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Hiding amidst my own somber company
Loss echoes off the cavern walls:
Security dressed in the camo coveralls my father wore when I saw him leave an early November morning, 350 more words


dig in.

Eight days ago, I hopped off a plane at LAX (no, it’s too hot for a cardigan this time of year).

Five days ago, I moved into a house that could easily be mistaken for Mr. 422 more words

Never Less Than Adequate

This book has been on my to-read list since the end of high school. Somehow in the timewarp of college I never got around to reading it, so now I finally am–and guys, it’s… 191 more words

If peace is a guard

I’ve long had prayer issues.

Maybe I should rephrase and say, trust issues.

Maybe I don’t know what my issues are.

Maybe it started in the hospital bed at eight with the word… 578 more words

A Road Trip

It was early.  The sun was shining and excitement was in the air.  I was going on a road trip with my little men.  We pulled in to our favorite local coffee shop for yummy donuts for the little men and a comforting cup of coffee for myself.  555 more words

We are dust, but He is rest.

There’s a lot of us up late tonight.

A lot of us with a lot of weight of broken people, broken hearts, a broken world. With aches we can’t seem to shut off and turn down and just hush for the love of peace. 533 more words

In Everything Give Thanks

When it’s 100 degrees outside and over 90 degrees inside and you’ve had to stay in the house most of the day in that humidity and the repairmen still haven’t come to fix your A/C, it’s easy to get a little cranky and begin to grumble. 883 more words