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Etiquette Tip #7

Always keep a notepad in your home office to write messages – a good rule of thumb is to include the caller’s name and phone number, day, time, and message! 17 more words

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Teaching Children Good Manners

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.”

Fred Astaire

It is unfortunate that we are raising our children in a world where good manners are oft neglected. 531 more words


Kill the (FB) Messenger

Last night, out of the blue, my phone made a sound like someone punching a squirrel full of nickels in the stomach. This is the notification tone for Facebook Messenger, better known as that app the powers-that-be insisted you get even though there was no need for it (what was wrong with getting messages IN Facebook?), and which for some inexplicable reason makes it appear as if you’re always online, even— 1,128 more words

15 More things not to say (or do) to an (this) Asperger's / autistic person

It’s been a about a year (give or take) since I’ve written a post on the dos and don’ts of things not to say or do, and after several more moons of knowing I’m autistic/an Aspie, a few more have accumulated. 1,420 more words


The Random Routine

An acquaintance from Boston was visiting Paris last week. We had lunch at a crowded cafe, ironically populated with a number of Americans, and got to know each other better. 321 more words

Etiquette Tip #6

Establish and discuss clear rules with family members of phone-free zones and times such as: the dinner table.

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Communication Skills

How Not To Be Totally Tactless In English

Many of my clients negotiate on a regular basis – with clients, suppliers, staff and others.

And many of them run into problems when they have to negotiate in English. 371 more words

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