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Why Tim Cook must help us doing the sole Brexit worthy the name, the one that cuts completely power from the ECJ. The rest is bla bla...it's the european judges that have to be de-empowered - Video -

Some people say “The EU is not like fascism, it’s worse” but nevermind, the problem is that it is anti-democratic and with completely arbitrary Court’s judgements, so all the people who want a safe jurisdictional system, for taxations, for rules etc. 198 more words


Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a tax treaty with Romania

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina signed an income tax treaty with Romania on 6 December, 2016. The new treaty will be replaced by former Yugoslavia – Romania Income and Capital Tax Treaty (1986) when it will in force and effective.


Finland: Parliament approved new transfer pricing documentation requirements

The Finnish Parliament on 23 November 2016 approved legislation regarding new transfer pricing documentation requirements on country-by-country (CbC) reporting, Master file and Local file measures, and penalty provisions. 117 more words


What Role Has Germany Played In The Establishment Of Islamic State?

by Katherine Frisk:

In the last 100 years Germany has had alliances with Turkey. In WW1 and they stood by in passive support of the Armenian Orthodox Christian Genocide. 2,854 more words


My Germany Trip (2)


The morning opened as a crisply washed and clear morning to our well rested crisp minds. Clear blue sky, gentle and clean golden sunlight on buildings and trees (trees dotted the buildings throughout the city), an unawakened low intensity shopping strip across the hotel, and mainly pedestrians and cyclists on the vacant rain-washed roads hunched and hooded against the cold 14o morning breeze hurrying to their workplaces early. 5,784 more words


Day 476: Crappy messy trading

Profit: -$35.33 Total: $849.37

Today’s London session should’ve been a session where I just slept in. This London session was just trap for bear and bulls. 66 more words