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Reasons to be cheerful, or why brexit is very unlikely...

Theresa May said “brexit means brexit”, we see a parade of right wing clowns into the government roles related to negotiating brexit and we hear the rest of the EU wants us out. 801 more words

Back to the Caucasus: A Resurging Crossroads for NATO

The ongoing Syrian civil war in Eastern Ukraine and historical military exercises in the Baltics have caused many experts, pundits and media to overlook recent developments in the Caucasus. 945 more words


What if all the people of the European Union had a vote?

The people of Britain have spoken. On the 23rd June 2016 the United Kingdom decided in a referendum they wanted to leave the European Union (EU). 226 more words



eu não esquento
quando tenho que clicar
pra outra página se abrir
eu quero ver mais

não esquento
quando começo a ler
e logo sem fim… 46 more words

The EU Referendum and the British Identity

The EU referendum was touted as this generation’s chance to reclaim our power, laws, choice and borders from Europe. In reality, the EU referendum has only brought about division, tensions and hatred to the fore in the UK which admittedly has been bubbling… 822 more words

Brexit is about many things, but Europe is not one of them

Let’s be clear: the European Union is not perfect. The UK referendum has provided the EU with a golden chance to take a long deep look at itself and fix its shortcomings. 156 more words

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The battle lines are drawn 

If you thought the Brexit negotiations between Britain and the EU were going to be harmonious, think again. The EU has just appointed as its chief negotiator Michel Barnier, a Frenchman who hates Britain and Anglo-Saxons in general. 129 more words