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A Sad Quote

Gloria Steinem, prominent feminist. You might have heard of her. This is one sad quote from her. “We have become the men we want to marry.” 194 more words

A woman doesn't compete

A woman, dear reader, does not compete with her fellow women, and she does not compete with a man either.

She doesn’t have to.

“Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her.”

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How to get rid of any insecurity

Many women, dear reader, are unfortunately plagued with dozens of insecurities.

And even worse than the negative emotions these insecurities cause, they too often hold women back… 518 more words


Esteemed thinker: Emily Post

Long ago in the Medieval days, when tapestries were hung on castle walls to keep in the heat and moats were built to keep out the unwelcome, there were celebrations of revelry. 809 more words

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Don't eat sardines at your desk: the office guide to modern manners

Let me being by confessing that I don’t work in an office much any more. These days I’m free to make my own office rules. But I did a quick ask-around to find out what bothers people most about sharing their office space. 572 more words


Feminine "wiles"

Before an explanation of exactly what feminine wiles are, and how to develop and use them, dear reader, you must understand that they are only a  470 more words


Wedding Guest Tip: RSVP Etiquette

As wedding planners, we know first hand that narrowing down the guest list is no easy task for a couple. By the time an invitation reaches it’s recipient, hours upon hours have been poured into deciding who will receive an invitation and who doesn’t quite make the cut.  493 more words

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