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Memórias da Índia

Ettore Sottsass, tal como nós, voltou da Índia já com saudades.
Passaram 100 anos desde que nasceu e 10 desde que nos deixou saudades.
As suas criações continuam a ser hoje, como foram à época, novas, se considerarmos o panorama ditado pela cultura material de massas. 250 more words

Trending: Terrazzo

Terrazzo has been talked about for awhile now but this blog hasn’t been around long so it’s my turn to share my love for this amazing material. 545 more words


The story of Spanish designers BD Barcelona: So Crazy, So Young

Design firms are always pushing to have their stories told in print – sadly, most do not bear retelling. More, it is hard to get beyond their own well-worn creation myths. 10 more words


Sound and Vision

São cada vez menos raras as surpresas de celebridades que, para além de um legado cultural, nos deixam um espólio de arte que constitui um acontecimento num leilão, habitualmente pelas mãos da Christie’s ou da Sotheby’s. 506 more words

Ettore Sottsass' Memphis Style

Looking like it came off the set of Pee Wee Herman’s TV set, “Memphis” style is a design style born from Ettore Sottsass, and other Italian postmodernists. 61 more words


Olivetti Valentine

Olivetti Valentine

The Valentine typewriter is designed by Ettore Sottsass designed (with Perry A. King) for Olivetti in 1969. It is a portable (very small for it’s time) colorful and all-round friendly typing machine. 23 more words


I Can't Give Everything Away: The Art Collection of David Bowie

Musician, actor, curator.  Artist, icon, Bowie. There is no one word that defines him other than his name; such was the broadness of his interests, his pursuits, his (sound and) vision. 640 more words