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‘At Last!’ (1961) – Etta James

With the huge rise in interconnectivity brought about by our friend the Internet, an increasing amount of clearance is being set aside in our precious headspace for the momentary icons of Western popular consciousness. 1,075 more words

At Last!

At Last

At last I have decided, once and for all, that we need wifi at the cabin.

It’s been a screenless, sleep-so-deep-it’s-dreamless, Waldon Pondy paradise without it, BUT there have been too many late nights tracking down random hotspots for work and for blog. 16 more words

Etta James

Number Seventy Three: When attending your first wedding as a widow, sort your outfit at the very last minute.

I knew the wedding was coming. It wasn’t as if I was a last minute pity invite! It was a wonderful couple from my NCT group (all of which are amazing by the way…). 825 more words

Fade Out or: At Last! (RS Part 39)


Man, we’re moving right along on this. The numbers get smaller and smaller. Well, duh! That’s what we do with countdowns, dude! Okay, last time was pretty good, finishing it off with a  2,628 more words

NERVOSA's Fernanda Lira Discusses 'Agony', Being a Woman in Metal, Beyoncé, and More

I had the opportunity to interview Fernanda Lira from Nervosa for our partner website Vita In Musica. We talk about the band’s new album “Agony,” how the band has matured, and being a woman in thrash metal. 270 more words

Heavy Metal

Video Friday: Etta James

The title of Not Second Best came from Etta James. I read her biography and that song title stuck with me. Of course, I can’t find a video of that one, so this will have to do.