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Greenpeace Netherlands: TTIP Leaks


Greenpeace Netherlands has released secret TTIP negotiation documents. We have done so to provide much needed transparency and trigger an informed debate on the treaty.

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Uber, But For Brexit

Isabel Oakeshott’s write up of working the room with Arron Banks at the White House Correspondents Dinner is filled with nuggets. She reveals the Uber app comms chief Rachel Whetstone is backing Brexit: 110 more words

Guido Fawkes

After the leaks today showing just what it really stands for, this could be the end for TTIP

The documents show that US corporations will be granted unprecedented powers over any new public health or safety regulations to be introduced in future. If any European government does dare to bring in laws to raise social or environmental standards, TTIP will grant US investors the right to sue for loss of profits  735 more words

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EU cuts waste

How can I not talk about recycling? This morning my green bin has been emptied by the Council. It was almost full of newspapers, cardboard, bottles and plastic. 245 more words


Russian v. EU Refugee Policy

Russian v. EU Refugee Policy

by Stephen Lendman

Since US-supported Kiev putschists waged war on their own people, Russia welcomed well over a million Ukrainian refugees, rejecting fascist rule, most deciding never to return. 292 more words


Brexit and our environment

There is a lot of talk in the eco-sphere at the moment about the impact that Britain leaving the EU might have on our environment. And rightly so, our environment affects our identity, economy, industry, wellbeing and a whole bunch of other important things. 351 more words


Release of Secret TTIP Negotiation Documents

Greenpeace Netherlands/ Secret TTIP Document Leak: Approval of GMO Food, Farewell EU Farmers…/ TTIP Leaked Documents Confirm that Obama Requires “Killing the Paris Accord on Climate Change”/ TPP, TTIP: Eliminating Nations, Turning over the World Economy To Mega-corporations. 2,941 more words

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