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The puzzle of EU referendums

Ece Özlem Atikcan, Assistant Professor in Political Science at Laval University, asks whether previous referendums on European Union treaties contain many lessons and insights into the upcoming referendum in the UK. 2,317 more words

EU Referendum

The Prime Minister is negotiating far-reaching welfare reform with the EU

The BBC report that the prime minister has made welfare reform one of his key European Union (EU) demands. The current EU legal restrictions preventing EU citizens from being discriminated against have led to government ministers increasingly focusing on ideas that would also prevent thousands of UK citizens from getting in-work benefits. 777 more words

Welfare "reforms"

#Brexit and #Grexit: Two separate debates or two sides of the same coin?

Two of the currently most popular hashtags on Twitter reflect Britain’s debate on whether to leave the EU (#Brexit) and the possibility of Greece leaving the euro (#Grexit). 796 more words


Early Steps on the Long Road to the Brexit Referendum

Swee Leng Harris and Justine Stefanelli, Research Fellows in Law at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, take a look at the diverging attitudes within the Conservative Party towards EU membership and reform, and how some of these are directly at odds with those of party leader and Prime Minister, David Cameron. 1,017 more words

EU Referendum

The Upcoming Negotiations on (a Few Aspects of) the Terms of Britain’s EU Membership

As David Cameron begins negotiations for EU reform in earnestNeill Nugent, Emeritus Professor of Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University, examines the challenges in identifying the measures that will be acceptable for the remaining 27 EU member states, whilst still delivering the changes Cameron has promised the British electorate. 972 more words

EU Referendum

EU leaders know the plan, but need convincing of Cameron’s motivations

Original post from The Conversation

‘……………By Sofia Vasilopoulou  Lecturer, Department of Politics at University of York

David Cameron has opened discussions at the European Council… 672 more words