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Odd books can be fun

It is amazing the books a book nerd will collect.

Tonight I am loving the ones that have me saying; why did I get that again? 275 more words

The Art of the Breakup: Is "Ghosting" Mannerly?

Cherished readers, after yesterday’s post, it came to my attention that my friend’s daughter did indeed end things with her fiance. She did it in an odd way, what I have heard young people refer to as “ghosting.” Being of a curious mind, I googled this “ghosting” procedure. 242 more words


Mr. Etiquette's Tip #3, How to Order Fast Food.

It seems that some folks don’t know when they should look at the fast food menu. Perhaps they’ve never been inside a fast-food restaurant. This blog is dedicated to those people. 47 more words


Electric Shadows

“Words” in English are a nice construct, when you think about it. Every word I’m writing here has a distinct meaning, separated from the next with a nice spacebar to tell the world ‘new-word-coming-now!’. 367 more words

Culture And Contrasts

Ugh, Hosts.

Inviting someone to join you at your home for dinner is, for me, the quintessential display of friendship; its personal, intimate, perhaps a little vulnerable. To shelter and feed someone, that’s a wonderful thing. 255 more words


Building Blocks (Proper Etiquette)

‘Proper’ etiquette is at the hands of the doer, and judged by the observer.  Let’s think about how we have displayed ‘proper’ etiquette, and, thus, how our characters have. 443 more words

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