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In Acknowledgement Of An Iconic Tradition & The Grand "Hats" Of The "Kentucky Derby"

As the grand American Equestrian race date swiftly approaches, an acknowledgment of tradition and the assemblages of high style that unite this event of iconic status… 1,041 more words


Ten Etiquette Tips Australia


1.  Australia has three time zones and punctuality is culturally important, so be mindful of the time.

2.  When drinking with a group of people, each person pays fora round of drinks for the group. 176 more words


The thoughts running through my mind...

I never expected to feel so torn about our decision to move abroad. The feeling comes and goes. I imagine it is perfectly normal. Our friends have experienced a similar thing as they approach their own move abroad to Australia. 1,605 more words

Moving Abroad

Times are a changing

*Some slight language but overall too funny not to share*

Poor Borg! She was too little at the top and too big at the bottom, and around the middle— don’t tell anybody, but she resembled an overfed baby!

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Out in the Cold

She was waiting for Delilah who arrived with her dogs, 70 more words

Creative Writing

What Do You Do Again?

A anthropologist friend of mine had told me once that in some cultures it was considered rude to ask someone what their job was. The idea that you could be engaging within a conversation just based on the merits of what the other person had to offer intellectually was to be seen as a sign of respect.

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