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The Chronicles of Zizi - 5

In this, the last of my series on working with my good friend Zizi Moondust, I want to look at what is essentially a very simple image, and why I think it was worth taking. 185 more words


New Chiyogami Jewelry Set

I absolutely love chiyogami paper! It’s one of my favorite things to collect and hoard, and especially design with. I love creating jewelry pieces with round, flat bases, so that the chiyogami paper can be on full display. 75 more words


Announcement - Price Increases Coming

As you may have heard, Etsy is planning to implement a fee hike for sellers. The TL;DR version is this: Etsy is increasing its per-transaction fee on all sales from 3.5 percent to five percent and will use that revenue to expand its marketing. 324 more words

Eco Friendly Clothing

Fast fashion and clothing is one of the largest pollution issues on this planet. If you haven’t seen the documentary “The True Cost” check it out. 309 more words

Green Living

Falling Down Rabbit Holes

I just looked at the date of my last blog post and saw it was the end of April! What’s my excuse this time? Well, apart from the normal procrastination and distraction of everyday life in mermaid land, I’ve actually fallen down a few deep and interesting rabbit holes lately and they’ve taken up a ton of my available time. 857 more words

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