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Stylish White Top

Flaunting A Key Hole Detail In The Front! This Top Makes Perfect Fit For Work Wear! 14 more words


The wedding serie #4

Etiquette question

Is it better to have a long or a short engagement?

It depends upon the circumstances. Sometimes the shorter the time span between the engagement and the wedding day, the less stress on all parties. 100 more words


Meeting Someone For The First Time: 7 Things Never To Say

Every day in our daily lives and activities we encounter a whole lot of people and a high percentage of these people are strangers or people we meet for the first time. 1,074 more words


Just Get Out Of Here!

Summer is coming. And that means (1) warm weather, (2) BBQs, (3) sunsets past 9 PM, and my favorite, (4) vacation.

Now that the weather is breaking to reveal warmer, less cloudy days, you might find yourself thinking about an upcoming vacation (like I am) or your dream trip…sunny weather, sandy beaches, the sound of waves hitting the shoreline, or perhaps the rigors of an unpaved trail meandering up a mountaintop. 863 more words


Three Simple Ways To Implement Manners In Your Every Day

Article written by guest writer & anonymous author, Mind Your Manners

Manners are dying in modern America. Let us start a resurrection of the art of manners and gracious living. 190 more words



It is reported that the Head of English at Ruislip High School has said that children will not learn etiquette and politeness if their teachers are rude and fail to set a good example. 159 more words


First dates are a breeze! Not really..

We all know first dates are so NERVE racking. What do I wear ? How do I act? Do I offer to pay? What should I order? 734 more words