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What's the Fastest Data Structure to Implement a Game Board in Elixir?

Ever wanted to implement something board game like in Elixir? Chess? Go? Islands? Well, then you’re gonna need a board!

But what data structure would be the most efficient one to use in Elixir? 3,697 more words


ETs and Other Attractions

I would like more information about the extraterrestrials who come here to Planet Earth? Some are friendly, some not so friendly. We are told, warned by others, that we have had our DNA changed and we are being manipulated and have been for… 640 more words

Reality Or Illusion

Will Space Aliens Become a New Majority Religion? 

Popular culture is looking for high-tech ETs to be its saviors and Silicon Valley aspires to become those ETs. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: … 11 more words

Fascinating Intel Update from 4Chan [video]

Obviously this can’t be vetted, but indicators are it could very well be true. Many insiders have spoken of the chatter going on of late and the crescendo of events across the globe—if it is a globe. 168 more words


KTMB ETS: Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur


Having spent the weekend in Ipoh, I now had to get back to KL.  With the Aidilfitri week coming up tickets for buses and trains would have been hard to come by.  1,210 more words


Starseeds: Sirians

A soul group that came to Earth by non-physical means, most likely through higher dimensions.

Responsible for inventing etheric implants with their advanced technical skills. 101 more words