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PH, UAE Expand Air Agreement

MANILA, Philippines – The Gulf airlines scored a victory, as the Philippines and UAE agreed to expand their air agreement, increasing the maximum flights per week to 35 from 28. 512 more words

Cebu Pacific

Room with a view

The flight went EXTREMLY fast, which was surprising! Leaving at 11pm at night was a good option as it allowed you to zonk out! The movies were pretty crap actually! 29 more words


Plane food.... delish

So what a delicious meal to be had by Etihad airlines….

Apparently it was fish…

The cucumber salad was nice, then again seriously how could they stuff that up! 26 more words


The $410.

“Do you want to put a bet on?”

My brother, lying on the couch, turned to me and uttered that sentence while I was lying on the floor in front of the heater at our family home in NSW. 728 more words

Lauren lived in a Lighthouse

23rd of  August 2015 – Laurens– (Sony Xperia)

Running down the street, a murky memory from my childhood.

under the overpass, bullied by old factories. 76 more words

Conversation Between Two People On Paper.

Travelling as a Passenger

There are a lot of really good things about having a job in Aviation, one of which is that we get discounted flights.  But do not be fooled by the whimsy of not needing to pay thousands of whichever currency you’re using, because airport chairs or floors can get incredibly uncomfortable if you have somewhere to be, urgently.   1,001 more words

Cabin Crew

第一次的Etihad 試乘報告

{第一次的Etihad 試乘報告,非廣告,只是陌生的選擇,覺得幾有趣,所以超詳盡}

看來Etihad 把中東航空的標準又提高了!

– 枕頭和毛毯套裝,枕頭的設計和平常略有不同,尺寸略大,不織布面,中間可輕輕撕開,變成頸枕!不錯的設計!毛毯有不織布袋包裝,後來才發現原來撕開右上角可變成索繩袋放雜物,但設計太subtle, 眼看大部份乘客都沒注意到就塞到座位袋中
– 耳筒/耳機從平常自己套黑色綿的,換成近似business 、first class 會配備的軟墊式耳筒;隔音不錯,旁邊的人說話都能隔到,戴久也不會太夾耳朵而痛;也不太漏音,不會聽到旁邊的人看什麼電影。
– 飛機夠新(現在坐卡塔爾,有時候覺得座位開始舊了);所以有齊USB, 國際插頭(還有中間的我不知道要做什麼的插),不算創新,但是很重要的配備
– 飛機餐味道不錯,一中、一阿拉伯、一素菜選擇。只剩下中式糖醋雞,味道也算幾好(不過香港catering 出餐,中菜理所當然會好;等一下從中東廚房出的餐是怎樣又要再看看了)
– 餐後才上熱茶、咖啡、美綠;喜歡是直接給熱水,有dilmah 的茶包供應,所以茶不再是平常的澀澀black tea, 有多種選擇。還貼心付上小紙盤放垃圾和沖泡過的茶包;只是想想每班飛機、每一餐就產生3百幾個紙杯、木製攪拌棒和紙盤,就覺得這種奢華貼心的服務,是不是換回餐盤上的可洗熱飲杯較好? 14 more words