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My Glorious Afro

I enjoyed listening to Beyoncé’s new song. Especially the part where she sings about loving baby hairs in Afros. Everyone should have an Afro. We can thereafter all pat each other’s hair. 609 more words

Let's Reflect

Let’s reflect on my first ever twitter chat!

You can check it out:


Coming from an era where trends are always happening and instantaneous messages are the rage, … 299 more words


The Deep End of the Pool

When talking to people, I’m not interested in staying in the shallow end of the pool. Blame it on the writer in me, but I am intensely curious–fascinated–by other people’s lives. 454 more words


Is Etiquette Dead?

If you’ve read this blog before, then you already know I’m a Downton Abbey fan. I just love everything about the show. The way the characters talk and dress, the formality of life at the abbey. 458 more words


The Virtue of Etiquette

Tonight I had the privilege of witnessing the education of the youth in our ward, a lesson in manners and etiquette, a very much needed lesson today. 792 more words

Is it acceptable to break up via instant message? Japanese men and women weigh in

As hugely popular instant messaging app LINE supplants most other forms of communication in Japan, a poll asks young Japanese people: Is it okay to break up with someone by IM? 582 more words


When the light turns green, why do I...

  1.  feel like a racehorse at the starting gate?

  2.  feel like a cowboy about to have a showdown in Tombstone?

  3.   feel like a runner who just heard “on your mark, get set, go!