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Austria To Challenge Hinkley Point Deal

By Paul Homewood




Austria are still fighting the Hinkley Point nuclear deal, as an “unworthy subsidy”.


PEI report:

The Austrian government has reiterated its determination to take the European Commission to court once the approved decision on Hinkley Point… 399 more words

Climate Change

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. Could be a good test case showing who gets to decide what in national energy policy.

The Podemos revolution

What are the lessons for the UK’s only anti-austerity party, The Greens, to be learnt from Spain?

At the start of the 2008 academic year, Pablo Iglesias, a 29-year-old lecturer with a pierced eyebrow and a ponytail greeted his students at the political sciences faculty of the Complutense University in Madrid by inviting them to stand on their chairs. 354 more words


When Nationalism Comes Knocking (Part 1)

I like the European Union. I enjoyed studying abroad, I appreciate not having to go to a Forex when I travel from Berlin to Rome, I am able to buy affordable duty-free yummy French Camembert in Germany and I like that I have the opportunity to apply for jobs anywhere around the EU without thinking about permits, visas or the like. 1,147 more words


A company can hire almost a dozen Bulgarians for the cost of one Dane

The average cost of employing a worker in Bulgaria runs at just €3.80 ($4.11) per hour, less than a tenth of the cost in Denmark, according to… 323 more words


One of the biggest questions in politics at the moment is immigration.

Some might say how we need to solve this problem, because people are flowing over the borders and our countries cannot even care for their own people. 412 more words