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So far I have ratcheted through a load of places, I want to add more, but the time has just not allowed for it I/we also want to get some vlogs up at the same and we will a bit later, but today I want to bring with us on our journey across the island of Sicily. 894 more words

Day 118: The town of Etna

17. August

0 miles

I needed rest. Did I have it? Maybe a little… Most day I was busy running to the supermarkets and to the post office to send two boxes ahead to Oregon. 280 more words


[Apartment 507] Why Are There so Many Redhead Fantasy Anime Heroines?

I’ve been thinking for a long while about the ubiquity red hair as a feature of prominent female characters in fantasy anime. That’s what prompted… 33 more words


Volume 02 - Chapter 3-1

Here is the first part of the third chapter. It’s more or less about how rocky the relationship between Rine and Kenta is, now there is not Kyou there anymore as an in-between. 19 more words

I Hate Being Wed In A Fantasy World!

Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #78 – Volcamon Etna – #10

It took a small army of Volcamon volcanoheads to catch up to the Penguin Overlord (also known as Jesper), but at last we virtually meet at 3.27 kilometers above sea level. 112 more words

Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #78 – Volcamon Etna – #9

At 2,880 meters, a volcanohead needs to rest..not because of altitude sickness nor tired short little legs.  This seemed like a good discreet spot to emplace some aa….and when you gotta go, you gotta flow.   47 more words

Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #78 – Volcamon Etna – #8

Being an anthropomorphic volcano has its troubles.  It seems a volcanohead has to be accompanied to get into the summit, and “I’m with Southeast Crater” isn’t a valid argument. 58 more words