

The holistic approach: taking care of human communication, soul and body… 1,206 more words


Saying something about this situation, for Tom Brady

All up, even the professional writings I have done, I feel the need to at least saying something about this situation. This is an ongoing “bitch back” for all of those pundits, people in sports who write without critically thinking first, yet most of all, it is for those mental midgets we have in society who make an assessment without consulting the supporting documentation, which simply is the precise same thing as ruining a person’s civil liberties. 456 more words


Application Approach 3.1

Writing Workshop – Part 2

This is where students were asked to construct a rough version of their ARGUMENT section of their paper, the bulk of their paper in fact. 495 more words

Scholarly Research

Ethos, London - Vegetarian Restaurant

Last weekend my family and I took a trip into London to celebrate my mum’s birthday. Unfortunately we chose the wettest day in July to spend the day out – one month of rain fell on that day. 490 more words


Blogging in 2015

Making it in the blogging industry in 2015 seems to be about following a cliche mould made of fairy light bedrooms, expensive candles and of course the usual monthly favourite posts. 115 more words

Why are we doing this?

In broad terms lego2nano is a project aiming to develop open source designs and kits to build nanoscale sensing equipment. These kits would be targeted at school children and would be intended to bring nanoscience into classrooms. 1,157 more words