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Racial Tension in Ukraine. Odessa Government Loots Vietnamese Properties.

From Sputnik News:

The Vietnamese community in Odessa has reported a violent attack by a large group of armed men in masks, purporting to be members of Ukraine’s security services, who broke into and looted their property. 107 more words


The Left has Run out of Ideas

The financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing chaos was a much-needed opportunity for a faded left, but the weakened labour and worker movements, scarcely alive as they are, simply could not respond in any meaningful way. 804 more words


EU Info Session – Rhyl Library Friday 27th May 3.30 – 4.30pm

With Welsh MEP Derek Vaughan.

Come along if you have questions about the EU and what EU membership means for Wales.


Germany decided again: no debt relief. Just a discount.

IMF capitulated and the germans won again, because the Bundestag is the place where your and my life are decided; No debt relief, a bit of discount just to have the IMF among the payers of the third tranche of bailout, so the others have to put less. 825 more words


The Morning Dump - May 25th

Is Samsung getting out of the Android wearables business? The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

Европска унија донира средства "Азил-Трансу"

Након енормне подршке коју је добила од становника Србије, и наравно азиланата, вест о малој компанији из Србије “Азил-Транс” коначно је дошла и до званичника Европске уније, који су се коначно, након толико средстава који су нашој компанији донирали првенствено обични становници, донирали нешто средстава у виду горива и делова за превозна средства. Званичну изјаву нисмо могли добити од било којег од истих званичника.

The EU thinks this website is the key to fixing its weak e-commerce market

The bafflingly high price of parcel delivery within the European Union is preventing online shoppers from getting the best deals, to the tune of nearly €12 billion ($13.4 billion) a year, according to the European Commission. 506 more words