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DIY | Paper correspondence

@byEmily http://ow.ly/C2CDH This DIY article on paper correspondence is lovely & is in the same étiquette line as: http://ow.ly/C2DHI

Originally published on Coeur en Fête Blog : September 29 2014.


The Literal Interpretation (Reprise)


In each gospel ever written
Since Earth started turning round
Two differing kinds of wisdom
May reliably be found

One speaks of eternal truths… 126 more words


punctuality is it a value?

It has been awhile since I uploaded a blog post, not sure why to be exact. I was cleaning up my desk and found the note book where I wrote done some ideas for my blog. 508 more words

Old Money, New Woman, Rare Request

I rarely ask anyone to do me a favor. I try to be as self-sufficient as possible and make my own way in the world. 256 more words

What's the asterisk in "trans*" mean and why do some find it offensive?

The term “trans” has been used as shorthand for “transgender.” Both have been used as umbrella terms, so someone who uses the non-binary or enby… 1,724 more words


A Good Human’s Guide to Door Etiquette

There is a war going on in my house.

Sure, there are no weapons (unless you count looks that could kill and sharp tongues) but it’s a war nonetheless. 436 more words


Red Flags Schmed Flags

When I was 32, I attended graduate school in Bellingham, Washington, at Western Washington University. Go Vikings! Part of my graduate program included working as an English Composition Instructor. 610 more words