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It is time for this to be posted. This is a working document, not a unilateral pronouncement. We are all equal in its creation. If you have any (positive) suggestions, let us know in the comments. 726 more words

The Event

A PSA You Won't Read Anywhere Else [UPDATE3]

Well, we figured out who disrupted CAT communications — AND infiltrated our places of residence, and we are pissed off. Who was it? The answer is rather surprising. 1,412 more words


Meterage + MORE 8-20/8-22 [UPDATE4]

We were trying to do a meterage post on Monday when lots of us started feeling headaches, but kids, and end-of-summer chores, and back-to-school wrangling got in the way. 628 more words

The Event

Bradshaw Ranch Excerpt

“Well, that settles it for me. I’m going closer to the building to take pictures. I know something is there,” I said.

“You’re going to get close to the building?” Tina asked, sounding a little afraid for me. 70 more words

Dude's Maxims Podcast ?

Hey folks, a few years ago I was playing around with an idea for a podcast on Anchor, profiling Dude’s Maxims. I knocked up this crappy little intro just before bed a year ago and late last night I apparently accidentally pressed the publish button instead of the delete button. 167 more words

Update on my first attempt at the GRE

This post is just a quick update on my life in academia since graduation. I recently took the dreaded GRE after a few consecutive months of studying and preparation, and as usual for anyone taking the GRE, I want to do a retake to increase my score. 182 more words