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happy birthday, Selah

Selah Joelle, my joy and heartbeat.

You turned three a couple of weeks ago, and the celebration has lasted that long.

You wear me and slay me. 210 more words


Eucharisteo. He gave thanks.

Root word: charis. grace.

Derivative: chara. joy.

As I took off on my flight from Atlanta back home… I was stunned by the beauty of the sky. 721 more words


in a neat package

Looking through my last post was fun.

After that post, I had this overwhelming feeling of feeling everything.

The art of eucharisteo is so beautiful. It made me see how much God cares for me and how BIG he is. 1,003 more words

Not what it seems

So last night when I read this blog about fathers and Fathers Day and our Heavenly Father, I wept. A lot.

I wept for the missing. 454 more words

A fighting joy

This morning I looked down and found my newest bump of a babe.

Already rounded and growing – and I found myself groaning.

 Another round of love handles and squishes and softness that will take longer than I wish to disappear. 374 more words


67. Sleeping in!

68. Finding street parking downtown when it is hard to find parking downtown.

69. Catching up with a sister who has known me the majority of our lives. 107 more words



56. Meeting a parent of someone who is super important in your life. Love seeing how Tosin and her mom are similar and who this Godly woman came from. 208 more words