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COREPER face tough issue of immigration and citizenship policy

By Julian Bohm & Theresa Ziegler

The COREPER had some tough decisions to make with regard to handling immigration and citizenship policy. The topic was a very sensitive issue for it’s a fundamental question. 162 more words

New York City 2015

Fancy an extra citizenship? Voila, for a generous fee, there is plenty to choose from…

It is a great pleasure for us to introduce Jakub Pawlowicz, our first guest blogger. He studied Law in the UK and specialized in European and International Public Law at Erasmus University, Rotterdam. 984 more words


Implementation of the European Citizens' Initiative: The experience of the first three years

Written by Irmgard Anglmayer
Revised in April 2015

The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) has been in operation since April 2012. Observers have identified a number of shortcomings in its implementation, which impact negatively on the effectiveness and acceptance of this relatively new instrument of transnational participatory democracy. 119 more words



Well, I’m pretty excited because I’m currently waiting for my passport to get here. I don’t have any trips yet that need a passport but I plan on going on some someday in the future, even if I have to wait until I’m old. 1,058 more words

How much does it cost to become citizen of another country?

In most European countries, to be provided with citizenship rights will cost you to prove numerous years of legal residence within the country.

Exception made of a few islands in the Caribbeans, … 631 more words


Disenfranchisement of EU citizens resident abroad - Situation in national and European elections in EU Member States

Written by Eva-Maria Poptcheva

The right to vote in elections is a fundamental right common to the constitutional traditions of the Member States, and recognised in the EU Treaties as intrinsically related to the right of political participation which, for its part, provides democratic legitimacy to those exercising public power. 440 more words


EU states granted citizenship to 820,000 persons in 2012.

A quarter of the new EU citizens in 2012 were Moroccans, Turks, Indians, Ecuadorians or Iraqis.

By Eurasia Review

In 2012, 818,000 persons acquired citizenship of an EU28 Member State, up by 4% compared with 2011 and by 6% compared with 2009. 151 more words

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