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How to respond to casual sexism | Business Chicks

Whether it’s a sexist joke, a painful ‘mansplain’ or a catcall in the street, it’s often hard to know how to respond to casual sexism. 14 more words

Etiquette And Manners

It Couldn’t Be Helped Part 3

Mother is sensitive about her height.  For some reason, people feel free asking her how tall she is.  She dodges the issue by returning with a question,  either, “How much do you weigh?”  or “How much money do you have?”  By the way, she is not tall.   388 more words


Beauty Files: Perfume Etiquette and 5 Office Appropriate Perfumes

Let’s talk about perfume etiquette today, Law Babe.  Every one of us has encountered a coworker who subscribes to the “more is more” philosophy when it comes to perfume.  439 more words

Do You Put Salt On Pineapple?

My younger sister winced as her tongue came into contact with what she thought was going to be delicious fruit.

But instead of a juicy sweetness dancing delightfully across her taste-buds, all she could detect was the sharp shock of sodium chloride. 603 more words


Wither Emily Post?

Back in the 1950’s a fixture on my parents’ bookshelf was “Emily Post’s Etiquette”. It was the definitive guide to everything involving manners or decorum. If you needed to know which knife or fork to use at a state banquet, or how to properly address an ambassador or a bishop, Emily was your source. 545 more words