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Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

Almond and chocolate vegan pancake, Ethos, Bangkok

When: 29th March 2018

Where: Ethos, 85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpoo, Bangkok, Thailand

Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant, another gem near Khao San Road, tucked in a little back alley, incidentally on the same road as  one of the May Kaidee’s places too. 152 more words



The lesson is survival.

When your World is a struggle, finding means to escape fear can be hard. Once, there’d be an attraction to places that felt safe and comfortable. 157 more words



Art is a vital part of my existence.

In the weeks that follow, expect the things that matter which count as art to appear here.

That is all.


The Modern Discussion On Surveillance: A Rhetorical and Social Analysis

By Colt Bradley
Reviewed by Emily Chandler and Davis Topping

Media outlets today are always trying to convince the populous of something; whether it is why you should support a social issue, why you shouldn’t vote for a certain politician, or why you should buy a certain stock, this is accomplished through writing that possess the rhetorical qualities of Kairos, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. 1,665 more words

Why Surveillance has it's Roots in Human Thought: NSA Targets Race and American's freedoms

Written by: Davis Topping

Edited by: Colt Bradley, Emily Chandler

English 123: Dr. Hoag

Articles produced from specific news outlets contain bias one way or another, consciously or not simply based on the authors views or the overall stance of the news source. 1,900 more words

The Irony of Practice: Hypocrisy

In a previous post, I pointed out the use of Socratic irony in Pierre Hadot’s writings on philosophy as a way of life involving spiritual exercises. 860 more words


Won't Get Fooled Again

Someone tried to convince me it was Tuesday, not long after waking up: it became apparent shortly afterwards that today would be one of those where brain and body are pulling in opposite directions. 309 more words