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Theatre Etiquette

I was recently lucky enough to go and see Guys and Dolls at the Phoenix Theatre in London. It was a great show, and whilst not as spectacular as some of the shows I have seen, it still comes highly recommended and was a lot funnier than I had anticipated. 548 more words


Killing the Breakfast in "Bed & Breakfast"

I am not a great traveler, but have been working on that in recent years. I prefer to stay at Bed and Breakfast Inns when I travel short distances (that is somewhere I can drive to in a day) because I always feel like I’m staying with a friend at their home. 841 more words


In polishing the fork, I polished my life too.


Setting the table for Dad’s meals was one of my earliest responsibilities.  The fork, the knife and the spoon had to be polished with Brasso.   568 more words

Don't do that. Do this instead: RSVP

This article is part of our Don’t do that. Do this instead series.*


Who doesn’t love a party?
I suppose that’s a loaded question because some people don’t actually ‘love a party’. 746 more words

Travel Etiquette

I travel a lot. Mostly by public transportation. Train, air, and at times car if I take lots of dramamine. Since I tend to travel with the masses, the gaul and schnoz the some people have tends to amaze me. 678 more words


I Ain't Got No Couth

According to The Emily Post Institute, there are 15 pieces to a formal table setting.  And look – there are count ’em, FOUR forks in it!  658 more words


10 Signs You Were/Are a Middle Child

1. When pouring drinks for friends, you still kneel to get eye level with the glasses to be sure the liquid amount is even for fear of getting jabbed in the arm by your older brother. 186 more words