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Defining moments don’t usually hit you until after they have passed. At a wedding I thought I wouldn’t get the job, for a girl that was as quiet and shy as me, for all of her beautiful friends that surrounded her, I found myself lost in a sea of people that were secure, unusually happy, cheerful, and all got along without one negative thing about them. 803 more words

About Me

Day 5 Love is a Slowing Into Wonderment and Joy in Thanksgiving

This is my fifth blog post for the Write 31 Days challenge, which I signed up to four days late. For the Just Show Up blog post in response to the mundanefaithfulness.com call, please see… 898 more words

Write 31 Days

Flashback: Sidewalks, Spider Silk & the Magic of Everyday Things

In celebration of alpha // whiskey // foxtrot’s one-year anniversary, I’ll be posting some old favorites — both yours and mine — every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   577 more words


Words on Depression

You can feel it coming. Always this coming, this darkness, this weight.
Like this rain rolling in, you hear it, ignore it, push it away, fight it, dread it. 519 more words

He restores my soul

Always…each day, throughout each day He restores my soul. He doesn’t always do it in the same way. Different seasons and in different places, He chooses different things or experiences. 68 more words

Bible Verses

When Somewhat-Strangers Die

listening to songs about heartbreak,

and then i saw your face.  just a thumbnail

on a screen, a bubble of light and life

surfacing out of nowhere, and as you rise… 100 more words


The Promise

Every night before bed, my 3 year old and I snuggle up on the couch together and read.
It usually ends up being the same books we’ve read a million times, and her quoting them to me, because she just can’t seem to part with these old stories for new ones. 697 more words