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Group Tour Etiquette | Dos and Don'ts

Having been on a few group tours and also organising some, I have noticed a few things that would make every tour organiser oh so very confused. 595 more words



I saw this sign a few months ago. It is heartening to know that good manners are still important to some.

Personal Stories


When did we stop addressing people formally? After moving to Australia, one of the things I struggled most with was the informality with which people addressed each other. 276 more words



Lesson 2 of living in Australia… Courtesy is dead.

How hard is it to say thank you when someone lets you pull out in your car, or holds open a door for you? 574 more words


A Gentleman's Guide to Gambling

Gambling is one of the most manly forms of entertainment. The entire thrill is the risk, and there aren’t many other activities that you can do with a martini in one hand and the other arm wrapped around a beautiful woman in a fancy cocktail dress. 2,121 more words


Restroom Etiquette

Basco ’17

Unicorn exploded in the McD’s men’s room. Apparently, he wasn’t using a Squatty Potty.