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Handmade Soaps

This product is where creativity can really be given an exemplar outlet.  Perfume creation lets you develop a symphony of scent – accords of top, heart and base notes.  667 more words

Rustic Stuff

🌼 H e l l o   W o r l d 🌼

Before I started this little adventure with my online shop, I had no idea this whole different world was even there. A world full of craft groups, market nights, swaps and networking.. 561 more words

Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends

Here we go harnessing the power of plants again.  This time in the form of Therapeutic Essential Oil Blends.  Let’s call them TEOBs.  These are 100% essential oil compositions that have been chosen for their effect on your mood, mind and body – to clear out your sinuses, to calm, relax, destress, focus your mind, empower (!) and, well put you to sleep. 311 more words

Rustic Stuff

My Etsy Shop: Baleine Crochet!

Hello lovely followers!

This is just a short post to announce that I have finally opened my own Etsy shop! Whenever people find out I crochet, the first thing they tell me is, “You should sell your stuff!” For a long time I was too intimidated, but as you may recall, it was one of my big goals for 2017. 444 more words


Top 3 Things I've Learned As Mentally Ill Creative

All creative people have their ups and downs. We all sometimes lose our motivation, search for new inspiration and so on. But being creative person with mental illness is slightly different. 480 more words


Bracelet Stack Idea

Hi there,  I’ve been taking some photos around my pond and this lovely pebble was a great prop for stacking some bracelets on.  Smoother than my wrist anyway!  51 more words


Do YOU Need a Helping Hand with your Shop?! Here are Some Much-Needed Tips for New Etsy Sellers to Get More Sales!

Hey you,

If you’re reading this, I hope I caught your attention with my extravagant title – I really am here to help!

I started my Etsy shop  914 more words