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At An Event? Let The Feet Do The Talking.

You’re at a community event. Alone and feeling socially awkward, you scan the room for people you know. Jackpot; two acquaintances are talking nearby.

The question is, should you join them or not? 303 more words

How to Cancel Plans at the Last Minute (Without Feeling Guilty!)

(Source: www.realsimple.com)

How to Cancel Plans at the Last Minute (Without Feeling Guilty!)

No lies required.

We’ve all been there: It’s 6:23 p.m. and you have 37 minutes to decide whether you’re up for the get-together you planned weeks ago with an old friend from college. 107 more words

Money Matters

Thursday Ask The Lady: Eavesdropping Over The Cubicle Wall

Cherished readers, firstly The Lady begs your pardon for being absent from the blog this week. Some tasks came up that needed her attention and she needed to focus on them. 430 more words


Bloke who asks “how ya going?” actually wants an answer

A bloke who greets people with a friendly “how ya going?” is actually expecting an answer, and gets mad when one isn’t forthcoming. While for many people a simple “how ya going?” is deemed interchangeable with saying “hello”, this particular Watsonia man insists that he genuinely wants to know how you are going. 168 more words


Etiquette & superstition: eclipses, part two

It’s been a while since we talked about eclipses here, and I know I didn’t cover everything then. If I don’t get everything in this time, maybe I’ll try again in 2024. 303 more words


In the public eye

Not many things drive me crazy with rage as much as bad driving and bad drivers regardless of who they are!

Just a few days ago on our way home with some friends, we witnessed the horrific driving etiquette (or the lack of it) of public servants in government vehicles. 438 more words



Lets talk about being organized! The SCARIEST thing in life since sliced bread. Wait. That’s not how that works. Anyways, being organized is something that I am simultaneously great at and terrible at. 381 more words

Life Struggle