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Your Problems Are Not An Excuse

We’ve all had that person who’s made our life a living hell. When we confront them about it they say something like, “I’m just going through so much right now, that’s why I did what I did.” As if that is a good enough reason to bring you down too. 320 more words


Illusion v. Expectations

Every so often a post pops up on social media about people’s expectations. In many cases, the point of the message is as follows: If your expectations are too high, and no one meets them, lower them but if they constantly exceed they may be too low. 702 more words

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Best Practices on Tipping and Gifts During the Holidays

The holiday season is in high gear, and as can be expected, tipping and gift giving during the season for service persons can often become a tricky thing.  299 more words

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Why Don’t My Taiwanese Friends Open My Gift?

Christmas is coming!

When you first arrive in Taiwan, you probably will visit friends, or maybe you are on a business trip, either way you might want to bring some gifts to friends, clients, or your hosts. 174 more words


Plus 1s - Do or Don't?

You’ve got your glorious guest list nailed down, and suddenly…you realize that you forgot significant others. Well, damn. How do you know who gets an invitation, and who doesn’t, though? 497 more words

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