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21. Post its of love notes found on the corner of my desk

22. Being told that I was missed by coworkers after missing one day of work. 128 more words


11. Love love love this ring that I bought from Etsy.

12. Codeine induced sleep

13. Friends marathon

14. Empty house

15. Friends crashing our pad and feeling at home… 88 more words


I have done a shoddy job at journaling.

In this blog and in my personal journal.

There’s a lot of life to be caught up on. 370 more words


A Trick of the Eyes

I see a single yellow leaf,
Parachuting hammock.
I feel my little spirit leap,
Adrenalinal mimic.

I see a crowd of flowers sprout,
Masterpiece in florals. 100 more words


Life is a roller coaster and I want to...

Roller coasters baffle me. It’s not the physics behind the ride, the        circular loops, clothoid loops, or even the application of centrifugal forces. I can deal with one, maybe even two, clothoid loops, being steeply hoisted to a narrow summit, even the powerful momentum of centrifugal forces forcing eye-contact with the ground. 1,692 more words


Dear Mom

Mothers Day is tricky.

There are some who celebrate mothers and grandmothers, daughters, aunts, adopted mothers, mothers-in-law, sisters. Some whose wombs are empty and longing, and others whose wombs are full and tired. 637 more words

the LORD will be my light

I have discovered a new love for copying scripture.  Well, I should say a love for a new technique as I have always loved writing out scripture in various journals.   547 more words

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