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Eldraeic Word of the Day: Daríë

daríë: (a respectful title for) one whose accomplishments are known and admired, but do not extend to those of an Excellence or Exquisite; could reasonably be glossed “lord” or “lady” in the nominative (rare usage), and “ser” or “sera” in the vocative (common usage). 39 more words


No Looking Back

“I’m ready for my scolding.” I draped my arm out the SUV window, desperately hoping my half-hearted smile would be enough to melt the ridge-runner’s stiff jaw line. 1,028 more words

Life Lessons... And An Occasional Smack Upside The Head

Conversational Faults To Avoid

Cherished readers, The Lady speaks to many people in the course of the week and her hectic social schedule. The best conversationalists have great poise and self-assurance and remember that conversation is a two-way street. 273 more words


Eating at the theatre - obnoxious or pretentious?

There have been recent discussions about the role of theatre etiquette in modern society, from people, including Imelda Staunton, saying that it should simply be unacceptable to – for example eat – in theatres to others trying to break down all rules of behaviour related to ‘traditional’ theatre-going, in an attempt to make theatre more broadly accessible. 1,167 more words


Three reasons why the Bait and Switch is downright evil

Have you, as a job seeker, experienced the bait and switch? Have you been called by a recruiter, invited in for an interview, only to find out that the “marketing” role was to sell Ginsu Knives? 907 more words

Career Search

Expat etiquette: how to look good in bad places

Author: Michael Bear and Liz Good 

Language: English

Summary: Going overseas is hard. Leaving friends and family behind. Traveling to a country where you probably don’t speak the language, and definitely don’t understand the culture. 195 more words