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An Attitude of Gratitude

In month three of my World Race journey one of my squad-mates began a gratitude journal. It was a tough month for her and her team. 434 more words

The Journey

The goal is not to get somewhere or someone or something, the goal is to acknowledge & celebrate the presence of Jesus on the journey. EVERYTHING you could ever need or want is already walking beside you, gone before you, and brings up the rear. 104 more words

Bible Verses

Joyful Reminders

Fifty-seven days ago, I started posting pictures that brought me joy on Instagram after reading another’s post inviting people to look for & post the “joy”in their lives. 288 more words


The Problem of Self-Forgetfulness

There is a strange intersection between prayer and weakness.

At first, most prayer requires me to immediately run up against a broken world. For many of the reasons I stop to pray are the reasons the world needs to be made new. 685 more words



It’s a breezy, quiet Friday. Piano recitals are done; summer is (almost) officially here.

I always have a hard time “settling” after a busy, high-stress week. 474 more words

"All is Grace"--Really??

The thousands of pointed leaves have emerged like butterflies, suddenly wrestling themselves out from the cocoons of white blossoms. Grass is mowed and warm rains fall and it’s easy to be lulled by the quiet hum of it all.  441 more words


Sacred Pauses

The crow and I have become good friends.

He, remaining impressively quiet in the early morning hours (I’m sure just for me!) and I, sitting on the deck or staring out the window, mug in hand, simply appreciating his presence. 484 more words