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NEW Christmas leggingsĀ 

Check out new designs for Mommy and Me Christmas leggings at COOL Leggings.

COOL Leggings


For anyone who didn’t catch in our newsletter, we now have two Etsy stores: JoopyGemsAmerica and JoopyGemsHongKong. This is something I have had to do for somewhat arcane reasons involving Etsy’s payments system and their inability to change the country bank account on my old Etsy shop. 184 more words

[Product review: Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange]

Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange
Art. Craft. Jewellery.
Aeyshea Jones’ Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange has been an Etsy shop since March 2012. Based in Swansea, Wales, Jones works strenuously to create beautiful and original pieces, based on personal experiences and memories. 761 more words

Etsy - Grand Opening

So Hey! I’m back (finally!). I cannot believe its been 6 months since my last post. I cant even say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ as half of those 6 months were spent finishing up my degree! 327 more words

Why I Don't Teach Wire Weaving, and Resources if You Want to Learn

“You should teach classes.”

Probably once a show or festival, someone says this to me. I usually have a handful of reasons on any one given day for why I don’t teach. 575 more words

Etsy Shop

How to take excellent product photos using only 12 square inches of space

I constantly get emails & messages on social media from fellow online sellers asking for tips, advice on their listings, or shop critiques. One of the main things that many sellers struggle with is photography, and often the response is “I don’t have anywhere to shoot” or “I don’t have a ton of natural light”. 634 more words