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And so we begin...

We kick off with a poem written just as doomsday soothsayers were getting all uppity about the latest variation of the moon and Theresa May was just about ready for a ‘meaningful vote’. 16 more words


Truths in the Rough


Exit what?

Exit our co-creation?

Exit equals mass confusion;

Exit means shut,

Exit Brexit;


This closing;

This sealing up;

This opening to chauvinism… 39 more words


Brexit is Bullshit III: Ignorance and Misguided Dreams

Fuck me, I’m sick and bored of Brexit by now. Every day brings more and more doom-mongering here on British TV as well as utterly embarassing attempts at point-scoring between political parties as they elect to point the shit-encrusted finger of blame rather than banding together to work out a deal that will be good for the populance. 1,086 more words

Why was the 2016 EU Referendum an affront to democracy


The purpose of this post is to explain how the 2016 EU Referendum didn’t just fail to be democracy at its best, but was democracy delivered so poorly that no democrat should be offering it lip service. 1,786 more words

Economic confidence nosedives in UK boardrooms

More than 70% of FTSE 350 company secretaries predict damage from Brexit

By Sarah Gordon, Business Editor

Economic confidence has nosedived and Brexit fears have escalated in the boardrooms of Britain’s largest listed companies, according to new research. 587 more words