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Etiquette for Everyone

Next month I have the honour of being a princess at my church’s annual Princess Tea Party, and I’m looking forward to it immensely. Dressing up and being fancy for a day is enjoyable for me, and this year there are added reasons for me to look forward to it. 954 more words

We love reading

We love the smell of paper, the sound of the turning page, the tranquillity of spending time with a book. Our beautiful book.

We also appreciate the ability to connect with others at any time, any place. 137 more words


The 10 Restaurant Secrets Industry Insiders Want You to Know

Going out to eat is one of life’s finest pleasures. But sometimes, restaurant-going isn’t easy. There are a multitude of factors that can make or break your experience. 1,566 more words

Etiquette at a Shinto Shrine

Japan has about 160,000 shrines and temples and among the most famous and touristic destinations are the Fushimi Inari and the Kiyomizu-dera, just to name a couple, but there are many more equally popular and less popular ones which are dotted throughout Japan. 812 more words


Etiquette and Eschatology in Luke 14:1-14

14:1 — Jesus chooses to dine with, not just Pharisees, but “a leader of the Pharisees,” and to do so, not on just any day, but on the Sabbath, the day that was at the centre of the ongoing contention between Jesus and the Pharisees. 1,425 more words


The Rival Undertakers: 1900


In the doorway of his office stood old Job Graves. A funeral procession passed. It was a funeral of Job’s; not “Job’s funeral,” mark you, but… 4,797 more words

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Stop Apologizing When You’ve Done Nothing Wrong

Beth Anne Macaluso, September 17, 2018  

The break room in my office features a galley-style kitchen—long and
narrow with four different microwaves at one end, two on a shelf above… 398 more words