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Story of a Blind Date

It was Saturday afternoon and the boutique is quite crowded. Elza talked to some customers and helped them choose the clothes when suddenly,

“Elza, do you have a plan for next week on Saturday evening?” Ryan asked. 584 more words

Selective Impatience

By nature, I’m an impatient person. (I know that some of you who know me think that I’m calm and laid-back and that nothing disturbs me, but what you don’t know is that inside that calm exterior is brewing a frustrated, impatient turmoil!) Part of that trait, I think, was instilled in me by my parents, who taught us kids to obey those in authority; to be on time for everything; to reply promptly whenever an adult spoke to us; and, when something had to be done, to “just do it” rather than “dilly-dally” around about it. 867 more words

Review: Etiquette Rules! by Nancy R. Mitchell


“The world was my oyster, but I used the wrong fork.”
—Oscar Wilde

Although surely alluding to something besides good table manners, Oscar’s classic metaphor does contain a grain of truth underlying the pros and cons of proper etiquette. 372 more words



At the beginning of 2017 I started to read so many headlines about millennials, “who are they?”, “what are they?”, “what do they think about technology?”, “what are their contributions on political issues, social, issues, economics etc.?” 2,318 more words

The Elevator Statement

One of my favorite places for people watching is the elevator. There’s a ‘waltz’ that occurs as it fills up and empties, floor by floor. We’re quite polite to each other when it’s crowded; we accommodatingly step off, usher out a passenger by briefly holding the doors, step back on and keep doing that until we shuffle off on our own floor. 672 more words


Strip Club Etiquette 101 for the Average American Sexual Adult Idiot

I have had enough with the ignorance, brokenness, weird sexual fetishes, and the rudeness while at work. Everyone should be allowed to feel safe and respected in the work place. 336 more words