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Dress up!

With all the talk about Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s upcoming wedding, we’re seeing images from other royal weddings and lots of photos of events that Kate, and now Meghan, are attending. 265 more words


3 Holding Room Hacks--AKA how not to lose your cool before the audition

Alright, folks.

I know we spend a lot of time talking about how to be our best selves in the audition room, but I think it’s time we back it up a step and talk about… 737 more words

The mystery of the group dinner bill 

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius to divide a restaurant bill between a large group of friends and acquaintances. If you’ve decided that everyone will pay for just what they had, then the calculation is monumentally simply. 535 more words


Courtesy and Etiquette in Second Life

A Guest Editorial by Megaera O’Connor

Like so many other places on the Internet, Second Life has its share of rude and inconsiderate people. Before I offer some advice on how to deal with such people—often called in Internet-speak “griefers”—let’s talk about how you can keep yourself from being such a person. 469 more words

Be Nice

The lost art of #conversation, and why #texting might be better after all

I’ve always been a fan of skillful communication. And before smartphones, when texting was becoming a craze, I found it kind of annoying.

I mean seriously, isn’t it easier to just dial a number and SAY what you have to say, and get an INSTANT reply, and actually have the extra touch of being able to hear each other’s voices??? 236 more words

Random Observations


I would like to tell you why this site was made and how it works.

I love traveling and translating. So I decided to find all documents about all places I want and will visit, than translate into Vietnamese. 1,206 more words

Building Good Manners in Kids

Musawwara and Chidi approach the door of the class and start pushing each other. A fight breaks out and insults are traded.

Everyday I meet with children of diverse backgrounds struggling with socialization. 73 more words

Personal Experience