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A storm in a tea cup? Why all the fuss around the EU budget

Filipa Figueira, Teaching Fellow at UCL’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies, unpacks the politics and the emotional potential of the EU budget, and why Brexit might be good news in this regard… 948 more words


The European Social Fund: #TheOtherEurope Left Behind?

     Guest Editor: Paul Miller, Communications Assistant FEANTSA, Clotilde Clark-Foulquier, Policy Coordinator, FEANTSA

The European Social Fund is  one of the primary tools at the EU’s disposal for funding projects to contribute to the development of the employment market and the state of human capital across the Union. 671 more words

EU Funds

The Other Europe: Millions in Housing Exclusion and Homelessness on the Rise

 Guest editor: Freek Spinnewijn, FEANTSA Director

The Third Overview of Housing Exclusion in Europe 2018, which uses EU data to analyse the situation of housing exclusion across the continent, was published today. 1,085 more words

EU Funds

Looking Back on 2017

 Freek Spinnewijn, FEANTSA Director

Last year we launched FEANTSA’s first campaign for five years – the Be Fair, Europe – Stand Up for Homeless People… 443 more words

EU Funds

Πορεία Eρντογάν που συμφέρει στην Κύπρο

Είναι ίσως από τις λίγες φορές που μια ψηφοφορία στη Γενική Συνέλευση των Ηνωμένων Εθνών για τους Παλαιστινίους έφερε σε δύσκολη θέση τη Λευκωσία, αφού η προσέγγιση δεν ήταν τόσο εύκολη. Εκ των πραγμάτων η Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία ακολούθησε την κοινή θέση της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης, έχοντας εκ των προτέρων διασφαλίσει πως η συγκεκριμένη στάση στη Γενική Συνέλευση δεν θα προκαλούσε αναταράξεις στις σχέσεις της με το Ισραήλ.


European Commission launch €30 billion for research 2018-2020

The Horizon 2020 work programme has now been launched, with €3.3 billion dedicated to low-carbon climate-resilient living, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

Focusing on citizen priorities, European Commission commitments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the plan for Horizon 2020 for the next three years is centred around four so-called “focus areas” – low-carbon climate resilience, the circular economy, the Security Union and the digitalisation of industry and services. 233 more words


How Can the 2018 European Semester Truly Contribute to Fighting Homelessness in Europe?

Guest editor: Ruth Owen, FEANTSA Policy Coordinator

The European Semester is the European Union’s annual cycle of economic and social policy coordination. Currently, it is used to make sure Member States correct excessive deficits and macroeconomic imbalances, carry out structural reforms and pursue progress towards the goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy. 609 more words