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You only get one question…

…then shut up and let others have a chance.

I was at a delightful one-man storytelling event at the Tempe History Museum the other night. The performer adopted a variety of costumes and facial devices as he related historical commentaries on… 360 more words

Politics And Culture

Poetry from the Old Money Gal in NYC

Ignore the loud logos and labels some choose;

real wealth whispers…

“Good manners, good shoes.”

– Isabella

Don’t Do This On Facebook Please!

Love or hate it, social media is now a part of society whether you have an account or not. Many celebrities either shun it as it crosses the boundaries between their private life and and public persona, while others use it as a marketing tool and for announcements on their achievements. 1,240 more words


Great Drivers Lead by Example! Mission, III/III: Smart Cities - #greatdrive

Ein Auszug aus #greatdrive.org. Enjoy!


Great Drivers Lead by Example!
Strive. Thrive. Drive!

III. Smart Cities = Greater Good

Zeit, unsere Städte und Straßen der Vorherrschaft des Autos, dem Kommerz-, Effizienz- und Kurzfristdenken von Handel & Industrie, der eindrucksvollen Gleichgültigkeit der Politik zu entreissen. 600 more words


There's Facebook Etiquette for the Deceased

We’ve talked a lot about how technology has taken over many aspects of our lives. Well, now it’s beginning to take over our afterlives as well. 729 more words


Why You Should Still Write Handwritten Letters

When I was younger, I made a pretty classic mistake when it came to Thank You Notes.

Instead of writing out a thank you card, I simply sent an email thank you. 229 more words