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The Ultimate Guide To European Citizenship

What You Need To Know About To European Citizenship

The 1992 treaty formally introduced the legal concept of the European citizenship.

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In Hideous Darkness: The UK Policy of Detaining and Expelling EU Citizens


The detention and expulsion of EU Citizens from the UK is a developing trend; one that ought to concern not just EU Citizens and their family members in the UK but anyone who considers that the UK ought to respect international treaty obligations into which it has entered in exercise of its sovereign power. 2,522 more words

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Work-life balance, women in poverty and gender pension gap: gender equality on the agenda of European Parliament and Council

While the Parliament has put emphasis on the fight against poverty of women in a recent report, the Council of ministers of social affairs has also supported action to fight poverty of women in conclusions negotiated under the Slovakian presidency. 1,833 more words

Parliamentary Watch On Older Persons' Rights

Free Movement is Good for You – Citizenship and Movement in the EU

Freedom of movement is good for you. It gives you options, autonomy, and the ability to move and re-make yourself rather than being trapped by accidents of birth and circumstance. 1,231 more words

Free Movement

Deprivation of Nationality and Citizenship – The Role of EU Law

My article published in the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law

The article examines the relationship between the possession of the nationality of a European Union (EU) member state and the additional legal status of EU citizenship that is conferred upon those who possess such a nationality. 150 more words

Nationality In International Law

Migration to London after BREXIT: a proposal


In the talk about what a UK immigration system would look like, if and when the UK leaves the European Union, London requires discrete consideration. 2,237 more words

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Old England is Dying: The BREXIT Judgment and After

England is a country committed to the rule of law. There are fundamental rules that constitute its political and legal order. It is a rule that Parliament is sovereign. 556 more words

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