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Amber's Bitch and Cheer Superbowl Edition

THE BITCH – Football. I’m sitting here, watching the Superbowl with my Significant Other, who pretends to know all this stuff about football I’m pretty sure he’s just making up. 267 more words


Watch The E*TRADE Baby Quit His Job

The E*TRADE Baby is packing up his belongings and heading for the door.

Debuting in 2008, the The E*TRADE Baby become a popular ad for the holding company, whose major business is an “online discount stock brokerage service for self-directed investors.” The popular Grey campaign began to stale after it’s initial success and ran it’s final ad in March. 114 more words


Money Talks

Location Location Location

Talking baby not convincing

But since neither are running, its moot


ETrade’s new ad campaign: worse than the baby?

Apparently, babies do get old.

ETrade (ETFC) recently retired its long-running ad campaign featuring a talking baby boy telling people how easy it is to invest. 295 more words


The E*Trade Baby Quits In This Commercial With A Cat

After 6 years, the E*Trade baby is finally calling it quits. I say it’s about damn time. Talking babies creep me out. It might have been a little funny at first, but it wore so thin. 7 more words

First World Problems

It’s time for the next installment of this series, wherein I complain about first world problems — AKA things I should be grateful I have access to but annoy me anyway.  209 more words